Meet sandy claws images

meet sandy claws images

After discovering a door that leads to a place called Christmastown, Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween, becomes enthralled with Christmas and does . A place to share photographs and pictures. (1A) No screenshots or pictures of screens. If your post doesn't meet the above rules, consider submitting it on one of these Should have dressed up as Santa Claus,noted. Dec 1, "Sandy Claws, in person. It's a pleasure to meet you! W-Why you have hands, you don't have claws at all!" "Where am I?" "Surprised aren't you?.

Lock Frock Barrell Oogie Boogie's henchmen are introduced a quarter way through the film. These characters become increasingly more important as the film continues.

meet sandy claws images

These characters are also what give the viewing audience information about Oogie Boogie before he makes his debut on screen. Oogie Boogie is such a powerful villain, he does not need much support.

Therefore, he only has three small henchmen, who are seen to present him with food.

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Which of the following names is not one of the henchmen presented in the picture? Question 21 What does Jack task Boogie's henchmen with? Jack knows every creature incredibly well, so he knows what tasks would fit each creature the best. All of the creatures have a very displeased reaction to seeing the henchmen. The other creatures know that they work for Oogie Boogie and they try to avoid them at all cost.

Question 22 Finish the lyrics: Kidnap the Sandy Claws.

meet sandy claws images

Throw him in a box. Bury him for ninety years And hide it at all costs Never dig him up Until he's got the pox Then see if he talks After being trusted by Jack Skellington to complete an important task for pulling off the dream Christmas for the creatures of Halloween Town, Oogie Boogie's henchmen now have two important people to whom they have to answer.

Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie are enemies in this film, and to have both of these big threats require different things, and having to balance pleasing both of them, is a difficult task for anyone to fulfill. Luckily, they manage to stay out of too much trouble. Question 23 What is Dr. Igor Bat Sally Dr.

Finkelstein is not the easiest man to get along with, as is demonstrated by Sally throughout the entire movie. If he were a kind and pleasant man, Sally would not have to poison him and run off as much as she does. Finkelstein is the scientist of Halloween Town, and many creatures, especially Jack, rely on him for inspiration, and follow through of various scientific experiments. None of which would be possible without the help of an assistant.

Question 24 What is Oogie Boogie's tongue?

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Spider Snake Frog Oogie Boogie is the villain in a world of creatures with the sole purpose of scaring people. This makes him extra scary. When Sally realizes that Jack will be in danger if Santa does not save the day, she figures out that Santa is in Boogie's lair. When she gets there, she attempts to distract him. However, this plan falls through and Sally finds herself in danger.

Question 25 "Jack's Okay" is sung to the tune of what other song from the film? This is Halloween Jack's Obsession Jack's Lament Towards the end of the film, The Nightmare Before Christmas follows the trend of Disney animated films in which songs that were used earlier are creatively revamped and reused.

meet sandy claws images

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, this happens with Sally's Song, which is remade into a number in which Jack Skellington and Sally confess their feelings for one another. During this song comes the famous line that Jack and Sally are "simply meant to be". But "Jack's Okay" is sung to the tune of which of the following songs? Question 26 Where does Jack wake up on Earth?

meet sandy claws images

Pumpkin patch Park Circus Jack takes over Christmas and travels to the real world to deliver the presents made by all the citizens of Halloween Town to children around the globe. Santa has white hair and eyebrows, and a very long, thick beard that nearly reaches the floor.

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His cheeks and bulbous nose are faintly pink, as are his lips. Personality Santa seems to usually have a smile on his face, as he is jolly, fun, caring, and, well, good with children. However, when he deals with Halloween Town, he becomes much more serious - and when captured, he yells and struggles.

Upon his rescue, Santa gruffly informed Jack that Christmas could still be saved; this shows that while he was thankful for being saved from Oogie, Santa was still angry with Jack for attempting to takeover his holiday. Santa kindly refers to Sally as "the only person who makes any sense in this insane asylum". He wants the trio to take Santa to their lair, but they instead take him to Oogie Boogie.

Sally, who doesn't like Jack's idea of taking over Christmas, is worried about Santa Claus and wants to save him, but when she finds him, she is also captured by Oogie Boogie. When Jack defeats Oogie Boogie and all of his bugs started falling, Santa manages to squash the last bug screaming "My bugs!

Jack then apologizes to Santa, who then leaves to fix Christmas. He flies around the world and delivers real presents to the all the children.

meet sandy claws images

He is the leader of Christmas Townand is constantly asked questions about Christmas by Jack Skellington. At one point, he also tells Jack not meddle in things like "last time" within earshot of Sora and his friends, causing Jack to explain it was a long story.