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Download Mere Mitwa By Santakshat file type: mp3 - Baixar Indir Music Mere Mitwa By Ira Rizkymere Mitwa Mere Meet Relive Musica Alma Big Band. Tere Mere Honton Pe (Mitwa) - Chandni (p HD Song) by Boota Bhai . H. HAMDAN ATT - MERE MITWA MERE MEET RE - LIVE FIRENA NADA. “Tere mere hoton pe meethein, meethein geet Mitwa” in Chandni in number of honeymooners had come to relive the Swiss dream that I.

That place on the right hand side of the station is where Kajol sits and is busy sending post cards back home. SRK arrives and then they have a heart to heart conversation about love and life.

This is the Saanen Airstrip located about 5 minutes away from the railway station.

Chandni | Song - Mitwa

The next destination was the iconic DDLJ bridge which is situated right next to the railway station. Luckily one sweet american tourist who was hiking out in the hills nearby stopped to click a photo of us on the bridge. Notice the river behind. However, my research shows that the church resembles the exteriors of the one shown in the movie, but this was not the one.

However, you may just try your luck. Our next destination was Gstaad. You may take the next train on the Golden Pass route to reach Gstaad or take a bus from Saanen also. Swiss public transport system is one of the best in the world and you have to travel on it to believe their level of accuracy. It is again a small sleepy town and you can just cover the length and breadth of it within an hour.

This is a famous hotel in Gstaad which appears in the background when Kajol boards a train engine in an inebriated state with SRK chasing her. Can you spot it here? We separately visited Jungfrau from Interlaken and it takes a whole day to complete the trip till the top of the mountain and back.

The Jungfrau railways is a sheer feat of engineering. The snow clad serenity is featured in the same song when Simran in red dress serenades her way to our heart.

Going back to the Golden Pass route, our next stop was Zweisimmen. You can either take a bus from Gstaad to reach Zweisimmen or just take the next train from the Gstaad station to reach Zweisimmen. This is also the place where the Montreux- Zweisimmen portion of the Golden Pass route ends.

As you may wait to catch the next train on the Golden Pass route connecting Interlaken, you may also visit some memorable places in and around the station where some memorable portions of DDLJ was shot.

Zweisimmen is the train station where Kajol aka Simran misses her train to Zurich and there begins her whirlwind journey which ultimately leads her to find true love.

Just like Raj, we also hope that she misses the train, every single time the scene is played out in the movie. Well, the kiosk is still there…there is in fact only one right near the station and it is not difficult to spot.

Zweisimmen is again a quiet picturesque town and it is not very difficult to spot out the DDLJ memories left here, there and everywhere. The cowbell also has an intricate connection to the plot as this was the same cowbell that Kajol leaves on her doorstep while leaving for India and a sure shot sign for SRK who travels all the way to India.

The DDLJ trail – In search of the Bollywood fairy tale in Switzerland – The Big Bong Theory

And this is me again. The happiness on my face is due to the miniature cowbell souvenir that I bought from the same shop where Simran buys the bell from, in the movie. And if the fight with cowbell was here, can the missing of trains be far behind? My research showed the the place where Simran runs behind the train she is supposedly missing was the parking lot just opposite the platform number 8 of the Zweisimmen railway station.

I did not care to see the face. I did have few admirers for my eyes which were pronounced against the backdrop of my prominent cheekbones.

I imagined Rafi looking into my eyes and singing Yeh aankhen uff yumma pyaar kyun na hoga and I looked into his eyes with the same level of intensity singing Yeh mausam uff yumma and thus began the journey of ishq, pyar, mohobbat- so exciting, so intoxicating. Mujhe tumse mohobbat ho gayee hai mujhe palkonki chaao mein rehne do — reverberated in every cell of my body.

Din Pyar Ke Aye Re (Live) - (Film Ansoo) Mohammed Rafi mp3 download

On one of my daily trips to school — I remember having told one of my friends — I want to marry Rafi — It was of course told in a lighter vein. Have you seen him? I had no Rafi obsessions whatsoever. My teens were coming to an end.

During my five and a half years of dissecting bodies, learning plant and human anatomy my emotional physiology took a backseat. During the cultural fest in my college I unconsciously sang Rafi songs for music competitions. Bahoaaro phool barsao, Woh jab yaad aaye and mitwa mere meet re. Today I am happily married and have two sons. When my elder son who is a Downs baby listens to Oh duniya ke rakhwaale.

Man tarpat hari darshan and many other songs in an absorbed manner I feel I have succeeded in transferring my music gene to my progeny. If the answer is in the affirmative I would somewhere, amidst all my sorrow of begetting such a child, feel happy too that an extra pair of genes that was the causative factor for the syndrome, has music in it. My Papa and Amma are very fond of my son. He grew up listening to his Grandpa singing, among various other songs Raadhike tune bansari churaayi as well.

Now in the transition period of my life I fly with the same gusto carrying lovely memories of my association with songs like Dil bekaraar saa hai, Raat suhaani jaag rahi hai, Aise toh na dekho, Yeh parbatonke daayre, Jaag dil e deewaana, Rhim jhim ke geet saawan gaaye, Yaad mein teri jag jag ke hum —the list is endless.

Rafi the sculptor, the man who kindled the flame of first love in me has succeeded in carrying it to this day with the same brightness making me live every moment, naughtily whispering into my ears— Tumse kahoon ek baat paron se halki halki halki halki halki— Vasudha UNQUOTE Many more of Rafi Bhakts have already sent in their write ups and many would do so for several months more. The aim was to discover Rafi Sahab through the Rafi Bhakts and if write ups like the one above keep pouring in from all quarters, the dream of understanding Rafi Sahab better would become a reality for all of us.

Activities of these nature are not common and it is in this context that I have always felt that the Rafi Bhakts are just as unique as the master himself. The saga of Rafi Sahab continues therefore in the form of outpouring from the Rafi Bhakts themselves.

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