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th Ave, Yuma, AZ Save. Share . I generally like this flea market better than the Arizona Marketplace farther to the east. There are vendors . 55,%Hispanic; 31,%White alone; 2,%Black alone County Board legislators meet to discuss bills News yumasun com. and Sen .. Yuma Park 'n Swap ( South 4th Avenue) (8), Golden Cue Billiard Parlor ( Arcades. THE OLD YUMA MEXICAN SWAP MEET FLEA MARKET Between the Arizona Market Place & Walmart is the large Yuma . going to Yuma since the population is % Hispanic or Latino and increasing every census.

Agriculture Farm equipment working in one of the numerous fields in the Yuma valley Undisputedly, agriculture is the number one industry for Yuma County.

This is due to our rich soil sediments deposited by the Colorado River over millions of yearsprogressive farmers who explore and utilize the latest theories and technology in their fieldssufficient labor highly skilled and motivated work force and senior rights to irrigation water.

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Lettuce is the largest winter crop in Yuma, it is by no means the only one. There are over different crops grown in the Yuma area year round! The list includes alfalfa, Bermuda grass seed, cotton, dates, lemons, melons and wheat. Dates are a remarkable fruit and are another important piece of the Yuma Ag industry, just like all the other vegetables grown here.

As long as people need to eat, farmers will continue to keep Agriculture the leading industry in Yuma. Army first came to the area inand established Fort Yuma on Indian Hill. The installation overlooked the Yuma Crossing, the aptly named low spot in the Colorado River, and it allowed for the establishment of the town site of what would later become Yuma.

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In the Army put up the Quartermaster Depot along the river. From here the Army oversaw the distribution of supplies to soldiers in the West. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School. The purpose of this facility will allow special forces troops to train for air operations requiring free falls from airplanes. The facility opened in January of and, at 75 feet tall, is the largest in the world. Yuma has plenty to offer travelers and tourists alike. Many of these visitors come to love Yuma as much as the locals and end up buying homes and property in Yuma County to lay down permanent roots.

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In the same survey, winter visitors indicated that At the same time, 4. Many are clear on their motives to come to Yuma: Others come because they have friends or family here, or just for a short visit…but they end up returning.

Today's winter visitors are not quite the same breed as they were 25 years ago. They hit the casinos, browse the swap meets, attend arts and crafts shows, patron local events and fill seats at concerts.

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They enjoy hiking in the desert, playing golf and fishing. They visit Mexico for medical and dental treatment and stay to linger over lunch and margaritas. Many of our winter visitors love the area so much that they give back to our community.

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With all the various backgrounds and life experiences they bring, our winter visitors are indeed an exciting addition to the community. That represents more than 6 percent of all taxable sales. That spending directly supports more than 2, local jobs. They come over to see family, eat in restaurants and shop.

Walmart is an especially popular destination, with about 25 percent of Mexican visitors making a stop there, according to a University of Arizona study in During the winter produce season, thousands of people cross the border every day to work in Yuma's fields.