Nice to meet you trailer 2009 toyota

Turning a Little Car Into a Big One

nice to meet you trailer 2009 toyota

Get your used Toyota Camry LE at Younger Toyota. We serve out for me in no time!! You can tell he cares a great deal about his job and customers!. The Ford Expedition is nice, but even better is the Excursion If you have a trailer hitch on your car, or are willing to add one, you can then . Well Skynet can see you license just fine but it's at least half covered by .. So my fourth car is a Toyota Corolla from before their gas mileage plummeted in Research the Toyota RAV4 online at You'll find local deals, specs , images, videos, consumer and expert reviews, features, trims, and articles for.

Speaking of windows, the front windshield is angled at what seems like 90 degrees to the hood; and the roofline stretches way over the front seats making stoplights and other overhead objects difficult to see without leaning forward. Driving the FJ Cruiser is less of a chore than I thought it would be.

Looking at it from the outside I imagined a harsh ride with lots of wind noise, but it had neither. In fact, at times on the highway I glanced down to see I was traveling at 80 mph with ease. No way did I think I was going that fast. The FJ Cruiser largely unchanged from the concept is the exception. The smooth ride was most surprising—compared with the original FJ40, this thing floats like an old Rolls-Royce and, as shown by the inclinometer, pitches like one, too.

Since the FJ obviously places some emphasis on form over function, it does carry a few inherent flaws.

Toyota FJ Cruiser - Toyota Midsize SUV Review - Automobile Magazine

My colleagues have already noted the visibility issues, and the rear view camera helps little, especially when changing lanes. Would I buy one? I actually drove over some grass patches in my apartment complex just to get it out of my system. Some six years since its initial introduction as a concept, the FJ still grabs your attention with its outsized, retro design and cute, yet tough details like the over sized, ribbed subwoofer in the trunk.

Most writers skim over this part. Marcia Frugal Healthy Simple December 8, We love our little Toyota Matrix hatchback. We had a brief period of time with 2 sedans, and when the Saturn gave up the ghost, we knew we needed a hatchback. So we bought the rack for our car and put it in its first use. It was a great place to store our camping gear for the trip. Plenty of space for 2 adults and a 5 year old. One of the things that I have been lusting after is a teardrop trailer to tow behind our cars.

2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Probably will stick to tenting it anyway. Reply J December 8, I saw the first one with a towbar last week and am now wondering about it. Thinking about car-swapping is a very easy way to chew up time!

nice to meet you trailer 2009 toyota

Reply Bakari December 10,3: No spark plugs, no coil, no distributor. And the engine is built stronger to withstand the higher compression ratio so as a side-effect, less stuff breaks. Math Teacher December 8, Chris December 8, Reply Kellen December 8, Reply MrCheapskateGotee December 8, With four people in the vehicle for a trip, I can see the frame of the car dip closer to the top of the back tire.

How do I figure out the total weight that my vehicle can hold without having to beef up the factory suspension? And thank you for another great Mustachian post! This info should also be in the drivers manual, and of course online. Reply Gypsy Geek December 8,1: We just bought a Ford E Diesel van that already has some drawers, couch, and a few other amenities.

Turning a Little Car Into a Big One

We make long trips more than a mile a year, and expect to make more. We only have one car apart from the huge ass van with k miles on it, and I ride my bike everywhere.

Reply Bakari December 8,4: All you need to add are a portable toilet, sink and stove.

nice to meet you trailer 2009 toyota

My first vehicle purchase which was also my first home purchase was intended to be recreational plus emergency insurance against homelessness but I discovered I actually enjoyed staying in it, and it ultimately led to me living fulltime in an RV albeit a bigger one than my first camper van If nothing else, you can recoop some of your purchase price by forgoing the hotel bill at your destination when you vacation.

And I find that when you bike everywhere all the time, it can be kind of nice to have your occasional use vehicle be big enough for the really big stuff. Reply Alex December 8,2: This looks like a really useful and fun project, but I personally doubt my own skill at this point in my life to do this without some sort of general directions.

Bakari December 8,6: