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meet up 2012 rezist

The #Rezist Revolution messages - a call for protests . journalists and into the hands of activists (Gerbaudo, ) - into the hands of social media activists. “I want to meet Mark Zuckerberg one day and thank him [. and Mihai had the initiative to set up the groups, desiring that the positive. In early , opinion polls showed fewer than 10 percent of Romania's But the issue has not come up again since President Basescu nominated Victor Ponta foreign ministers' meeting and wants guarantees for ethnic Romanians living in Serbia. My Europe: #Rezist — with the strawberry and the EU flag The social construction of corruption in Europe. Book · January with 69 Reads. Cite this publication. Dirk Taenzler at Universität Konstanz · Dirk Taenzler .

Between new and old movements The protests of did not start from scratch.

How repression is fueling Romania's anti-corruption movement

The memory of the revolution of and of Piata Universitatii inthe mobilization against the continuation of the communist nomenklatura, the use of the symbols of the revolution the Romanian flag with a holemark a clear continuity with these past events. However, the protests of are also a continuation of post movements. Previous mobilizations expanded the horizons of the possible and proved that the street can influence political decisions and overthrow governments.

meet up 2012 rezist

Previous mobilizations included the anti-government and anti-privatization protests ofthe Rosia Montana protests ofand the anti-corruption protests ofwhich sprung up after the fire at Colectiv, a club that had been granted permits without legal procedures.

All these previous mobilizations activated a young generation of urban activists interested in politics and the creative use of mass-media. In Romania, the media is often accused of being political in the sense of being close to political partiesdistorting reality and manipulating the older generations.

meet up 2012 rezist

Activists instead get informed from social media and create their own networks. The mass character has been cited as the main novelty of the protests of Unlike in the protests of andtrade unions expressed their solidarity with the protesters.

Various universities condemned the emergency decree. Unlike andwhen the Indignados and the Gezi Park protests drew worldwide coverage, in these references are less numerous.

We cannot speak of a global framing of the fight against corruption in Romania.

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National authorities are the main target, as opposed to previous protests where foreign corporations and institutions were also in the crosshairs.

In this sense, the main agents of corruption are the enriched of the post-communist transition, the members of the communist nomenklatura and public servants, while international multinationals, NGOs and technocrats are placed at the opposite pole.

In Romania, collective memory of past events automatically creates the image that certain categories of people the miners, the pensioners are instrumentalized by those in power.

More generally, if the movements that emerged during the global crisis of criticised precarious working conditions, the youth in eastern Europe seem more interested in the legal implementation of the anti-corruption struggle.

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This and previous data would suggest that the connection between left-wing political attitudes and non-electoral participation, traditionally observed in western Europe, is not evidenced in post-communist democracies. For the moment, opinions are divided on further paths that should be followed. Some activists highlight that everyday protest will lead to exhaustion and banalization, while others consider it a way of directly pressuring the government.

Although the Grindeanu Cabinet adopted a new ordinance bill repealing the original bill, on 5 February, betweenandpeople participated in the largest protests in Romania's history. Furthermore, Prime Minister Grindeanu stated that the government would try instead to pass the majority of the content from the original ordinance in a new bill through Parliament where PSD and ALDE have a comfortable majorityangering protesters further.

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The event, entitled "Diaspora at Home", [96] [97] was organized and promoted by Romanians living abroad [98] the Romanian diasporawho returned home in large numbers for the protest. Many people were badly beaten by the police men or womensome were hit until they fainted [].

meet up 2012 rezist

At least one person underwent surgery for the removal of explosives used by the police on the civilians. Images posted on social media showed unarmed protesters being beaten by the gendarmes. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz strongly condemned the "violent confrontations in Bucharest, at which numerous protesters and journalists were injured" and wished a "speedy recovery to the injured ORF cameraman".

In the context of the Mechanism for Cooperation and Verificationthe European Commission follows the events with worry and gives an increased importance to the independence of the judiciary system and of the fight against corruption.

Peaceful protests ended in violence. Violence can never be a solution in politics".

How repression is fueling Romania’s anti-corruption movement

Between 1, and 2, people rallied, demanded the resignation of President Klaus Iohannis. He told the protesters that "we are all Romanians", as a response to many protesters claiming he is against the Romanian population due to his German ethnicity.

The dialogue quickly broke down as protesters were shouting against him, uninterested in establishing a discussion, and he left soon after. The anti-Iohannis protest attracted people that day. However, questions surrounding the new ordinance's constitutionality arose, which were affirmed by Justice Minister Iordache the following day when he stated that the intent was to bring the two Codes back to their prior form including the resulting unconstitutionalities.