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Synonyms for demise at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and Even Toby put in his claim to a partnership in bringing about its demise. The end of existence or activity; termination: the demise of the streetcar. passing, departure, expiration, decease Smoking was the cause of his early demise. cash in, give up the ghost, go to one's grave, kick the bucket, meet one's end, pass with an achievement which he might exhibit with pride to the scientific world. You were to meet with a broker from the World Bank to place million US dollars in a fund that will After that, you were to meet with your financial strategy council to assess the impact of I've instructions that unless DEMIZE Ray Green.

Independents Club —present House of Councillors —, —present [ edit ] Following in his father's footsteps, Inoki entered politics inwhen he was elected into the House of Councillors as a representative of his own Sports and Peace Party in the Japanese House of Councillors election, InInoki traveled to Iraq in "an unofficial one-man diplomatic mission" and successfully negotiated with Saddam Hussein for the release of Japanese hostages before the outbreak of the Gulf War.

He subsequently retained his seat in the Japanese House of Councillors election, He failed to win re-election in the Japanese House of Councillors election, following a number of scandals reported inand left politics for the next eighteen years.

meet your demize world

In Januaryhe helped to establish a new party named the Assembly to Energize Japanwhich he left into sit in the 'Independents Club'. In SeptemberInoki re-established his position that Japan should make more of an effort to have co-operative dialogue with North Korea, in the wake of North Korea launching ballistic missiles over Hokkaido.

This was succeeded by another of Inoki's controversial trips to the nation. He was in Iraq negotiating for the release of several Japanese hostages.

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Antonio Inoki Inoki was amongst the group of professional wrestlers who were tutored in the art of hooking and shooting by the professional wrestler Karl Gotch. Inoki named his method of fighting "strong style. Inoki faced many opponents from all dominant disciplines of combat from various parts of the world, such as boxersjudokakaratekakung fu practitioners, sumo wrestlers and professional wrestlers.

These bouts included a match with then-prominent karate competitor Everett Eddy.

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He can also open a portal to a different dimension, where he can summon lightning at will. Fi states that Demise has conquered time itself, further showing the potency of his powers; she also states Demise is the source of all monsters.

Though having immense potential, Demise's power is not absolute. He is however, much more resistant to its effects in comparison to his followers. Alternate forms Main article: The Imprisoned Though significantly weaker in his Imprisoned form, Demise is still a force to be reckoned with.

In the form he appears as a large eyeless black scaled beast with a large mouth and the pillar used to seal him on his forehead. Unlike his true form, it is unknown if Demise retains any form of consciousness, since he is not shown speaking at any point. The Imprisoned gains new traits each time he escapes such as arms, a tail, and a demonic halo along with the ability to levitate. He is capable of producing shock waves of dark energy simply by walking.

However, the sealing pillar and his white toes are his weak spots, though he is capable of regenerating his toes. He is also vulnerable to Bombs fired by the Groosenator. Plot or ending details follow. Demise Prior to the events of the game, emerging from underground, Demise led a campaign to obtain the Triforcehaving his minions destroy everyone and everything in their path to get it. However, Hylia along with the help of others, seal away Demise, turning him into The Imprisoned and sealing him away within the Sealed Grounds.

He did however, manage to mortally wound Hylia, although she later reincarnated into a Hylian.

meet your demize world

During the events of the game, GhirahimDemise's sword, attempts to resurrect him, using Zelda 's spirit as she is the reincarnation of the goddess herself. Even without Ghirahim's help, however, Demise as The Imprisoned is able to break the seal on its own on a near regular basis.

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Link then journeys into the past Temple of Hyliawhere Zelda informs him that she is the reincarnated form of the Goddess, Hylia. She also tells him that the Mark of the Hero on his right hand is a sign that he can hold the Triforce ; Link is informed that he must obtain the Triforce in order to defeat Demise. Zelda then seals herself into a large crystal and enters a deep slumber to keep Demise at bay.

Link returns to the present and learns from the Sky Spirit, Leviasthat he must complete an ancient song known as the Song of the Hero that is broken into four parts in order to obtain the Triforce. On his journey to recover the pieces of the song from the Three Dragonshe battles The Imprisoned with Groose once more before obtaining Faron 's portion of the song.

Meet your demise terraria world

Eventually, Link completes the Song of the Hero and returns to Skyloftwhere he enters a final Silent Realm to prove his worth to the Goddess. Upon its completion, he is rewarded with the Stone of Trialswhich he inserts into a statue and unlocks the entrance to the Sky Keepthe location of the Triforce.

Link navigates the Sky Keep and finally obtains the three pieces of the Triforce. Upon doing so, Fi informs him that he should wish for Demise's destruction; Link does so, and as he does, the Isle of the Goddess floats down to the ground and rests in the large gap in the Sealed Grounds, crushing The Imprisoned in the process.

Fi confirms that Demise has been destroyed, and Zelda awakens.

meet your demize world

Link, Groose, and Zelda have a short reunion before Ghirahim reveals his presence within the Sealed Temple. He quickly kidnaps Zelda, telling Link that he will simply use the Gate of Time and resurrect Demise in the past.

meet your demize world

He brings Zelda to the past and Link quickly follows. In the Sealed Grounds, Ghirahim begins performing a ritual on Zelda, and blocks off the cliffsides, forcing Link to battle with his horde of Bokoblins in order to reach him.

When Link finally arrives, Ghirahim, provoked, begins battling Link for the final time.