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(I Wanna Hear) A Cheatin' Song Anita Cochran &. Conway (Reach Up For The) Sunrise . Again. Alice In Chains. Janet Jackson. Lenny Kravitz. Mel Torme. Again & Again Brave. Idina Menzel. Brazil. Frank Sinatra. Bread & Butter. Newbeats Ginuwine. Different Drum. Linda Ronstadt. Different Kind Of Pain. Cold. For Phantom Brave: We Meet Again on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What's the difference between this and the PS2. We Gather Together. Kumbaya Happy Days Are Here Again (Woman Voice). Happy Days Are Here What A Difference A Day Makes. My Funny Dick Brave & The Backbeats Ginuwine. Pony Phantom Planet.

Don't insult Leslie around Ben, as seen in the episode "Bowling for Votes". Leslie obsesses over getting one man's vote because he had said in a focus group that he didn't like her. After Leslie tries to befriend him, he insults her and Ben does not hesitate to punch him. I'm not going to apologize. And if people won't vote for me because of that, well, there's nothing I can do about it.

But you should be warned. If you do not vote for me, my boyfriend might beat you up. Leslie's button is pushed during the Pawnee Today interview in the Season 2 opener, "Pawnee Zoo" causing her to behave in a way she most certainly wouldn't have in the first season.

This changes over the course of Season 2, and in Season 3 Andy actively switches to pursuing April. And then they got married on a whim after dating for a month. Mark and Ann meanwhile break up at the end of the second season, with Mark being Put on a Bus for the rest of the show and Ann ultimately ends up with Chris.

Leslie seems to be single-handedly keeping the local waffle house afloat, and has a penchant for whipped cream. She's given them over a hundred thousand dollars in the run of the show. Ron loves meat, and breakfast foods in general: At a restaurant, Ron goes through three porterhouse steaks, then suggests going somewhere for an after-dinner omelette. When Leslie tries to persuade him to come to a dinner party, he haggles her up to five courses and insists on bringing a plate of deviled eggs nobody else is allowed to touch.

At one deli, he decides to order the "Number 8" which is a tray of sliced meat meant for up to a dozen people. It is brought to him on a massive serving platter. Leslie tells the waiter to stick around to watch him eat it in 4 minutes. Wait, wait, I worry what you just heard was, 'Give me a lot of bacon and eggs. His castmates have revealed in interviews that he never uses a spit bucket in eating scenes, consuming vast amounts of food across repeated takes. It's not actually shown, but Ann at one point apparently ate a whole cheesecake for Leslie, remarking to a surprised Ben that it was delicious and she could have downed 10 if she had to.

When she becomes pregnant in Season 6, she combines this with Wacky Cravings. According to a doctor who gave him a physical, Jerry has one of these. The biggest the doctor's ever seen, in fact. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Somehow, the entire population of Eagleton when it comes to Pawnee and its less beautiful people.

Marcia Langman puts on the appearance of a concerned and nice citizen, but is really an uptight and humorless stick in the mud. In Season 7, Gryzzl, a huge multi-billion dollar Internet Company is relocating to town, which offers inexpensive high-speed Internet, makes "Gryzzl Glasses" a wearable camera system, has the motto "Always Be Chill" and data mines the information it gets from people's Internet activity, is obviously a stand-in for Google, a multi-billion dollar company, has the motto "Don't Be Evil," which currently offers inexpensive high-speed Internet in a few markets, offers "Google Glasses", has a company name that starts with "G" and two letters that repeat themselves, and uses the information it gets from searches to target advertising it sells.

Done masterfully between the season finale of the first and second season. Andy gets his casts off his broken legs and ends up getting a cast on his broken arm. Leslie and Mark sit at Lot 48 at night, originally a pit and now the site of a successful children's concert. Mark is originally pessimistic, but now presents Leslie with the blueprints for a new park. The guy who asks Leslie and the gang to fix a swing at the park in the series finale also played the drunk that Leslie chased out of a slide in the park in the first episode.

Played by an actor named Jon Daly. Word Of God is that the character cleaned up and changed his life for the better. Ron actually posts a game by using Tom's childish and embarrassing double handed split legged style, but refuses to acknowledge the acclaim.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Characters frequently acknowledge that they're being observed, glancing at the camera and performing Talking Heads interviews. A marijuana plant is found in a community garden in "The Stakeout.

Ron Swanson's second life as jazz saxophonist Duke Silver is occasionally brought back up in later episodes, such as "Eagleton" in which his birthday party is being booked: Do they come in different sizes? I'm gonna need about forty dozen of those. Also, what about your neon gangster fedora hats?

In "Dave Returns", Andy brings the gang to a music studio to record Leslie's campaign jingle. Ron is horrified to realize that it's the same studio where he records as Duke Silver, and spends his time there frantically hiding all the Duke Silver posters and coffee mugs scattered around. In "94 Meetings", Andy handles a meeting with a woman from Pawnee's ultimate frisbee league.

After learning that the town has its own league, he insists upon joining her team, and specifically asks if the team's name is "The Lightning". It can be assumed they each named their respective teams, as the scoreboard reads "Swansons" and "Lightning". In Season 4, Leslie openly mocks the proprietor of "Sue's Salads," noting that Pawnee hates healthy foods and won't tolerate it.

In Season 5, she notes that Sue's Salads has been run out of town. In season 6 when Tom was looking for a new business to run Ben suggested a dry cleaning chemical holding company, which Tom rejects as too dull. At the end of the season Dr. Saperstein mentions off-hand that he had gone into the same business and made a killing. In season 7 episode "Leslie and Ron," Ron tries using the partially dismantled landmine that's been sitting on his desk forever to blow a door down.

When he activates it, confetti and balloons come out. Leslie had given it to him ten years earlier as a congratulatory gift, and this sends her laughing. Subverted with Lord Covington in the season-six premiere "London": Lord Covington, I'm Ben Wyatt. This is Andy Dwyer, and it is an honor to meet you, sir. Well, it's nice to meet you too. No, no, no, I'm kidding! Please call me "Eddie". And for the rest of the episode, Lord Covington is an Idle Rich Manchild who bonds with Andy over toy helicopters and such.

Leslie, you didn't tell me she was so beautiful! Not as beautiful as my sister, but Mona Lisa, who responds with excitement when she thinks she's about to have a four-way that includes her brother.

Ann and Chris come to visit in "One Last Ride". The long-suffering Jerry, who is a loser at everything and mocked by everyone in the office, even the nice people. It's often contrasted by the great many things he has going for him: Plus he became mayor of Pawnee and lived to the ripe old age of Kyle Andy's frequent shoeshine customer is even lower on the food chain. Tellingly, even Jerry rudely puts him down.

In "Ron and Jammy", Leslie describes Tammy 2 as "a demonic sociopath The MRI technician comments "if you wanted you could go triplets right off the bat". Guess how many kids she and Ben have four seasons and one pregnancy later? Season 5 finale "Are You Better Off? Ron's post-sex red polo comes back a couple of times later. An extremely subtle one: At one point Ann mentions offhand she's from Michigan, and in a later episodes says she's left a dozen eggs in a "Kroger's.

Kroger, Meijer, Ford is a very Southeast Michigan i. Detroit area thing; series co-creator Michael Schur was born in Ann Arbor and his parents are Michiganders. Tom rejects the idea of starting a dry-cleaning chemical business as being way too boring. Saperstein off-handedly mentions that he's invested in a dry-cleaning chemical suppy company that's doing very well.

The Cones of Dunshire, though it's clearly meant to be incredibly difficult to understand in-universe as well. There's one "player" whose entire job is to keep track of what's going on. Vice president Joe Biden appears in "Leslie vs. Perd Hapley is some sort of superevolved mutant form of this trope. Tom, first and foremost, but then there's his friend Jean-Ralphio who's even worse.

Implied to be the case with the Miss Pawnee winner, Jessica Wicks. One elderly male judge states offhand that he "made her," cueing a sickened expression from Wicks. The "garbage fight" Leslie gets in with Lindsay in "Eagleton".

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I am so turned on right now. Leslie's crush on Joe Biden is a bit of a Running Gag ; Ben calls in favors to get her a meeting with him as an engagement present. Leslie started off with some unpleasant Michael Scott-ish aspects to her character, but she has developed into a hypercompetent Pollyanna Determinator. On another note, she starts off the series as something of an apathetic Professional Slackerbut becomes involved in her work more and more, and also becomes more ambitious and caring towards her coworkers.

Ron initially starts as The Snark Knightbut gradually shows an occasional soft side for his staff and Li'l Sebastian the miniature horse. Ben at first just saw Pawnee as simply another town that needed fixing, but eventually fell in love with it. His cynical personality also mellows out more as he lets go of his past failures and becomes more confident with himself. Andy initially was a lazy Jerkass who exploited poor Ann up to and including delaying getting his leg cast removed for two weeks just to keep her waiting on himbut later he became a lovable ditz.

Getting together with April also helps him to become more responsible and a better, more supportive boyfriend and later, husband. Tom started off as a lazy employee who tried to look cool all the time, but over the years he changed into a competent businessman who learned how to use his knowledge of coolness effectively to help the town. In the first season, the characterizations were still in their early stages of development. Leslie is much less self-confident and less competent, and it's implied that she only got her job through nepotism.

Tom is more of a jerk, and his only defining trait is being a Casanova Wannabe. His obsession with style and luxury is only introduced in the first episode of the second season. April is also shown smiling more often, despite being more of an Emotionless Girl later on.

Donna and Jerry are only background characters with almost no lines and no characterization. Ron actually wears suits and was even seen holding a seemingly modern looking phone, despite being a little behind on the times technology-wise in later seasons to the point of getting an old fashioned flip phone at one point. Andy is more of a Jerkasstaking advantage of Ann's hospitality, rather than the lovable ditz he is later on.

Chris's first scene characterizes him as permissive and irresponsible, agreeing to all of the department's unrealistic requests and pushing the responsibility of denying them to Ben. Later episodes give him impeccable honesty and office ethics. The fact that Tom is married to Wendy but still flirts with every woman in sight. It's gradually revealed to be a sexless Citizenship Marriage in which he's secretly in love with her, but Wendy's just in it for the green card. One stretching back to season 2.

During an MRI scan, Leslie's date comments approvingly on her womb: Then comes back again in a bigger way when the folks at Gryzzl inexplicably have a set of their own and Ben uses his mastery of the game to win free wi-fi for Pawnee. Turns out the accountants saw the game's potential and licensed it in Ben's name. On a smaller scale in "Meet 'n' Greet", at the beginning of the episode, Andy pretends to have forgotten to buy fake blood capsules when preparing for a Halloween party, only to have concealed one in his mouth.

Then near the end of the episode, Ben elbows Andy in the face, releasing the fake blood. Of course, this is a Bait-and-Switch gag because Ben actually did break his nose.

Leslie's proposal to clean up the Pawnee river becomes this when, two years later, a member of the National Parks Service, Grant Larson, shows up in Pawnee to offer Leslie a job after reading it. Ash and Marona finally battle it out with Sulphur, but in spite of the duo's best efforts, Sulphur is merely weakened and is still attempting to enter into Ivoire.

At that point Walnut appears and says farewell to Castile, sacrificing his own life to sever the portal between Ivoire and Sulphur's domain and effectively save the world. Gameplay[ edit ] Phantom Brave is a tactical role-playing game with battles that take place on an isometric board. Marona dispatches her phantom allies by confining them to objects on the field, such as trees, grass, rocks, and flowers. Different objects grant different stat bonuses to the characters that are confined to them, making it advantageous to confine certain characters to certain things.

A soldier, for example, often benefits from the stat bonuses found on a rock because of his physical combat abilities, whereas a witch works better when summoned out of a flower or another object that increases its magical abilities. Up to 14 phantoms can be dispatched during any given battle, but the phantoms can only be confined to the physical world for a particular number of turns. The number of turns that a character can stay confined is based upon their class.

For example, a witch can stay on the field for three turns, while a soldier lasts eight. While a high confine is desirable for continuous use of the character, a low confine number is actually advantageous if the player intends to either reuse the item to confine another phantom or take items back from the battlefield permanently, or for bomber units. Depending on their class, each phantom has a certain chance of acquiring the item he is confined to, bringing it back to Phantom Isle when the battle is won.

A typical battle sequence; Ash is attempting to attack an Amazon with the "Subtle" title. Phantom Brave has a gridless system in which each character can move a certain number of dm in each turn.

The terrain also has traction and pliability characteristics, which affect how long characters continue to slide along after they stop moving and how high they bounce when the character jumps down from a ledge. On slippery surfaces, it is possible to make the characters "ice skate" by moving very short distances consuming few dm and letting them slide to their destination. In addition, the hold and throw system inherited from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness allows characters to pick up and throw objects and even other characters including allies toward a desired location.

Unlike most tactical role-playing games, the border of the battle maps do not have barriers around their edges. Most characters and objects can be thrown off, hit off, fall off, or slip off of the field of battle and sent O. Characters and objects that are O. When an enemy is O. B'd, the level of each of the remaining enemies rises by one, so the player can trade a large force of weak enemies for a smaller number of stronger ones.

If the enemy's HP is reduced to zero before it is thrown out of the stage, its allies will not be granted a level up. The last enemy on the map cannot be thrown O. All characters and weapons accumulate "mana" a magical currency for increasing a character or weapon's abilities whenever they kill an enemy.

This mana can be spent to fuse two characters together, an item into a character, or an item to an item. Fusion increases the level cap of the beneficiary by the level of the consumed item or character. By spending mana, the player can improve equipment percentages stat bonuses given to characters who equip the item or character and confine percentages bonuses to characters confined in the item on the fieldand even transfer skills to the beneficiary.

In Phantom Brave, weapons have a much greater effect on a character's stats than their natural affinity. The maximum obtainable character level is While on Phantom Isle, a character class called Dungeon Monk can be asked to create a random dungeon. Some characteristics of the dungeon can be seen before creation, including the type and general number of enemies present, the floor conditions, and if the use of equipped weapons is restricted or not.

Dungeons also have titles, which are applied to every enemy in the dungeon. As the floors of the dungeon are cleared, the title of the dungeon will improve. These titles can later be removed and placed on player characters or weapons to alter their stats. Random dungeons can also be retitled. A popular leveling trick is to give a random dungeon the "failure" title, allowing the player to beat hordes of high level enemies easily.

Random dungeons tend to take the form of a linear series of floors, although occasionally a floor may have a special named layout for example, "Self-Styled God" floors have a stronger enemy in the center of a terraced layout. These floors occur randomly and confer an extra bonus upon completion. Unlike in Disgaea, where to descend to the next floor one may merely move a character to a certain panel, in Phantom Brave one must defeat all the enemies present to continue. To leave a random dungeon, one must either clear every floor, or use a Dungeon Monk's Return skill, which costs money proportional to the current depth.

While between battles, Marona can return to her home; Phantom Island, where she can summon create new phantoms to aid her in future battles. The player starts off by being able to create characters from a limited selection of classes, but each class of enemy that is defeated in battle is added to the selection of phantoms the player may summon. Summoning phantoms requires only a nominal fee, but new phantoms always join at level 1 no matter when they are summoned. Marona's phantoms populate the island, and the player can converse with them.

Many classes have a special utility on the island; Merchants sell items, Healers can recover the damage that units have sustained Fusionists can combine characters and items, Witches allow the player to reorder a character or weapon's spells and skills, and Blacksmiths combine mana with weapons to either level them up or to awaken latent skills hidden in the weapon.

Phantom Isle hides several secret items and character classes, such as the Changebook, which allows the player to switch the character they explore the map with. Phantom Brave has a series of extra maps following the main storyline. These post-game maps offer more powerful enemies and feature cameos by some members of the cast of the Disgaea games as enemies. After defeating these characters they will join the player's pool of playable characters as "phantom doubles".

While the first couple of extra maps can be completed immediately after the main story, the later extra maps are very difficult and require a large amount of time invested into the game to be spent leveling characters and fusing weapons before they can be completed. Kaori Mizuhashi Japanese ; Sandy Fox English The heroine of the game, Marona is a year-old girl who has the ability to see and communicate with phantoms, a set of abilities collectively known in-game as "Chartreuse". This power enables her to make a living as a Chroma, a kind of adventurer-for-hire, despite being at such a young age, but it also makes her feared and shunned by other people, many thinking that she is possessed.

She lost her parents when she was five, but Ash, a friend of her parents and a former Chroma-turned-phantom, came back to protect Marona after the demise of her parents and himself. When he was alive he worked alongside Marona's parents as a Chroma. After dying along with them, he found himself stuck between life and death, thanks to the efforts of Marona's father. He has since sworn to watch over and protect Marona, feeling that he owes Marona's parents for being the only one to "survive" their unfortunate demise.

He is usually careful and well-intentioned, if overprotective of Marona, but is sometimes known to frighten the unwary when he accidentally speaks aloud while concealed in his phantom form. He frequently objects to Marona's selfless behavior. Bijou A werewolf who impersonates Raphael of the White Wolf Army in order to steal from people who have heard of Raphael's renowned fighting prowess.

He later returns in the Sand region under the influence of Sulphur, which fuels his impersonation into a belief that he really is Raphael. After he is defeated again, he is shown to be a member of the Raven clan, the Fighting Beasts, under Captain Drab. Bijou, along with many other characters that show up in the original game's story, is a playable unit in the Wii and PSP exclusive side story "Another Marona".

Kousuke Toriumi A Chroma Oxide, a person that makes a living by waiting for a Chroma to near the completion of their assigned job and then takes proof of the work's completion in order to steal the reward. Willing to do anything and step on anyone to achieve his goals, Walnut is the older brother of Marona's newfound friend Castile, and puts aside his Chroma Oxide earnings to pay for an operation for her.