Meet tris divergent hairstyles

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meet tris divergent hairstyles

Tris Prior is among the well know youtubers internationally, she makes videos I also met Jim, Tanya, Casper, Joe, Alfie, Marcus, Naomi, Louise, Jack and A hairstyle in favor of Zoella who was the first person I saw wear it. Did Shailene Woodley Cut Her Hair For 'Insurgent'? Tris' New 'Do Is Noticeable relationship drama, majorly epic CGI, and Shailene Woodley's new haircut. In Divergent, the previous installment of movie series, Woodley's. Divergent series star Shailene Woodley has revealed that Tris will have a dramatically different haircut for the upcoming sequel Insurgent.

Zoe Sugg is one of my best friends we met a few years ago at Playlist and hit it off from there. This guy is so crazy. Marcus picked all the funny out going people were my family is more laid back kinda.

A in a week and we are renting a beach house on the top of the hills with all our favorite youtubers including the American one's, and it is going to be so much fun I can't wait, we are also going to Chicago for about 4 days before L. A, but don't worry almost all of us will be doing daily blogs while we are there but you will have to find out more when we vlog but for now we have got to go, I love your sexy faces!

And if you want to watch more videos with Tris and I did one on her channel, what did we do Tris? Once Marcus stops recording we start laughing and goofing around for about an hour or so until I have to leave. I head back to my hotel room that I'm staying in until we leave. On the way there most people recognize me, some don't. I'm not really hiding my face today I have on a black leather pants, a orange and blue crop top with a braid around my head. A hairstyle in favor of Zoella who was the first person I saw wear it.

I have on orange lipstick and orange flats with a blue bow on top. I sign auto graphs and take pictures which takes me about an hour because I love all my fans and I want to satisfy everyone, if it weren't for my fans I wouldn't be where I am today.

The only thing that is bad about being in the UK is the all my friends live in different parts of the UK so I have to keep traveling around so I get to see them all, usually I would be on a different flight every day but since everyone will be in the same place in a few days I only stayed in Brighton with Marcus and Zoe and because I'm leaving with Zoe to go to the airport to Chicago.

Once I reach my room I fall on my bed, I am so tired. I'll just take a quick nap. When I wake up its 6: I get up with a grunt and hop in the shower, I wash my hair and scrub down using the soap that smells like strawberries.

When I get out I open my suitcase sitting in the corner of my room, and throw it on the bed.

meet tris divergent hairstyles

I look for something to wear that is classy but casual. Marcus said the restaurant wasn't extremely fancy but I still don't want to be under dressed. I put on a white shirt with tiny black poke-a-dots tucked into black high waisted shorts and black sandal. I put my hair in a messy bun and have on black lipstick. By the time I finish it is 7: I hop back onto my bed grab my apple laptop, I start editing and by the time I leave the house I have uploaded 1 video and I'm almost done with the second one.

I leave the hotel around 8: Once Naomi sees me her eyes light up. She is wearing a white dress,leather jacket, and black tights with red toms.

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Her nearly white blond hair is down in lose ringlets. Sadly she can't come with us to Chicago but she told us she might catch up in L. It turns out to be an all you can eat buffet but I don't get much. Just a salad and a smoothie.

How the cast of Divergent should really look

Once we all sit down I start talking with Marcus' parents. There is Amity who are kind, Candor who are honest, Erudite who are extremely smart, Dauntless who are brave and rowdy, and finally Abnegation who are selfless and is also my former faction before I transferred to Dauntless when I was 16, then when I was 24 I moved to L.

meet tris divergent hairstyles

A and that was a year ago and now I'm 25" I explain. I leave out the part of my boyfriend, Four cheating on me and my friends turning on me and I just had to get away from that which is the main reason why I left. I wonder if they think about me, it has only been a year since I left maybe they have all forgotten.

meet tris divergent hairstyles

They probably have, the only one who didn't act like they hated me was Zeke and Uriah. I don't even know why they acted like that I don't recall doing anything to upset them, but I think it was because of that Candor girl who came to visit and stole my friends, ruined my relationship, and just hated me. I'm not sure where she is now, might be in the city, might not. But I don't really care anymore, I have moved on. Marcus and Naomi are listening to our conversation by now.

I check out of the hotel the next morning and take the train to Zoellas. Even though they both live in Brighton their houses aren't exactly close to each other so Instead of staying in a hotel, I'm staying with Zoella and I'm so excited. Once I pull up to her house I thank the cab driver and see her waiting at the door. Once I get out the car she starts squealing and runs towards me. I smile and nod. We walk into the living room and I see Alfie laying on the couch with his computer on his chest, he has a look of concentration but looks up when he hears my suitcase being rolled by Zoe.

But thankful by the time we do it will be around noon and I haven't slept since yesterday and I'm not going into detail because I'm going to confuse myself with all the time differences" I ramble. I fall asleep to "I need you" by m I wake up to someone shaking me. Threw my sleepy haze I some how manage to gather all my things and get off the plane. So I sleep during the drive from the airport. We enter Dauntless because I'm pretty sure it is the only faction who uses YouTube.

We get to their hotel which I assume are for outsiders and I share a room with Zoe and Louise.

meet tris divergent hairstyles

I put my stuff down and fall on my bed. I would sleep but we are meeting up with all the other youtubers in the cafeteria. I change out of my sweat pants, t-shirt, and uggs, and into a white long sleeve crop top, salmon maxi skirt, and gold sandals. My hair is pulled back by the sides and the rest is hanging down.

I now have small beach wave curls. We walk threw the pit which is mostly empty, I assume because everyone is in the cafeteria, I look around to see Starbucks, Chipotle, and other restaurants. There are signs all over that say 'YouTube Fest!

As we near the cafeteria I hear people shouting and laughing and I get a sinking feeling in my stomach, I really hope I don't run into my old Dauntless friends, hopefully they moved out or will just stay away, they only ones I am willing to see are the Pedrad brothers. But I'm going to suck it up and just do it because my fans are way to important to me. Maybe vlogging will take my mind off of this. I turn on my camera and press record.

Once we walk in people start screaming again and running up to us. I sign some autographs and take more pictures and it takes us 15 minutes just to get threw the door.

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I'm pulled away by Louise grabbing my hand and dragging me towards a sign that has the YouTube logo on it. Hands reach out to grab me and I keep a smile on my face.

At that moment I realize that he and the woman have the same nose—hooked, a little too big on her face but the right size on his. They also have the same strong jaw, distinct chin, spare upper lip, stick-out ears. Only her eyes are different—instead of blue, they are so dark they look black. Natalie Prior - Ashley Judd Branden Stall for Looper There's no way the film crew could've ever made Ashley Judd look plain enough to pass for that Abnegation woman you had to look twice at to see she's pretty.

That was just impossible from the start. However, there were a couple of other details that got slacked on, too, like the fact that she shared Caleb's pale green eyes in the book, which were close-set next to her hooked nose, and she boasted thick, wavy hair rather than Judd's silky straight locks. I think my mother could be beautiful, in a different world.

meet tris divergent hairstyles

Her body is thin beneath the gray robe. She has high cheekbones and long eyelashes, and when she lets her hair down at night, it hangs in waves over her shoulders.

Beatrice "Tris" Prior - Shailene Woodley Branden Stall for Looper Shailene Woodley's Divergent look was just as small and mousy as described in the books at first, but her athleticism came in handy to convince that she'd be capable in the makeshift ring during initiation bouts.

There were still some differences to be found, like the fact that her eyes are hazel-brown rather than Tris' signature grayish blue, and she's missing Tris' long nose—nor could she be accused of looking stern. Overall, though, Woodley's appearance as Tris was close enough to the mark. My eyes were blue before, but a dull, grayish blue—the eyeliner makes them look piercing. With my hair framing my face, my features look softer and fuller. I am not pretty—my eyes are too big and my nose is too long—but I can see that Christina is right.

My face is noticeable.

Get to Know the Cast of Divergent Before It Hits Theaters March 21

Granted, he was a little bit older than expected, and his eyes weren't the same midnight blue with a light splash near the right iris as written, but his cascading tats and beefy muscles were spot on.

Not only did James have the requisite amount of swoonage to offer, but he also had some of the more nuanced feature resemblances, like his larger bottom lip and the fact that his ears jutted out just a bit. He has a spare upper lip and a full lower lip.

His eyes are so deep-set that his eyelashes touch the skin under his eyebrows, and they are dark blue, a dreaming, sleeping waiting color … Four's appearance seems tame from the front, by Dauntless standards, but when he turns around, I see a tattoo peeking out from the collar of his T-shirt. It's a good thing people already liked him so much by the time this movie came out because he looked pretty dissimilar to the character's description. Not only were his eyes deep brown instead of green ugh!

We don't look alike. He has my father's dark hair and hooked nose and my mother's green eyes and dimpled cheeks. When he was younger, that collection of features looked strange, but now it suits him … His dark, straight eyebrows draw together so that a crease appears between them.

When he frowns, he looks more like my mother than my father. Her skin, eyes, and haircut all definitely fit the bill for Christina's description, but the biggest difference is that Kravitz was significantly shorter in the role than the tall, lean, and mean Dauntless dame.

She is tall, with dark brown skin and short hair. Peter - Miles Teller Attitude-wise, Miles Teller was spot-on as the troublemaking transfer initiate who could never quite pick an allegiance and stick to it—but was deceptively charming and innocent looking.

With his slick dark hair, friendly smile, and boyish expressions, Teller was a true match for the role. If only they'd gotten his steely green eyes right. It's hard to believe I could hate someone who looks so kind—his eyebrows turn upward naturally, and he has a wide, white smile. Is it illegal to wear colored contacts in Chicago or something?

  • How the cast of Divergent is really supposed to look

Uriah - Kelynan Lonsdale Divergent fans were probably more miffed by the fact that this charming character didn't even make the cut for the first movie, despite being the ringleader for some of the more exhilarating moments of the story, than the fact that his Insurgent movie counterpart, Kelynan Lonsdale, didn't meet every syllable of his description. He was certainly handsome and charismatic enough for the role, but his lack of a snake-tat around his earlobe was salt in the wound for sure.