Photos cf 104 tiger meet

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photos cf 104 tiger meet

Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "cf" Flickr tag. The distinctive yellow and black stripes recreate the squadron's entry in a NATO “Tiger Meet”. Silver Tiger Trophy; Silver Tiger Trophy; Silver replacement for the CF, as well as the McDonnell CF NTA Members - Flying Participants. Unit, Aircraft. 79 TFS (USAF), FE Aardvark (4x). EC 1/12 (FAF), Mirage F.1 (2x). 31 smd (BAF), FG Starfighter ( 2x).

Aircraft seen during the TigerMeet on 6, 7 and 8 August were: Aircraft seen during the meet included: Aircraft seen during the TigerMeet were: The Canadians had painted CF in Tiger colors to replace Sadly this aircraft was lost on the 16th June during the event after it collided with a photo chase aircraft.

photos cf 104 tiger meet

CF, and CFD An open house was organised on 29 June. An open house was held at Leck on 7 September. It was damaged but could land and was repaired lateron.

photos cf 104 tiger meet

CF 31 Smaldeel: Canadian Armed Forces Lt. Col Peter deSmedt won the Bronze Tiger award.

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The squadron won the Tiger trophee this meet. They held an open house on 23 June. During the open house at Schlesswig Jagel on 22 and 23 July this FX52 was one of the highlights on the static show. CF, Patch thanks to Eddie Duggan. The Canadians brought a Tiger striped CF On 23 June an open house was held and Squadron won the Tiger Trophee.

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It has also been reported that the Hellenic Air Force Mira participated and that their aircraft were parked in shelter, so not seen during the open house.

It looks like FX93 was participating as well since it was seen 1 month later with lots of tiger badges and a white radome. We would not be amazed if this Starfighter encountered problems birdstrike or other damage with its radome and got a replacement radome from the Italians. Who knows more about this?

Canadian "Tiger Meet" CF-104

Aircraft seen during the meet on 14 June include: Also a third photo showing the Greek FG with the three Belgium participants. Aircraft were seen during the openhouse on 13 June.

photos cf 104 tiger meet

Sam Firth is quoted on page 93 in Bashow's book "I have never heard a single person who flew, maintained, controlled, or guarded that aircraft of any force and that includes the Luftwaffe call it the Widowmaker". Low level evasive maneuvers could increase speeds to supersonic. Dave Jurkowski, former CF and CF pilot is quoted "Because of our speed, size and lower level operations, no Canadian Zipper driver was ever 'shot down' by either air or ground threats in the three Red Flag Exercises in which we participated.

photos cf 104 tiger meet

Scores were based on several factors. Bomb accuracy, time on target, navigation, mission planning and aircraft serviceability. Pilots were chosen at random from the various squadrons to accurately represent operational capabilities.

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Second Best Team [19] Canadians were 1st in strike event. The meet was renamed the Tactical Air Meet the scoring was marred by squabbles and announced a tie. The Canadians did "well" [23] onward: The Canadians first took part in and managed the following awards: First and Second place[19] Silver Tiger Trophy [25]