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meet richard armitage

Then think really really hard about your meeting him. Wish for it earnestly. Then drop by your nearby potions shop and buy some Felix Felicis. Then go to. Meeting Richard Armitage at The Hobbit New York Premiere Gala Party .. It was wonderful meeting you at the tea that afternoon and admiring. This is me and Richard Armitage at the stage door for The Crucible. I got so starstruck, I ended up spending the whole encounter staring at the.

I asked if she was RAlover, and she said Yes!

Meeting Richard

We talked for quite awhile until hubby let me know we had to get going so he could go to work. I had fun talking with her…she is really nice! I spoke to her on the phone a few hours later and found out she hit the jackpot! She got to meet Richard, got some pictures, and she was over the moon.

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He told her that her sign was rubbish. I got a kick out of that!

She told him that another fan had been there and he asked if she was coming. She called me as soon as she left.

RAlover suggested I should try again today. Judiang talked me into making a sign so I ran to Walmart today for supplies. While I did that, my husband and daughter took the motorcycle up to Oakland University. My husband called me while I was on my way to the campus. He said he took a stroll down the hill and talked to a woman outside the trailers. He asked if Richard was there and would he be available to meet me once I arrived. I was almost there, but had to take a most convoluted route — snaking my way through three more parking lots to where my husband was.

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I cannot believe I forgot my camera! I told him we lived just down the road. He smiled and shook hands with my daughter then bent down to talk to my 6-year-old son.

meet richard armitage

Of course, it was windy, and the wind blew all of my hair into my face. I hurried to push it back and put my arm around his waist! He is a very handsome man, kind and gentle with fans.

meet richard armitage

He's shy in these situations and moves dorkly He is really hot, in the true sense of the word. I felt the heat and the pleasant scent his body was giving off P I failed again to introduce myself and shake his hand, but there is still time. As I wrote on Twitter, he's so kind, he loves to see that his fans are there to support him. I don't think that the stage door thing disturbs him, what would he think if he didn't find anyone waiting for him?

I heard the Tom Hiddleston had problems with some crazy fans and he stopped doing the stage door after the show. I saw a quiet and organised queue, nobody complained, he wouldn't leave until he had met everybody, even us for the second time! Ask him for a hug.

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I will see the show next Friday, I'm literally counting the days. I heard great reviews about the whole show and his performance. I hope to meet him again after the show and finally say something more, though we don't know if he'll do it again. I wish all of you could meet him, I was so lucky to be here in London at this particular time. When you meet him, after recovering from fainting, you realise he's a normal guy, very genuine although I don't know him personally he's not like the other celebrities.

That's why we love him so much! I didn't mention his voice.

meet richard armitage

I felt the need to tell you how I met him.