Pokemon does ash ever meet richie again

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pokemon does ash ever meet richie again

He just disappeared at some point and never showed up again. The same goes for every character Ash meets. They eventually disappear. , PM. Mwar, I don't believe in gay Ash. Maybe some of the writers do, but I don't. That's why Ash likes Ritchie the first time he met. .. posavski-obzor.info you'd never now.i hope Ash will meet Richie some day again in hoenn . Ash babies his Lavitar more than any other Pokemon he has ever had. Soon after, Ash met up with Ritchie, who was surprised how people had to hand Ritchie thanked Ash for rescuing the Pokémon, who reminded they did this.

I don't think that counts as sexual contact. I really don't know what to say about Every body who's ever had a friend should know that friends always try to outdo each other. It's got nothing ot do with being attracted to them.

did ash ever fight richie again after the indigo league

Ash was upset when he found out he had to battle Misty in the Hwirl Islands. No not so much because there was always a rivaly there. Espessually since the unfinished gym match. The reason he was so upset was because he had to fight his best freind.

You'd be unhappiy to if there was a tornament of some kind and you were matched up against your best friend.

For 18 and Of course Richie would be upset that Ash took the loss hard. It wasn't fair because Charizard didn't battle. Besides they're friends so even though one wins the other would still feel sorry for them.

pokemon does ash ever meet richie again

It's like your two best friends getting in a fight. Who would you cheer for? In the locker rooms he wished him good luck. Oh and Misty and Brock were there just to clear that up. And of course Richie is upset he just doesn't take it as hard as Ash did. It would be the tension of the upcoming match. Ash is always nervous before a big battle. And as others have said Ash and Richie are basically clones.

As far as I can see the sunsets mean two things. One is romance and the other is sadness.

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I believe this one was sadness. Ok well that's just weird. I can't see how starts have anything to do with it but if it means anything it's probably foreshadowing.

Alot of people invite their friends over for dinner. It's not a date. It sound like a love ballad to me. Well this is obvious. One he made a promise to his best friend. Two, he battled his way through Kanto to get to the Indigo League. He knows theres a time limit. He's not just goin to sit back and relaxe while he's disquilified.

So if Ahs and Richie meet up in the Whirl Islands. It wasn't unexpected that they'd see each other again. Adn rememebr what I said about foreshadowing. Plus I don't remember coy glances but I could have just forgotten. That just doesn't make sense. And as for when they change into scuba gear.

No comment is needed. Really it seems like a fantasy to me but that's just an opinion like everything else I've said. Of course Ash is conserned when he wakes to find his best friend unconsous next to him. The goodbye scene didn't seem romantic to me.

Ash babies Lavitar because that's just how he acts. Plus Ash is the only one Larvitar trusts in the least. I haven't seen that episode so I can't say anytihng about it. But I will say that it's not unusual for Richie o want to see Ash again. I have friends who have moved and it would be great to see them again.

Uh Richie played match maker because Celebi wanted him to. He probably didn't know anything about Misty and Ash liking each other. Plus if he went around trying to play match maker I doubt he'd have become such good friends with Ash. Istead he would be more like Brock except for the constant girl chasing.

May's a mtach maker too but she didn't try to get Ash and Misty to fall in love in the episode when Misty returns. I'm not sure which episode your talking about but he just mentioned that becasue Silver reminded him of Ash. There are people who remind you of other people. It's actually not that uncommon. Well all of this is just my opinion so you don't have to pay attention to any of it. Arigeitsu April 22nd,4: Those are speculations, and nothing but.

Everyone interprets it differently. Hey at least one got through. AngelMina April 25th,6: Richie and Ash are best buds! But ash is not gay not trying to be mean, trying to help you cause ur going to make this a big thing especially with all the may and ash and misty ash lovers Elite Trainer Raven April 26th, Can people not like eachother and strive to be better than the other without others assuming they're gay for it? He's trying to sign up and would rather catch the elevator before it goes up without him.

Ever hear of that?

pokemon does ash ever meet richie again

Guys CAN be friends, yanno. You're looking WAY too into it. They were better off getting some rest and eating something rather than wear themselves out, searching for them in the dark. That's what being a rival's all about. If you decide to do something, and someone tries to cut in on your act, of course you're going to fight to have that so no one else can.

He and Hiroshi share the same dream. He didn't want to have to battle someone who was exactly like him and probably tear that dream from him. It was the first time he'd ever had any kind of major battle with a friend, especially someone who's like him.

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Nothing lovey dovey about that. They didn't want to hold back on eachother. Neither one wanted to battle badly in fear of making the other lose. How is that "cute? Hiroshi told him it was something important involving Pikachu. Satoshi HAD to go. She stomped on his foot because Satoshi was missing the next day when "Hiroshi" had called him up the night before to meet up with him.

It's called "demanding to know where someone is. Because he's a nice guy. He and Satoshi made a promise to battle at their best and didn't want to just win so easily. God forbid friends give eachother a peptalk. Satoshi was being a crybaby over it. Hiroshi was clearly more mature about his own loss. Yes, promising to become better and a stronger trainer really is romantic.

Obviously you haven't any idea what the hell you're talking about. Tension doesn't only refer to sex, you nitwit. Suprise suprise, stars twinkle. Ever hear of that ol' nursery rhyme?

Would you pass one up? Clearly you don't understand the concept of love. Yes because we all know Satoshi would rather lose his chance at getting to his match if only Hiroshi weren't there.

pokemon does ash ever meet richie again

It's called "bringing back a character so they don't end up being just an ordinary one time only character. Lugia had absolutely nothing to do with it. Oh yes, because we all know they have plenty of time to fondle eachother. Because he knows the other two can manage themselves.

pokemon does ash ever meet richie again

He's been with them longer than he has with Hiroshi. Saying goodbye to a friend is not romantic. It's because it's a BABY, you twit. It didn't like the outside world and would only trust Satoshi. God forbid Hiroshi goes to a well known Professor's lab on his own intentions. Can friends not meet up with eachother after not having seen eachother in a long time?

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He has no reasons to bother with it. Silver's personality reminded him of Satoshi. How is that "seeing him everywhere? You need to just. Longest post I've seen from you, Elite Trainer Raven.

But do you really have to shoot down somebody's post that much? That just seems harsh. Of course, I'll have to wait and see the next series to say otherwise. Even then, I'll still believe in it!

He was smug, repeatedly referred to Ash as a loser, and tried to humiliate him the best he could. It would be cool for the friends to reunite and talk about all they've learned after so long.

Richie Richie was a good friend of Ash's back when Ash was participating in his first pokemon league. Richie had a pikachu named Sparky that aside from having frizzy hair on his head wasn't much different from Ash's Pikachu. Richie and Ash later said farewell when Richie eventually lost in the league.

AJ owns a small but extremely strong Sandshrew. He also owns his own gym but it isn't official. On his th victory he plans to start charging gym badges for battles. I'm sure Ash would win this time, but I'm also sure AJ would be a pretty tough opponent. They went to the room where the child Lugia was but were stopped by Dr.

Ritchie and Ash battled him on with their Pikachu. Ritchie was able to destroy the controller of the rage machine that was causing his Electabuzz to get stronger with his Sparky and defeat Dr. With both Lugia reunited, Ritchie remained on the island with Oliver, to continue exploring the Whirl Islandswhile Ash and his friends departed to Olivine City. They found him in an abandoned warehouse with the help of Ritchie's TaillowRose. Professor Oak was grateful and even asked Ritchie to come back to Pallet Town to help install a security system in his lab.

In Celebi and Joy! Ritchie arrived in a forest where he saved a young Nurse Joy from falling off a cliff. He and Nurse Joy then arrived in the Marion Town of the past.

Ritchie discovered the same Celebi from before. He also met Nick and his father.

pokemon does ash ever meet richie again

When Nurse Joy went missing, Ritchie went with Nick to find her. Ritchie found Nurse Joy by the Celebi shrine lying down unconscious. When the shrine was on fire, Celebi appeared and protected Ritchie, Nick, and Nurse Joy from the fire. The next day, Ritchie went after Nick and his father on Nurse Joy's Ponyta which was the day that a rock slide would have killed them.