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I conclude this with a story. Walking along a street in Russia during a famine, the great writer Leo Tolstoy met a beggar. Tolstoy searched in his. ENROLL NOW at NDDU IBED ESPINA CAMPUS the remaining slots is waiting for you! WELCOME TO SCHOOL YEAR .. Contestants for being the CHAMPION during the NDEA Elementary Inter Area MEET at Kidapawan City . I have met a lot of Filipinos they are friendly and they work in a nursing home or a hospital, in some many different places where they can be of service and most.

And worst, their gold becomes their god! In their obsession with money, they are endangering their souls. We hope they will realize this soonest. Thus, the poverty situation in our country further worsens while these filthy rich people get deeper in the mire of sinfulness. What a very strong words but I can say, this is true. But the truth is we should not only sharpen our skill for making money, we must also develop, above all, our talent for giving it especially to the needy and the poor one.

As Gavino in his book entitled Further Pricking of Conscience said that from the Bible we derived the manners by which we should gave such as: Give without ostentation or vain or blowing your trumpet; Give willingly or not begrudgingly or under compulsion.

Walking along a street in Russia during a famine, the great writer Leo Tolstoy met a beggar. Tolstoy searched in his pockets to look for something he could give.

Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

But there was none. Josefina Burgos, Prioress-General of the OP Sisters, made a contract to build a library and administration building using permanent materials. The cost would be shared and to be built on the boundary of two properties. This would become the first cement hollow block building in the campus. Marcy, SJ, during the annual retreat of the Brothers.

Herbert Dumont, FMS, was its founder and first dean.

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The school now assumed the name Notre Dame of Marbel College, coeducational except in the high school department. The Sisters retained the fifth and sixth grades. Inthe first elementary graduation has undergone under the care of the Marist Brothers with 26 boys and 15 girls graduated. These pupils started their schooling with the OP Sisters.

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Roy, FMS, was conferred with such title for two consecutive years. The students who enrolled were distributed from 1st to 3rd year.

ndea meet 2014 nddu logo

The 4th year was set to open the following year. The first director was Rev. Hence, his convent became the administration building of the infant school. As the school flourished under the guidance of the Oblate priests, the enrollment swelled so much that the Parish Priest-Director found the job too taxing and pre-judicial to the efficient administration of both the parish and the school. This would relieve them for parish activities and duties. In Julythe Notre Dame of Kidapawan was completely separated into two departments: A one-storey, room hollow block building was constructed on the 4-hectare campus.

The college became co-educational and the first enrollment numbered to Since the BSEED curriculum required a training department for the student teachers, the college got permission from the Bureau of Private Schools to offer a complete elementary course.

ndea meet 2014 nddu logo

A new 8-room, training department building was constructed, complete with office and library facilities. At the same time, a room wing was constructed to the old building to accommodate the growing number of college students. Inthe college received a recognition from the Bureau of Private Schools to offer the complete four-year courses in Education, Commerce, Liberal Arts and Secretarial.

To meet the demands of the growing school population and to avoid interruption of school activities by the unpredictable weather of Kidapawan, a Gymnasium was constructed in the upper level of the campus in September Later inthree new major fields of concentration were offered namely: Economics, and Business Administration. Inthe NDKC administration, aware of the important role played by the school in the community, started a re-direction program in the college.

A new course, Agri-Business, was given permit to open in Sincethe collegiate enrollment has grown gradually. When the new college building 3 stories was first occupied for the use of the students in Junethe enrollment increased significantly and reached the 1, mark.

The preliminary visit was during the first semester of SY after which it was given the go-signal to prepare for the formal visit the following year.