Meet reshat mati muay

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meet reshat mati muay

The Ring Leader Reshat Mati The Albanian Bear. jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and grappling, including the #1 ranking at the International . When you meet and then see the same guys over and over and over again, it's not as fun. Meet Reshat Mati, known as the Albanian bear. At thirteen years old, Reshat is already a world champion kickboxer, muay thai fighter and. Reshat Mati, known as the “Albanian Bear,” is only 15, but the fiery fighter from New York has growing army of fans and world titles under his.

meet reshat mati muay

Настали не лучшие времена, - вздохнул Стратмор. Не сомневаюсь, - подумала. Сьюзан никогда еще не видела шефа столь подавленным.

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