Mega meet novi mi 2015 big

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mega meet novi mi 2015 big

Novi, MI (March 4, ) – Fighting for truth, justice and the American way, Motor City Comic Con enlists a new cast and crew of comic and media guests for its. Wrap red ribbon around the wide vertical border along the left edge and .. In fact, my mom helped me at the Novi, MI Great Lakes Mega Meet (GLMM) for years. American Crafts-Bo Bunny Press; ANW Crestwood - Making Memories; Creative Imaginations; Designs by Reminisce; EK Success Brands; Me and My Big Ideas.

I always try to respond to everyone that post or send me e-mail and all the responses are personally from me. You will always see me even when I am interacting with fans tweeting or sending a post or responding to an e-mail.

I feel doing it my self that makes me happy.

mega meet novi mi 2015 big

We also ask Jason David frank on if was able to see other part of the state of Michigan. But he did go on to say he did want to get out to see some part of Detroit and that you just might see him out and about after the night was over with. Yes we did ask him about the rumor of a new power ranger movie and possibly being a part of it. He say there nothing set in stone yet, but my fans are over whelm Lionsgate and Sabian entertainment to see me in it. So at the storing is being written I hoping that maybe I have a role in it.

But what I would love to do for my fans is a dark green ranger series that is a bit different then my normal roll in the show. I feel that there is a lot left open even as they get ready to bring all of us power ranger back for the big Super Mega Force batter.

mega meet novi mi 2015 big

Where you will get to see all the charter I played in the show. I will be only being suit up at the green ranger in it. But I would image though that I would be doing voice over for the other one. You also got to see Jason doing panel interview where fans can ask him question and get answer they like to know. We were luck to sit in one of them and hear what the fans got to ask him and such.

Lot of the question was what his favorite color was. He state that over all black was his favorite color how ever he went on to add to that just as he got use to wearing one color on the show that they chance the cast and he had to get change color. But over all black was his favorite color. He was also ask if he keep in contact with any of his case member and respond that he dose weather it be by sending them a e-mail or call them on the one like he did the night before after the convention or just tweeting a message to say hi and keep up with them.

Also was asking on what he likes to do for fun. He went on to say sky diving the fact that he loves doing that along with his wife. Who we all was say hear that cause of being here in Michigan he was going to miss there anniversary.

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But he did get a instagram form her on the day of there anniversary of her jumping out of a airplane with a flag wishing him a anniversary as he show us on his phone. But he also like to fight in MMA, keeping up with his fans and sending out that person response to them. But he goes on to say his true passion if he had to pick on to relax was to edit. He goes on to say that he love to edit and enjoy that a lot and that all the content on his web site was personally edit by him.

He also is an avid social media person. He loves doing thing on all the social media sites. He was also asking about being the show and what was it like. He said he love it and when on to tell fans that once you stop loving what you do that there are other people out there that are willing to take your place. Over all Jason give you a since of just a normal guy that you would be hanging out with at your home playing video games, have a nice dinner with or just doing what is fun.

They both love being at the event and taking in there fans and signing autographs and taking in the question and even turning thing around on the fans. They did that in there panel by asking people what they took away form the show. They also when on to tell you what it was like to play their parts. They did ask at their panel from there fans what they got out of the show. They where surprised to hear that a lot of people related to there character and how they where miss understand or the fact that it show you that you can stand up for your self to over come anything.

But the both where humble to hear their fans stories and there willing to share their stories. Over all when you take in the event there was a lot to see and do. They all love that fact to hear the fans stories and get to know them. I started meeting people and they just bought in. The only easy part has been the support I have received simply because people were excited about the cause.

The Stamps of Life at Mega Meet in Novi, Michigan May 7-9

I never had to spend long hours on the phone convincing people to help. The first video we ever got back was from a girl named Alisha. She was 16 and in the hospital for Diabetic shock. She sent a video back to Joey and Hailey at If you had to pick one thing in your life you worked the hardest for, what would it be?

Building an organization that allows me to achieve my dream and make a living. Was there ever a dream or goal you let go of? That is a boring answer. I think my plans have worked out perfectly and I am chasing the dreams I am suppose to be chasing. He opened up his business and gave up his virtual golf room so we could make blankets.

mega meet novi mi 2015 big

What man gives up a virtual golf room? The second we need something he is there for us. The Kattoula power couple made up for Nancy and Fayez are awesome too. Nancy just bought in right away and she would do anything for us.

Our board member, Lorron James because he is truly a rare breed. It is really hard to find people who are up in business, are nice, and want to help a bunch of young adults start a non-profit.

Finally, Ashley Rahi who is a volunteer that would do anything for us.

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I think if I called her and said she needed to move to Novi she probably would. I met a little girl named Sophie and I wanted to help kids in her situation. There is a service that provides every homeless person a meal but there is no service that provides sick children a colorful fleece blanket. Other than the massive amounts of families we are able to be there for, it would be connecting volunteers at events to other people in different areas of life.

People from such different worlds are together and tying knots on a blanket that will change a kids day. Juggling so many roles and things that need to get done when you are starting an organization. Most organizations start with funders but we are just some knock out kids who decided to do it. We literally are starting from the ground. There is no other service that ever existed that guarantees blankets to hospitals.

There is no other service out there that connects the maker to the receipt the way we do.

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What advice do you have for someone trying to start a non-profit? Watch my hero round table talk. My advice would be to go and live the problem. If you do not live the problem any issue you encounter will make you want to quite. Absolutely, I had full support of all friends and family. How do you take time for yourself to recharge?

I go make blankets.