Moultrie swap meet hours in bakersfield

Model T Ford Forum: Are the flea markets turning into dying shows due to internet

moultrie swap meet hours in bakersfield

[Archive] Page 2 List your events Here, Club Meets, Rod Runs, Swap Meets, Etc, Southwest swap meet-Texas · Moultrie,Ga. swapmeet/carshow coming up soon! County Fairgrounds, Bakersfield, CA · 36th ANNUAL SPRING SWAP MEET. Every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday Union Avenue Parking Lot. Information. We are located at the Kern County Fairgrounds in Bakersfield California just off of Hwy 58 on Union Ave. There you will The Kern County Swap Meet is a 22 acres facility filled with over vendor spaces. Our Other Swap Meet Locations.

If you want proof you just have to look at the photos of ,just look at the photos of the main building this year, far more empty stalls than vendors. Remember a few years back when the main building was full the old buildings were full as well as the grass areas front and back were full of vendors.

Not anymore, going down hill fast. I think there were more empty stalls than vendors.

Moultrie Automotive Swap Meet & Car Corral in Moultrie, GA. ()

Interesting when I paid for my stall for next year on Saturday, the "board was nearly sold out" My question is why pay for a stall and not show? The buyers count was way down this year with most of the action between vendors.

Saturday was a joke for sellers. A good share of vendors pulled out Friday afternoon and evening.

moultrie swap meet hours in bakersfield

I never saw the fever of past years,not even in the queue up lines. There were some excellent buys and no buyers go figure.

moultrie swap meet hours in bakersfield

I do believe guys, we are getting a little long in the tooth and its a real pain to drag out the stuff haul it to the swap meet stand there for a couple of days trying to sell it, then load it back up and haul it home. There in lies the problem age is again us and its easier to list stuff here on the classified's and sell it from home. The other issue is today an antique car is a '57 Chev. This year they looked the other way letting in more hot rod and 50's stuff. There are fewer and fewer guys collecting the early brass stuff and fewer model t guys getting into the hobby.

Simply put its the rule of attrition. Don't kill the messenger, these are just my thoughts from an old guy that's been there and seen the demise over the years.

Flea markets in general have changed over time in this area. Use to be you could find lots of old tools, mechanical items, hardware and old household items. Now it Chinese purses, knockoff clothes that are the stuff you see now.

As the brass car guy says old antique cars don't have the interest in years gone by. Yes there still is interest but not in the same way that the 'younger stuff' has. Old cars to a lot of people now means cars that are post war.

Check out whats on TV these days and you will see a lot of car shows that deal with cars in the 40's's. There isn't any that I know of that I can watch that deals with fixing up and restoring cars that were built in the 30's and back. I attended Rhinebeck a long time ago and not sure what it's like anymore, but seems from the billing, it too has become an event.

Some clubs and groups of 20 years ago have fizzled out due to the changing demographics in some states, one might guess others are thriving- RJ, for example, the Pageant of Steam near Canandaigua. I've only been serious about antique cars the last couple years so not sure if my analysis really caries much weight, just sharing an observation.

Just noticed yesterday that a local auctioneer has a huge collection of Packard parts and a few cars on the block for a 3-day sale.

Dispersal of the Lau collection probably had a similar effect to the Model T parts market, at swap meets or otherwise. By Jim Kelsey on Wednesday, May 11, - I agree with Brass Car Guy, which was part of the post that I wrote. I think that what is attributing to the decline in older cars being ran pre-Model A is a lack of parts, not to mention the difficulty in driving in today's fast-paced traffic. I could be wrong, but if it isn't a Model T, repro parts for pre-Model A cars are not being made, so when something breaks, if a guy isn't a machinist, the car sits.

Not having an A and not having worked on one, all I can go on is Snyder's catalogue. It has 81 pages of Model T parts and pages of Model A parts. Apparently there are a lot of Model A parts being made. By Dennis R on Wednesday, May 11, - But it got to the point where there was next to nothing for Model T's or A's. By Jared Buckert on Wednesday, May 11, - The same reason people complain about Chickasha is the same reason there aren't more swap meets like Chickasha. People complain because most of the parts that come into the swap meet are already spoken for, so going to the swap meet is more of a delivery service.

People sell things online and add "can deliver to Chickasha" to the ad. Because of that business model, a lot of parts you see in the lot before setting up are already sold.

Model T Ford Forum: Swap meets whats the best for early parts

But those guys who already sold something and are just delivering will typically bring other parts to sell. And when they get there they are probably going to buy more parts to haul home. Some people don't even bother going to swap meets because "everything's already sold, so why bother?

You find the parts you "have to have" online, but you go to the swap meets to find the stuff you didn't know you couldn't live without. Most of my best swap meet finds are from the guys who delivered a set of wire wheels and hubs the day the meet started, but threw a box of random parts in the truck because they were going there anyway. The point is, swap meets are like a hobby unto themselves. You can't just show people the finished car and expect them to love the old car hobby. You have to get them excited about all aspects.

If nobody brings new buyers to swap meets, there's no reason for sellers to keep coming. And that's how all the good stuff ends up on eBay. Jared i agree, we been hauling parts to the shows for years. Next put them on ebay well jack up the price and vola SOLD!!!!!!! There is an interest in a Pre-War swap meet in the Pacific Northwest. If you are interested in Vending or Attending make your thoughts known. I think I'd be interested, but the link didn't work, maybe somebody could pass the word, aye.

One thing for sure; if you guys keep up the monthly rants about how all the big swap meets suck and are dying, they will whither and die. As Hitler said, if you tell the lie enough times it will become true. How can you expect new vendors and buyers to show up when you're constantly saying the meets are a waste of time? By Burger in Spokane on Thursday, May 12, - Life sucks, and then you die. Maybe some of these bellyachers need an impossible-to-find-parts-for car like a 58 DeSoto Fireflite convertible or a real problem like what we faced in Afghanistan to adjust their paradigm of what a real problem looks like?

A single piece of rear quarter trim for the aforementioned car, if even possible to find, would likely draw a price higher than what a rough driver-quality Model T would sell for. These, my friends, are what real life problems and challenges look like. What we are seeing in this thread is an embarrassing lack of gratitude for how! These show are turning into junk shows and a waste of time when there is little car parts for sale. I talked to a customer of ours yesterday he was at Iola and he said never again total junk and few vendors selling car parts By Burger in Spokane on Thursday, May 12, - OK, here's the gig Joe Schmo is into pre-war cars and he and few friends decide to promote a special swap meet for those cars After a while, a few guys, friends of others already attending get to thinking they can find buyers for "other items" in the crowd that shows up for the pre-war car stuff.

Slowly it morphs into more "other items" than pre-war car stuff as many of the pre-war car crowd ages out or dies, and with dropping numbers of pre-war-only people, the whole scene shifts to being more like a stroll through a thrift store than a dedicated old car swap meet, let alone an old car swap meet dedicated to pre-war stuff.

We do it to ourselves, by being cheapskates about old parts, which ultimately makes vendors throw up their hands and say "I've got better things to do", and by not promoting pronounced "actively recruiting" young people into the hobby.

Rather, we're seen as "the weird old guy down the street with the old cars", instead of having those same people on the street IN our shops and learning about the fun of being an eccentric weirdo!

As pointed out above, how many of us REALLY make it our mission to reach out and be that accessible, friendly mentor who shares his passion in a real and tangible way??? Just say no to car shows. Those people already know about old cars. Half the world's cars were Fords, so it's no surprise that surviving Ford parts far outnumber those of other makes. As for old timers' complaints that meets aren't as good as they used to be, I think it's true of all of them, not just Chickasha.

The internet is probably the main reason for the decline. But as Hershey demonstrated a few weeks ago, swap meets are still a good source of parts. I always go to Chickasha and I always find something good. Since retiring, I always go to Hershey and I always find something good. I don't get out to California as often, but I've been to Bakersfield and I found good things there too. Chickasha and Bakersfield have the advantage of being prewar meets, so you don't have to spend so much of your time hunting for gold amongst the modern dross.

Bakersfield has the advantage of Basque restaurants for dinner and Dewars for dessert. Maybe I'll skip Hershey next year and check out Chickasha. It would be an easier, one-day each way drive for me vs. By Terry Bond on Sunday, October 29, - No doubt Hershey can be a lot of work, lots of walking and expensive if you are staying in nearby motels, but vendors come from all corners of the country and in my estimation is still king for earlier stuff.

There are vendors who specialize in T parts and piles of brass are around every corner. Since I collect a lot of automobilia in addition to Model T stuff, the selection is unbeatable for me.

Another bonus at Hershey is seeing all the great people and meeting forum guys like Steve in person. For the cars, the stuff, the total experience is something I look forward to every year.

Terry By David Dewey, N. California on Sunday, October 29, - Steve, I am glad to see that you have your priorities set correctly regarding Bakersfield, as demonstrated by your choice of picture to include in your posting! Richard; having never been to those meets back east, I have no comparison, except for the pics I've seen posted, which usually make me drool. For us it's a long drive about 6 hours and an overnight stay at least oneso the expense in going is rather high--oh and at least one Basque meal and of course the Dewar's visit one AT LEAST!

I think it's a great swap. By Dan Hatch on Sunday, October 29, - You should also look into the Luray Pre war meet. It is still a small meet, but the area has not been picked over like OK has. And if you want you can leave Luray on Sat, catch another pre war meet in Pa on Sun. I think Bakersfield is a great swap meet. I always do very well there both buying and selling. If I had to rate them, Hershey, Bakersfield, Chickasha.

By john kuehn on Sunday, October 29, - I like swap meets that you don't have to half walk and run to find a few common T parts. T parts are in abundance. Chickasha is one of best if not the best that's fits in that category. Dennis Byron, Georgia on Sunday, October 29, - I haven't been to Hershey for years but thought with the new pavement they eliminated the "swamp" part of the meet? It previously was held at the Indy infield.

I have not gone in years but it use to be one of the better places in the Midwest for T and older car memorabilia. I've never been to Hershey and don't care to go.

I've never been to Bakersfield, but I hope to one of these years. I go to Chickasha every year and always come back with some goodies.

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That old "Model T crap" is what I'm after. By Eck Sheppard on Sunday, October 29, - Anyone tried the Moltre Ga swap meet? Can anyone here rate the BBC Meet? I read about it every year in the Gazette. It has moved a few times over the years. But I am not sure where it is now, other than in the East.

Even though I have never been to Chickasha or Hershey, I would wonder what it is like by comparison. I do like Bakersfield!