Meet with jesus

What will it be like to meet Jesus? 'Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe'

meet with jesus

MEET JESUS. May I introduce Jesus to you? You may not know him yet on an intimate basis but I can assure you that he knows you. The Bible tells us in Psalms. How will we react when we finally meet Jesus? Will we treat Him like a long-lost friend or fall on our faces in awe?. Meet Jesus! WOW! This statement in itself is somewhat obscure. I mean, Jesus lived over 2, years ago and His legacy is still going strong.

Ask God to cleanse and forgive you of your sin through the blood of Jesus Christ shed at the cross. Do not go on feelings or emotions.

Prayer is just talking to God. Be sure to make time each day to talk to Him about your daily activities, quickly confessing to Him when you do something wrong, asking for His help and thanking Him when He gives it.

Remember, God loves you! He is now your Father and you are His child. He longs to hear from you through prayer. In prayer you are speaking to God, but through the Bible, God will speak to you. Therefore, make time every day to read it, even if you only read a few verses. Ask God to help you understand what you read. See below for some suggested helpful and free resources. As you seek to please God, you will be living differently from most people. It is very important to have Christian friends with whom you can pray and read the Bible.

If you are not in a church, ask around to find a good church that loves Jesus and teaches the Bible.

Tell others about Jesus. Ask God to give you opportunities to talk about Jesus with your friends and neighbors, your co-workers and family, letting them know Who He is and what He means to you. I mean, Jesus lived over 2, years ago and His legacy is still going strong.

meet with jesus

We have presidents who are not as famous nor as desirable, and we will never meet them. So, when you hear that you can have an actual relationship with Jesus — it sounds a bit far-fetched. We have all heard about the miracles that Jesus performed. If you are at least five years of age, you have heard about Christmas.

meet with jesus

The man has a birthday that people not only remember and celebrate, but actually give their best gifts. Seriously, Jesus fed 5, people with two fish and five loaves of bread. He turned water into wine.

He raised people from the dead. These individuals did not experience much wisdom from me nor did I really gain anything from them. So it is apparent that I am not very good company. My conversation is that of a shallow thrill seeker and at best, I may make you laugh. You might enjoy my taste for fine dining or maybe my choice of movies.

meet with jesus

However, I am not a person that you would miss Michael Jackson to meet with. So in actuality, why would I think I could meet a world changer like Jesus?

Be Ready to Meet Jesus

In fact, why does anyone make knowing Jesus seem so… well easy? Well, neither do I. How do I know this? Well, He was killed by people who knew He was God. He was sought after and watched during His ministry.

meet with jesus

Jesus was tested by some of the most profound Bible Scholars. All this is truth but the reason why I believe He is God is simple. Not to mention, the chief haters knew He said He would be raised from the dead. I mean, John the Baptist was beheaded. Steven was stoned to death. Peter, I hear was crucified upside down. When the writers of the Bible wrote that Jesus was seen by more than people after He arose from the dead — those people were still alive.

How to Meet Jesus

The magistrates, officers, and judges could have laid hands on them personally. But the most obvious truth is, they never found His body.

meet with jesus

They never could produce a cadaver. If Jesus had not risen from the dead in bodily form, those who killed Him would have shown His body and destroyed Christianity for good. They had not done this task during Jesus entire ministry. Jesus was killed and His body was buried but when they went to that tomb… it was empty. Hey, you and I know it, too.

We have read how they persecuted and tortured Jesus during His human stay on this earth. It would behoove you to know that the biggest victory Jesus accomplished was defeating death and rising from the dead. Trust me, His persecutors would have not allowed you to know that Jesus rose from the dead if they could have hidden it.

Do you see where I am going with this?