Meet young people in paris

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meet young people in paris

Aug 14, This is a sure way to meet many interesting people not just french and of younger and older Parisian locals and short-term Parisians make for. Young adults in Paris? Looking for things to do? We can provide you the best and most original ideas to have some funny moments in Paris. Jun 13, Read our essential guide to dating in Paris and find out which apps the city's singletons Meetups and other interesting ways to meet people more densely populated with people who are young, single and ready to mingle.

My colleagues are all French and going out with them seems to be off limits for some reason.

Things to do in Paris for young adults - Live Paris like a local

You can see the original post here Thanks Christine for asking a question that we can share with other readers who might be experiencing the same frustration here in Paris. My first advice is to stop trying to be friends with all your coworkers — it may happen or it never will, unless they want it to.

So you see even other French people will feel like outsiders too! Here are some things to do: Learn French — people will want to talk to you if they feel comfortable speaking to you in their own language.

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Look into classes with the Mairie or Alliance Francaise or find a chatting partner on craigslist. Do the stuff you love — Sign yourself up for a Meet-Up or Facebook group, activities with people with similar passions transcends language and cultural borders. For example Yoga folks love to hang out with other yogis, or if you love reggae find a Paris reggae groups on Facebook and go to a couple events. Inititate an Event — It can be an afterwork picnic along the Seine in the summer-time or a drink at a bar near the office.

meet young people in paris

Initiative can go a long way. Many young companies such as start-ups are more dynamic and international minded so they wont think it weird to do somethings Americans and have Karaoke night at Cocorans my old web company has this and it was a great opportunity for all the international folks to mingle and come together over drinks and music with the french guys.

How to Meet People in Paris - Paris Forum

Find the Expats — If all of this fails, do what most of us expats do. Just hang with a group of other expats! Outside of Bar Ourq is right in front of the canalthe crowd is always equal parts french and foreigners and there is always good music and things to snack on and people are not afraid to talk to each other and mingle inside the bar.

meet young people in paris

Paris is a city of discovery and when traveling alone, I felt free to look into every nook and cranny of the city to find new museums, galleries, boutiques and markets. Traveling solo gives me the freedom to walk wherever I want to walk and at my own pace. There are times, however, where I do want to socialize and meet up with others.

Here are a few suggestions for places to meet fellow travelers in Paris: Meeting through Web sites The Web sites www. This usually involves having dinner or some type of similar activity with anywhere from travelers.

meet young people in paris

For the most part, I have enjoyed them. There are online listings for people interested in getting together on www. Use common sense and normal precautions when meeting strangers. Always meet in a public place and never give out personal information until you feel absolutely confident about whom you have met. For instance, last month I attended a wine and cheese lunch at O Chateau near the Louvre.

About 20 people attended. The sommelier gave an excellent presentation on the wines of France. The lunch, while simple, was excellent. I enjoyed meeting people from Australia, Canada, and the U.