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Meet The Wiggles is a Blockbuster exclusive VHS containing Wiggle Time! ( video) and Yummy Yummy ( video). It was released for rental in. FAQs. Can I send emails, postal mail, faxes to The Wiggles? The Wiggles Mail Policy (sent either by email / fax / postal mail to The Wiggles Office). The Wiggles . The yellow and purple Wiggles describe on-stage fun, off-stage romance It's seven days a week, we meet children everywhere we go, in the.

So that generational thing, I think that's why the Wiggles are so special. Did your romance blossom during the Wiggles? I really fell in love with Lachy in the first moment … But it took him a long time [laughs]!

No, I knew we had a connection right from the start Inwe basically spent the entire year together, every single day.

Why did you originally hide your romance from the rest of the cast? We thought it was a respectful thing to do.

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There is nothing worse We didn't want people to think we were just doing it for [publicity]. We didn't officially say to anyone, but they knew.

When did you decide to announce to the public you were a couple? It was getting to the point where we were like, "we probably want to share it", though at the time I didn't know that Lachy had planned to propose, so So everyone was like: For us, it felt like quite a while.

meet wiggles

How is married life treating you? I feel that because we tour all the time, we're together all the time — and we didn't go on honeymoon — so it feels like it hasn't really changed much.

Do you have plans to start a family? It would be really nice … It really is almost like we have to put it in the tour schedule [laughs].

It is incredible that the Wiggles have been at the forefront in the children's entertainment industry for such a long time. Yes, because it's not normal to be even a band for that long. I think that's why Anthony [Field] is such a genius, because he does try and keep up with the times, whereas a lot of people get stuck and bogged down.

The Wiggles have celebrated their 25 years in children's entertainment this year. What have you learnt from being part of the Wiggles phenomenon? They are egocentric; they don't know they're there with that many people. So that's why so many of the songs are really direct By speaking as if speaking to one, then that's why they all connect.

I think that's a real skill.

meet wiggles

How have the Wiggles changed over the 25 years? Even going from just doing a CD to going on VHS, which sounds so ridiculous now, but it was such a big thing then. Then they were the first to do a DVD in children's entertainment Now it's iTunes, and only recently we signed with Netflix to countries. Wiggles is aired all around the world.

meet wiggles

Where is the strangest place you guys have been recognised? I get a lot of recognition in the ladies' bathroom, and it sounds weird but it keeps happening to me … I think when you're waiting, a lot of people recognise because it's that moment that they stop and actually look at you.

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Simply put, it is not physically possible for The Wiggles to correspond with all who send them mail. Any inappropriate, intimate or offensive material is not passed on to The Wiggles. Any packages or notes handed to The Wiggles while performing are screened by a staff member and only appropriate correspondence is passed on.

The Wiggles tour quite frequently, and it is quite possible that they will be coming to a venue near you very soon.

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Please check the Tours section of our website. If there are no concerts listed here for your area, this means that no tours have been announced for your area yet.

Meeting The Wiggles! AMAZING Fun Experience!

Do The Wiggles Lip-sync in concert? Anthony has developed a good aerobic level of fitness which enables him to sing and dance. Some of the backing music is pre-recorded and replayed on mini disc as this frees The Wiggles to sing and do their dances. It is more interesting for a child to watch actions and movements rather than a guitar solo as good as it might be.

However, this musical backing is augmented by Anthony often playing his acoustic guitar, Lachy playing his keyboard or Emma playing the drums.

There are many times such as the Captain's magic buttons segment of the show when the music is totally live.

Meet the New Wiggles

So please contact the venue prior to attending a Wiggles concert to find out their policy on the use of cameras. The Wiggles policy is that any child that has reached 12 months of age requires a ticket. Children under 12 months enter free of charge, and therefore do not require a ticket.

meet wiggles

However they will be expected to sit on an adult's lap as they will not be issued with a seat. So please contact the venue prior to attending a Wiggles concert to find out their policy on purchasing tickets for your child.

If your child does not require a ticket, they will be expected to sit on an adult's lap as they will not be issued with a seat.