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portal 2 wheatley unused lines meet

Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle-platform video game developed by Valve Corporation. It was . Players can use orange Propulsion Gel to cross surfaces more quickly, blue Repulsion Gel to .. The writers wrote Wheatley's lines with Merchant in mind, citing his unique "vocal "Valve Cut Portal 2 Competitive Multiplayer". Oh - and ofcourse if you've not played Portal 2 - it'd be best if you didn't read any of this! Here are the unused Cave Johnson Lines: . Anyway, if you meet him in the next test, don&#;t kill him. I know, I . [U]Glados during Act 2 testing. Nov 24, This is a complete list of Wheatley's voice lines from Portal 2. Additionally, a large 7 Unused lines/alternate delivery. Chapter 1: The . "Your destination's probably not going to come meet us here. Is it? So go on.".

Cooperative puzzle-solving was just a much more rewarding path. It was also noticed that wheatley says something different in comparison to the final, same context, just different wording. From Shacknews we can read some more beta differences: Here, the player is waking up in a gorgeous environment designed to look like paradise—but it quickly falls apart in The Truman Show-fashion, revealing that the player has been trapped in a relaxation chamber for an unknown period of time. Pop a portal over there.

You did find a portal gun! Aw, you know what? It just goes to show: At the end of the day. Okay, listen, let me lay something on you here. The characters name is MEL as seen to the right of this paragraph. The player can only control the human test subject, Chell, in the single player campaign. Source of the image and info: You can view the unused dialog in the video below: You can video the below: As pointed out by: The vent would suck objects up into tubes.

The diversity tubes were cut from the game. I don't even HAVE a lawyer. Oh, I gotta go. I'll see you soon. Fizzing the cube Oh. Did I accidentally fizzle that before you could complete the test?

Portal 2 (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)/Unused Lines

Go ahead and grab another one so that it won't also fizzle and you won't look stupid again. I fizzled that one too. We have warehouses FULL of the things. I'm happy to get rid of them.

This time I promise you'll look incrementally less stupid than the previous two times in which you looked incredibly stupid. Don't listen to him: Run back the other way! I'll turn the bridges back on! What are you two doing?

Portal 2 (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)/Unused Lines - The Cutting Room Floor

Get to the catwalk behind me, and we'll go shut her down for good. It seems kind of silly to point this out, since you're running around plotting to destroy me. But I think we're done testing. That's the sound of the neurotoxin emitters emitting neurotoxin.

Stay casual when I tell you this: I think I smell neurotoxin. Look - I CAN hear you. Oh, don't need to do that anymore. The jig is up, RUN! I'm huge, you're trapped and she's a potato!

portal 2 wheatley unused lines meet

Now who's a moron? You're still a moron. If you weren't such a moron, you'd know who. To be honest, they think I'm spoiling the results just by talking to you. Hizenstein Uncertainty Principles and so forth. Caroline, Do we have a wing made out of glass yet? Let's get on that, Caroline. Hold on, lemme check what test this is for… [pages flipping] Uh huh.

Should I even bother making a message? Yes, I know how to turn it off. No, I don't want to turn it off Alright, I feel like turning it off now. Too much jawing, not enough testing. Out the front door. Caroline, follow him out.

portal 2 wheatley unused lines meet

You made it through. We're going to take your picture, so stand there and smile. Unless you were part of the Plaque Removing Deuterium Fluoride Laser test, in which case you might want to do us all a favor and keep your mouth closed until the bleeding stops. As founder and CEO of Aperture Science, I thank you for your participation and hope we can count on you for another round of tests.

portal 2 wheatley unused lines meet

So if you never liked your father, why not come on back and try being him? She is a gem. Did we find any of these test subjects living under rocks? Please help yourselves to the art on the wall. In fact, I take that back.

Caroline, is the art nailed to the walls? Put more nails in it. I want you to do it so it gets done right. I know I said you could loiter for up to twenty minutes.

That was a possibility, not a suggestion. You can move along any time. Wait, I know-- So, you might be wondering: Human test subjects get better scientific results than animals. For one, your tramps, lunatics, foundlings, what-have-you, can bring problem-solving ability to test environments with a facility that shames lower ruminants.

Portal 2: Cut Content - GLaDOS Unused Lines 【High Quality】

For another, you have thumbs. Damn good science, too. In case you're interested, there're still some positions available for that bonus opportunity I mentioned earlier.

We're not banging rocks together here. We know how to put a man back together. We'll take out any diseases we find in there, too, and replace all the organs that aren't tip top.

So that's a complete reassembly. Spit-shine on the old ones. Plus we're scooping out tumors. Frankly, you oughtta be paying us.

Portal 2 [Beta & Unused Content] - Unseen64

Anyway, volunteers should line up outside Enrichment Sphere Archimedes Bravo. Please only touch items you plan on purchasing. Thanks to the IRS and our patent-stealing competitors, there are parking meters in Duluth that earn more money than we do lately. Caroline, put some extra security in the gift shop to make sure no one decides to take a nap in the t-shirt displays.

Engineers said the moon rocks were too volatile to experiment on. Ground up moon rocks are pure poison. I am deathly ill. Look at Marie Curie. Won two Nobel prizes. Dumb as a bag of hammers. Thought the light radiation gave off was pretty, walked around with it in bottles. Buried her with a smile on her face.

Let me tell you about a fella. Lived thousands of years ago. Only wanted folks to be a little nicer to each other. And in the end, he sacrificed himself to save us all. So I have the engineers figuring that out now.

We should have been working on it thirty years ago. But you make her. Hell, put her in my computer. You can head on back to your desk. General chatter s - s Once upon a time there was a scorpion and a frog. But the point stands that you need to put some muscle back into your hustle, son. You might have noticed some safety warnings on the walls.

Like telling a paradox to a robot — makes their heads explode. That last test may have made your skeleton magnetic. Just a quick heads-up.

Portal 2 [Beta & Unused Content]

The gel in this next test is probably going to make all of your skin solar-powered. So if you were worried about your waistline, get this: This next test involves molecular dynamics. Side effect might be that everything you eat from now on tastes like urine, though. Honestly, cartilage is like adenoids, or a second kidney.

portal 2 wheatley unused lines meet

Ever wondered what a parallel universe you might be like? Every parallel universe ever. I know, I know. Just give us a holler if everything starts looking flat. Give us a wave if we nailed it. How close is that? I recorded a message for every word in the English language. The bacteria inside fudge. Nothing to be concerned about.

This next test might sunburn your eyes a little. Bonus test within a test in this next test: You can keep the photon, too.

portal 2 wheatley unused lines meet

Copper, lead, silicon, cobalt, magnesium, carbon, oxygen. Honestly, what the hell has cobalt ever done for you? With your help, we might eradicate heart and lung disease with this next test. Footnote to the disclosure: Alright, this next test, I had to fight really hard for. None of the eggheads thought it was safe enough. You, stand next to him. You with the big head, over there.