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Johnny Mathis

His first song was "My Blue Heaven". He is one of the relatively few popular singers who received years of professional voice training that included opera. Mathis eulogized him at his funeral inthanking him for giving him his first chance as a singer. He was a high jumper and hurdler, and he played on the basketball team. Inhe enrolled at San Francisco State College on an athletic scholarship, intending to become an English teacher and a physical education teacher.

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After repeated calls, Noga finally persuaded Avakian to come hear Mathis at the Club. After hearing Mathis sing, Avakian sent his record company a telegram stating: Olympic Team that would travel to Melbourne, Australia, that November.

On his father's advice, Mathis opted to embark on a professional singing career. His LP record album was released in late instead of waiting until the first quarter of Mathis's first record albumJohnny Mathis: His second album was produced by Columbia Records vice-president and record producer Mitch Millerwho helped to define the Mathis sound.

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Miller preferred that Mathis sing soft, romantic ballads, pairing him up with conductor and music arranger Ray Conniffand later, Ray EllisGlenn Osserand Robert Mersey. In lateMathis recorded two of his most popular songs: Shortly afterwards, Mathis made his second film appearance for 20th Century Foxsinging the song " A Certain Smile " in the film of that title.

He had small acting roles in both movies as a bar singer. This early visibility in two successful movies gave him mass exposure. Critics called him "the velvet voice". Johnny Mathis in During the summer ofMathis left San Francisco with the Nogas, who sold their interest in the Black Hawk club that year, and moved to Beverly Hills, Californiawhere the Nogas bought a house.

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Mathis lived with the family. InJohnny's Greatest Hits was released. The album spent an unprecedented consecutive weeks through nine and a half years on the Billboard top album charts [9] including three weeks at number one. In OctoberMathis sued Noga to void their management arrangement, which Noga fought with a counterclaim in December Mathis purchased a mansion in Hollywood Hillswhich was originally built by billionaire Howard Hughes inwhere he still maintains a residence.

His new manager and business partner was Ray Haughn, who, until his death in Septemberhelped guide Mathis's career.

Since that time, Mathis has taken sole responsibility for it. While Mathis continued to make music, the ascent of the Beatles and early s album rock kept his adult contemporary recordings out of the pop singles charts, until he experienced a career renaissance in the late s.

Marc S It is quite nice that you can when see the dj on the other channel dropped a hit though. Half the room cheers! I just imagined this in my head.

I've never seen one in person, but I've heard about them. They do seem pretty novelty but i mean I'd try to make it a game to play the most reactive music possible, most [good] drops, maybe some electro with a latin feel [When I play the porter robinson remix of venga, even I can't NOT dance like an idiot], etc etc.

Unless they're handing out pretty decent headphones, it's going to lose the bass feel of a club - but you can still have fun with it. Which is what it's all about, right? If you don't have the headphones on it's bizarre to hear what a club sounds like with no music, the shuffling feet, the squeaky shoes, and everyone looks mental lol.

DJ ATX Its great cause if you want to talk to someone, you actually can have a pretty decent conversation. I think this concept would be great for house parties too. THAT would be awesome!!!!!!!!! I must spread the word in the Americas!!!!!! At least here in TX and also in CA. There was a promotions group here in Dallas, that started one a couple of years ago. They are now doing them monthly all over N. TX and making money. Sween I want to to start a silent mosh pit night for metal clubs.

That would be awesome I'll have to look into the logistics of it - assuming all wireless headphones with a gazillion transmitters - or surely there is a system with one transmitter to go out to all headphones.

Wow so how bad is it when everyone starts singing outloud with earphones in? It's pretty simple to set up, just a transmitter on the master out from the mixer and as many DJs as there are channels. Jason Cerna Couple of bits of advice that might sound obvious, stick to playing big vocal anthems that everyone knows, and maybe remixes of stuff like kings of leon, Chilli's etc