Meet your new ride campaign

meet your new ride campaign

You can roast the campaign chair, share horror stories of the campaign, and admit If they raised money for a new program, they should get to meet your new. Cycle for Survival is among a new wave of peer-to-peer fundraising such as a walk, bike ride or challenge and reach out to their friends. Every year, the Campaign organizes a ride to the historic fair in the village of Reach at the end of Devil's Dyke (see 10 years of the Reach Ride). Read about this.

Our goal was to develop rides that are not only modular and functional, but also beautiful to see. It was a huge honour to receive the acknowledgment from the jury of this prestigious award.

Reach Fair Ride

Apart from design authorities, we were also rewarded by parents that actually tested the Kits themselves. During our first Kickstarter campaign we've received a lot of coverage from the international media. They embraced our unique idea and saw the many benefits it offered for families, some even dubbed as as the coolest kids toy Infento stimulates the young brain to develop important 21st century skills and abilities. Creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Infento introduces technique to children in an entertaining and accessible manner.

meet your new ride campaign

The basic engineering skills they learn are a great asset for the rest of their lives. They will build confidence by experimenting and reach success through trial and error.

Changing a flat tire on a car, assembling a freshly purchased wardrobe, or taking that robotics class in school - all doable tasks! Spend quality time while working on a shared goal.

Let them grow, the rides will grow along. Did we mention that our Kits are also eco-friendly? Think of all the rides you end up buying throughout the years. Most of them break easily and end up in the trash. With Infento you can just transform one ride into the next. Our quality parts are made to last a lifetime.

Start your Infento journey and have a great time while building together with your child. Learn them to walk with our Turtle walker, or let them use their hands on the Gecko to zigzag around the living room. Pick what you like! Kids from 6 to 14 years will love this Kit.

INFENTO®: Build Amazing Life-Size Rides With Your Kids by Infento Rides — Kickstarter

Boost their creativity and build some eye-catchers together. Wiggle those hips on the Flowmotion XL or steal the show skateboarding through the park with the Funboard. With the Smart Kit you can build any ride from the Explorer and Pioneer Kit, or pick one of 3 other great rides. Premium quality fun for an entire childhood.


Twist, turn, scoot and cycle for 0 till 14 year olds. Get building and help them develop an invaluable skill set for the future. No less than 25 possible rides in the Genius Kit. While creating together your child will get the chance to unleash the inner creative Genius: Build our famous Speedster pedal go-kart or go for some laidback drifting with the Whirl.

meet your new ride campaign

Every kid dreams of its own car, like mum and dad have. The 2-speed electric motor allows for a smooth ride and will bring you countless fun moments. Press the start button for the adventure to begin. You say you want it ALL? We can arrange that: The Legend Kit offers you the opportunity to build any of the 32 rides from all the new Kits! Many hours of quality time with your kids guaranteed. And yes, the Legend includes the ePulse.

meet your new ride campaign

This can easily be identified as our flagship Kit. For the real makers among us. See the video to check out the Camera Mount Add-on: This means that now you can build any of these extra models from any of our Kickstarter Kits. The price and the number of rides in these kits will never get better Infento is not only about rides.

Thanks to our modular system the parts can be used in many different ways. Just let your imagination run wild and build your dreams. We offer various Add-ons to expand the functionality of your Kit.

And there are many more Add-ons planned already! As you have read above we've just introduced a Camera Mount Add-on.

meet your new ride campaign

But we have much more! With our Snow Add-ons you can keep on gliding through winter. Build a sledge, a snow scooter or a skibock, you name it, you make it! Click the smart LED strip into a profile of your ride to personalize it.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign

The LED lights can emit any possible color and display a huge amount of effects. Published on September 16, Uber is putting its image repair campaign in the rearview mirror as it launches the biggest campaign in its history in an attempt to strike a more uplifting tone. One ad shows people taking Ubers to a range of activities, including major life events, like to the hospital to give birth.

One scene shows a gay couple taking an Uber to meet one of the partner's parents. Another shot shows an older couple heading to a dance club.

meet your new ride campaign

It is backed by a message that borders on a motivational speech: Paulie Dery, Uber's executive creative director, confirmed the ads starring Khosrowshahi would be coming off the air as the new campaign begins. He is a new leader, and he's got a new vision. Related Stories Waymo, Hyperloop and Revel: Ride into the future of mobility at Ad Age Next this November The new campaign operates on a purely emotional level. And I think that is a great Uber story.

M&S Back to School – Meet the little stars of our new campaign – I’m seven

We've always had a certain amount of hustle and belief that movement creates something better for everybody, and that's really at the center of the idea. The campaign includes digital spending and out-of-home ads planned for major U. The Sunday night TV ad alone will cost several thousand dollars.

  • Fresh off logo overhaul, Uber breaks biggest campaign in its history