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mesmer eyes meet

A Meeting of Ministers is the first part of The Head of the Snake. the ramps up, achieved by killing the Ministry mesmer porting in White Mantle members. . Power-hungry mongrels with nothing more than gold in their eyes. Show off your lush lashes with Napoleon Perdis Mesmer-Eyes Mascara - Regular. This rich formula blends nourishing vitamin E, panthenol and bamboo for. been granted by the gloating Lord Mesmer, he would surely have to meet his fate From a corner of his eye Ryson saw that Lord Mesmer and his escort of.

I don't want to lose him to Jormag. And if we're right about its weakness, he won't stand a chance.

mesmer eyes meet

How are we doing on that front? I have an idea—a great idea. I'll keep you posted. Anyway, say hi to the queen for me! Do you know her? I feel like I do after all the gossip rags I've read! Do you know she doesn't wear shoes! Try not to stare at her feet now that I've told you that! You're a huge help as always. I appreciate the sentiment, Your Majesty. But I feel like I haven't been much of a leader lately. I don't know how you do it.

Eye of the Sun

You have a whole kingdom to worry about while I can't even manage to keep a handful of people driving toward one purpose. It's a trying task, but to be honest, sometimes I envy what must be the simplicity of your life. This place is all politics and subtext. Do a thing one person likes and three hate you for it. It can get very complicated. You just relentlessly smash things until they're no longer at odds with you. I wish it were like that around here sometimes.

Laughs Well, what can I smash for you today? I believe a White Mantle attack is imminent and must take certain actions, here in Divinity's Reach, to ensure its safety. The fact that you're not really describing these actions makes me think they might be a little unorthodox. What do you think of this garden, Commander?

And to preserve such a marvel requires constant maintenance. Sometimes weeds creep in I've called the ministers here under the auspices of a reassuring gathering, but I really need to deliver what some will consider shocking news. Your presence here will go a long way to ease minds, so please, mingle Any evidence of White Mantle meddlings you find would only support my actions. I'll do some digging.

And, Your Majesty, you missed a weed there. That looks like one, but it's actually the Krytan Spiderwort. It'll bloom soon, and its petals give you the most luscious dyes. It's my favorite flower. It hides its true potential from most and then blossoms into something great. Talk to Queen Jennah again: Is there something else you need, Commander? I'm surprised you invited me here instead of Anise. As for your invitation, you're a trusted friend, and I've no doubt that your presence here is a welcome relief to the ministers as well—the loyal ones, at least.

I have more questions. Thank you for the information. Do you have any updates on Logan Thackery? I'm sad to say that Logan is still recovering fro his injuries. There isn't much else I am able to tell you about his recovery, but it has been slow. He'll be back on his feet in no time, I'm sure.

Since Caudecus was in charge of the Ministry Guard, are you concerned about their loyalty? I most certainly am concerned, Commander. It's why I need you here. I will keep an eye out. Ambient dialogue triggered by proximity By the Ministry Guard Noble female: I'm surprised the Wi family has the guts to show their faces after what their daughter has done.

Oh, don't be cruel. Minister Wi wouldn't abandon his duties. Yes, but treason against the queen! That's a lot of shame to bear. It is, but we'd do well to ignore Valette's mistakes and recognize his commitment to the position. Quite a lot of guards at this "ministry" meeting, huh? Yes, it seems they outnumber us at least three to one. More like a militia meeting, if you ask me.

At least we're a bit safer. I think these extra guards send the opposite message. Well, we should do our best to keep up appearances. The people need it with the White Mantle out there. I'm grateful I got invited to this event at all! I'm starting to wish I stayed home. Ladies near the Palace Chamber Noble 1: It seems strange for the commander to be attending a ministry meeting, doesn't it? The queen has her reasons, I'm sure.

The extra security is a bit worrisome, though. And still no sign of Logan Thackeray! Mm, it's unnatural to see the queen wandering around without him lately. Speaking to important figures before the explosion: I couldn't help notice you speaking with the queen. A pillar of strength under pressure, as always. Oh, that's good to hear.

With everything that's happening I worry for her. Yes, the White Mantle are beyond despicable, aren't they? Quite Power-hungry mongrels with nothing more than gold in their eyes.

I've stepped on things with more moral authority than those poisonous toads. It's very clear how you feel about the White Mantle. Your friend Caudecus's association with them must have rattled you. I can tell you, no one was more shocked. I hadn't the faintest idea. Even with all the rumors circulating before he broke out? Oh, I try to ignore gossip. People caught spreading such filth should earn a trip to the gallows. I feel the same way about traitors; they should watch their necks.

I must be going. It is a pleasure to see you again, Commander. Ah, Lady Gwynith of Beetletun! Are you here on behalf of Minister Caudecus? The people of Beetletun still need a voice within the ministry, and I am committed to ensuring that we maintain good relations despite Caudecus's treason.

You must've worked closely with Caudecus. For a time, yes. Since he converted to the White Mantle, he has abandoned us, so it has been a long time since I saw him. Do you and the people of the shire still hold sympathies for him?

We are ashamed to have ever called him our leader. He has turned his back on Kryta and on the gods themselves. You live just outside his front door! I don't appreciate what you're insinuating, Commander. I, and the rest of the people of Beetletun, are paying the price of Caudecus's treason.

I appreciate your time. Is there something you need? I'm just checking in.

mesmer eyes meet

How do you feel about tonight's gathering? It is not wholly uncommon for the queen to request a meeting, but given the circumstances, I am a bit concerned. Well, surely you are aware of the detestable betrayal by our own legate minister. He has been missing for some time, so I hear. Did you ever work closely with Caudecus? Caudecus and I only ever met in an official capacity.

Aside from spotting him at the occasional party, we rarely interacted. Do you have any reasons to suspect anyone has sympathies for him?

mesmer eyes meet

I don't mean to spread gossip, butt there were rumors that Minister Arton was colluding with the White Mantle prior to Caudecus's defection. As I understand it, he and the legate are close friends.

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The queen seems to trust Minister Arton, though. Ah, well, I suppose a bad reputation can be difficult to overcome. That may be unfair of me, but I have a hard time trusting anyone during times like these. Thank you for your time. How can I help you, Commander? Have you seen anything suspicious?

mesmer eyes meet

No, but we have been on high alert as of late. Our Legate Minister Caudecus converted to the White Mantle, as you know, and that has reflected poorly on us. Do you suspect anyone among the Guard to be sympathetic to Caudecus? I have heard that Ministry Guards in the past have betrayed Kryta, but now?

Here at this gathering? Our men are loyal to Queen Jennah.


That's why they are here. How can you be so sure? Honestly, I guess I can't be But I promise to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Looks like you've got plenty of support from the Ministry Guard. You're certain we shouldn't wait for the other twin? I wish we could, but the situation is dire. If the Ogotl succeed, many sylvari—and others—will die.

I suppose you're right. Can I ask you something else? Nothing for it, then. Act with wisdom—but act. Can you tell me more about the counteragent? I haven't had time to test it, but it should harmlessly disperse the Ogotl poison. I'll hope for the best. May the Mother Tree be with us.

We're counting on you, Trahearne. Remind me—what's the "Eye of the Sun," again? A potion that transforms you into an avatar of the sun. It'll either make the Ogotl Speaker very powerful—or backfire, poisoning the entire Caledon Forest. I don't like either of those options. Let's stop these hylek—right now. Then we'll have to convince them otherwise.

While investigating Ogotl grounds: This could be a trap. Let me try something else It seems your counter-reagent works. It clears the toxic fumes. Try applying it to the turret. If it works, we can use it to disperse that wall. The land is sick with poison. We should stay on the move. Cinematic at Ogotl Grounds: The hylek poisons are extremely lethal. Hang in there, twin! We'll get you out. Caithe, there's another turret! My poison is powerful! Stay back, or I will drink the potion!

I swear to you, I will do it! I have no choice! I must become the Eye of the Sun - and you must die! Cinematic after clearing the poison: Fall to your knees, feeble creatures! Behold, the Eye of the Sun! Cinematic after defeating Tochzotl: If did The Direct Approach Arlon: What have they done to you?

No, it's my fault.

mesmer eyes meet

I let you go instead of trying to find a compromise. You'll be fine, though, and from now on, we'll work as a team. The twins have learned a valuable lesson. We're stronger together than apart. I'm just glad Pellam's going to be all right. Twins, if you'ld like, you can both stay in my garden for as long as you wish. What a generous offer. I think I can speak for us both when I say we would like nothing better. May the Dream bless you for helping us. If did Trading Trickery Pellam: I'm just glad Arlon's going to be all right.

You'll find it restful. What did these monstrous frogs do to him? I'll slaughter them all! Like the tablet says: I shouldn't blame all hylek for the pain inflicted by a few. Thank you for reminding me to see reason.

Now to the Grove and we'll see your brother healed. Let's get your brother home. I thought I'd never see a friendly face again. What did they do to you? They used me as an experiment. Made me drink their horrible potions. I feel so sick We'll get you out of here. You can rest in the Grove. Let's get you home, Arlon. These hylek are as bad as asura. When will they learn we're not the enemy? What do the asura have to do with this?