Portsmouth north sea easter meet results track

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portsmouth north sea easter meet results track

Please note that Results obtained from Meets licensed at Level 3 or 4 do not qualify for entry Portsmouth Northsea SC Easter Swimming Festival City of Birmingham 17th Easter Open Meet Level 2 . Forest & Track. It began when a group of swimmers met in the 'Northsea Arms' at Stamshaw and The name was then altered to PORTSMOUTH NORTHSEA SWIMMING the Easter Swim Festival as the premier event for age group swimming in the country. track The Mountbatten Centre is a leisure centre in Portsmouth, England. This was a joint meeting organised by Inner Wheel President Julie Hipkin at Guiseley Methodist Church. There was an unexpected late change of plan as the .

A welcoming party greeted Pat Langford and Kate Seal, the Doncaster Duo who this year ticked off 23 previously untasted beers and added 3 new breweries to their computer listings. Having taken away 2 XL Aireborough Beer festival shirts last year they will be rewarded in with shirts that fit. Popularly received festival food was produced by a hard-working team from Rawdon Parish Church whilst music was supplied each night by a number of local performers.

On Friday night the audience enjoyed the sweet and powerful music of Peculiar Blue, the jazz-blues tunes of Christy Herron Trio and Fleetwood Tracs a Fleetwood Mac tribute act making their first ever live performance. Saturday saw a wide range of sets from the acoustic Motown sound of Cornell Daley, rock cover band Easily Distracted, the melodic indie folk sound of Boo Sutcliffe with the final stunning performance of the festival supplied by the Blind Dead McJones with energy, humour and consummate musical skills.

All the performers were warmly appreciated by the audiences. The festival, in its second year, is run jointly by Rawdon St Peter's Parish Church, Guiseley Theatre and Aireborough Rotary with the profits being split equally between the 3 organisations. Organisers are now having a well earned few weeks rest before starting to look at arrangements for next year's festival which will be held on 13th,14th and 15th June. As usual several groups went their separate ways choosing their favourite rides before coming together for a picnic lunch.

There were rides to suit all ages and their varying levels of bravery or bravado. High winds stopped the Black Pearl from running at full capacity. As his travelling companion on the Ultimate John Knaggs rode with a continental Health and Safety expert who had come through the Channel Tunnel and driven up from to make sure that all rides were functioning admirably.

Just hope John gave him a full report on getting back to earth! On the way out the team picked up Lucky Bags for all the contingent prepared by Inner Wheel. This is obviously a highlight of the year for a lot of the pupils who talk about it lengthily both before and after - so long may it continue! Greetings from other Clubs were too numerous to mention though some polite conversations did ensue.

Bill was very good at organising stuff and as you can imagine it was just what I wanted and very enjoyable for all. He was a good friend and I liked him. We started within a few months of each other at the Rotary Club and when I retired I tried to sit with Bill at lunch so we could catch up with things. He decided to fill the space when my President Elect decided not to take on the job.

Bill yet again saved the day. He really enjoyed his year as President and he and Maggie worked hard to set up the Easter Egg Hunt, again encouraging others to follow suit. I remember going to the R. Others were not as happy as they hoped they might win it. Now was this the start of the cruising? He and Maggie enjoyed it so much they booked two more and got one free.

portsmouth north sea easter meet results track

Bill used to tell me how much fun it was meeting lots of different people and how much they found it interesting on board ship. One day after a cruise he mentioned something about being an Ambassador on board the cruise ship, and then told me all about it.

I said that sounds like your kind of job. He loved talking to people and making new friends. The downside he said was they would be away an awful lot cruising the world. He did pop into the Club meetings when he could and it was always a great pleasure to see him again with that firm handshake and hearty laugh.

I was sad when Bill told me he and Maggie were selling up and moving near Downham Market but glad he felt it was the right move for them.

Then last year Bill rang to tell me about his diagnosis while on their world cruise. I was devastated for them both but Bill as always was positive and strong. So we arranged for them both to come round and tell us how things were going. It was in the early stages but I could see Bill was different. He was still that man I had met in but the spark was gone.

He still had the firm handshake though, which we called the Rotary handshake. We called to see Bill and Maggie last year while on holiday in and saw the new house they were making their home again. We kept in touch by email and phone until Bill rang me a few weeks ago to say the hospital had given him the all clear to eat and drink a pint of beer again.

He had just been in the garden and done other jobs around the house. I could sense the joy in his voice that things were on the up. So Bill, I hope you have your golf clubs with you on your next journey as I am sure you will get to play a round wherever you are.

Horizon Zero Dawn Documentary - Noclip

We shall all miss you Bill. There is no point my trying to explain the process just spend 3 minutes 56 seconds watching the video.

Suffice to say that by the end nothing goes to waste with the energy from one tonne of coal being replaced by that of 3 tonnes of waste with a reduced carbon footprint. The sole activity we saw on the day was the massive grab, functioning automatically, moving the residue left in the storage bunker after several optical and infra red robotic sorting processes. Even the ash left in the furnace was transported elsewhere in to be converted into aggregate for roads.

Suitably garbed in safety boots, high viz jackets, helmets, safety glasses and gloves we were then conducted by our guide around the various floors of the plant seeing into the furnace and eventually climbing the 80 steps to the outside viewing balcony, 30 metres off the ground.

To enhance the outside of the building there is a magnificent growing wall covered in plants taking the outsourced gardeners four weeks to tend on their regular visits.

The plant has 58 people on a variety of shifts. On our visit we saw six employees including two men in the control room the nerve centre of the plant. Hopefully the pictures will enhance the story and give you several pleasurable minutes determining just who is who!

The challenge they were facing this year was described as follows: You are a member of a team required to design and build a crane, which will be used to recover the chemical container from a safe working distance.

The container is in a cylindrical open topped rail truck. Your crane must be controlled from a set distance and have a magnetic hook for lifting. It must pass between guide rails and under a bridge. The reward for every participant was an individual certificate and this year a specially designed glass coffee coaster designed as a hobby by Bob Spishak a Leeds Rotarian.

Trophy winners in the three sections were: Grammar School at Leeds Advanced: Grammar School at Leeds Innovation Award: Andrew Wilson chaired the organising committee and M. Geoff, Graham and Robert were also there the evening before getting the cavernous hall ready.

The most arduous and taxing role fell to Geoff Bartrum, a first timer at the event, in designing and building the example model to solve the complex issues implicit in the task — and boy did he do well! It will all happen again in March on a date to be finalised — newcomers always welcome to what is an inspiring and enjoyable day. Pictures from the top: Seven teams took part from Guiseley and St.

The speaker also had to respond spontaneously to a question from the floor. Teams chose their own topics and were they challenging?

portsmouth north sea easter meet results track

Both winners came from Guiseley School. Teams included in their presentations thanks for the opportunities the competition had given them including facing an attentive audience. Event organisers were Geoff Bartrum and Brian Whitham.

The difficult task of judging and providing constructive feedback was entrusted to Alyson Wort, Tony Scaife and Robert Mirfield with the role of inquisitive questioner being filled admirably by President Heather Read. Pictures both with Club President Heather Read show: They were Yingzhe Feng piano from St. The three judges Liz Kenwood, Mitzi Whitham and Philip Livesey gave each individual competitor constructive feedback and advice on their performance admitting that it had been a difficult task to select the two eventual winners.

They also congratulated each entrant on having the courage to stand up and perform in front of what was a sizeable audience at the Grove Methodist Church, Horsforth. There were joint winners who will move forward to the next stage, the District Final in in February. Brian Whitham organised the evening and made the introductions. It was good to see several old faces returning to share this evening of fun.

The call for festive dress was answered in all manner of means by a percentage of the assembled crowd with jumpers, ties and glasses proving most popular. The balloons hidden in the crackers tested the ingenuity and stamina of many with longest, highest and noisiest flights greeted with resounding applause. The entertainment provided by the Rock Choir, an amalgamation of several wide-spread choirs including Horsforth and lived up to expectations.

The ubiquitous and popular raffle also had a specific charitable aim helping the Days for Girls project reach its self imposed target. A good time was unquestionably enjoyed by all!

portsmouth north sea easter meet results track

The fact that one of them was in the team that won, over the week with the other one point behind, added spice to the occasion. During their stay they had also taken shoes for all the children in a neighbouring orphanage as well as giving their time to pupils in a local junior school.

Their main task however was, as always, to take a group of Mnyakanya pupils through a short Sport Leadership course which enabled the new leaders to pass on in a final sports day what they had learned about the new to them sports of rugby, rounders and netball. Pupils in the group also spent some of their time teaching classes before an always appreciative audience. To mark this 10 year partnership Catherine presented Club President Heather Read with a recently published book illustrating St.

The school and the Rotary Club are now working together on a grant proposal to enable the school and its pupils working with very basic facilities to dramatically improve its current situation. On the right all the players in the Bambisanani project.

The stage then gradually filled as individuals and sections took up their places whilst playing, till the whole ensemble came together.

Make sure Friday 26 October goes straight into your calendar. All three were all also prominent in the Rotary Showcase, joined by Geoffrey and Heather Barton explaining the merits of Aquaboxes, with filtered water proving its regular attraction.

Three of the Yorkshire Rows team took us through their mile, 67 days, 5 hours and 2 minute Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge from a thoughtful comment in a York Rowing Club to the elation of overcoming a 3 day hurricane, power failures, close encounter with a whale and lots of blisters. Deserved standing ovation followed. Later accompanying Nelson Mandela on a State Visit and at a dinner in he was encouraged to open a letter brought to him on a silver tray only to find it contained the self same letter to which the Queen later said she had replied.

Barry Bootland and Janet Kerr had several of the judges reaching for their 10s tens through both their talent and sheer exuberance. Once the music stopped, the irrepressible Brian Whitham, after interminably explaining the rules, took two competitive teams through a complex game of Pictionary culminating in everyone wearing silly headgear - cue photo.

All this proved a difficult act to follow the next night for Abba Revival. And, although a year older by then, we only have to wait until 12 October to do it all again! It is 18 years since the Alternative W.

Eat just after you have swum, not just before. Keep your food in a container.

Swim England

There is often very limited room on poolside and bags have to be piled on top of each other. People then climb over them, move them, sit on them etc. Food that is not in a container will inevitably get squashed. What else do I need to take? At least one costume. You may want a dry one for each session if you do not want to put on a wet one. You can wear any costume — not necessarily black. You should have at least one racing costume, do not wear this for warm up, but change into it after the warm up.

This is helpful though not compulsory for boys as well as girls. If you do not wear a club hat the coach may not see you swim and not get your time and most important of all will not be able to tell you about your race. Make sure they are properly adjusted; you should also take a spare pair.

Track suit or Club Top. You will not be allowed to a presentation in jeans etc. You are representing the club, should be proud to do so and look smart at the same time. Make sure you use these. You will not be allowed off pool side without these. It is often a long day and you may have to wait a long time between swims. Card games like Top Trumps are good, or a book to read. You may bring MP3 players, iPods etc. Swimmers should be aware that these items are your responsibility to look after; the club, coaches etc.

Once I have entered will I definitely be swimming? If you have entered County, Regional or National Championships then the answer is yes, providing you have completed the entry form correctly and times are within the limits as per the entry conditions.

For all other competitions, you will have to wait to see if you are accepted for all the events you have entered. If a meet is oversubscribed those with the slowest times, or the latest entries received, will be refused. Sometimes you will be refused for some events but accepted for others. A few weeks before the meet your coach will give you will be informed of your accepted entry or let you know the events for which you have been accepted.

What will happen when I get there? Make sure you arrive in good time. There will probably be a lot of people about so find out if the swimmers have already gone in. The first thing you need to do is sign in or let the organisers know of events you do not wish to swim but have entered, unless this is a meet with neither of these systems in operation.

Make sure your coach knows you are there too. There are 3 different systems — With cards. Very rarely used; However if you have been given your cards beforehand you will need to find the boxes to post them.

The boxes are clearly labelled so it is quite easy. If your card is not posted you may not be allowed to swim. You will need to find the signing in desk and sign for each event that you have entered. If you do not do so you will not be allowed to swim. If for any reason you decide that you do not want to swim in an event failing to post your card or to sign in will automatically withdraw you from that race. Make sure you discuss this with your coach first.

Without cards or a signing in procedure. If they do not know you will be allocated a lane which will then be empty. This is annoying for other swimmers and the promoters as it slows up the meet and may mean that swimmers do not get adequate competition.

Once you have signed in or posted your cards go and get changed and go on poolside. A coach should be there unless you are very early or arriving between sessions. If you are early sit and wait — the coach will not be long. If you arrive between sessions the coaches will probably be at lunch. Look for the club bags and wait there or with your parents until people come back.

What about Mum, Dad, Uncle, Auntie and anyone else that comes to watch me? Usually you will not be able to sit with them but you can go to see them for a few minutes so long as you are dry, wearing shoes and a top and you return to poolside as soon as possible. Once you have finished your races for the session you can get dressed and go.

Swim England | Revolvy

You do not need to stay until the end unless you have a final to swim or a medal to collect. Each session begins with a warm up. Your coach will tell you when and where to go. Never dive at the start of warm up and make sure you are going the right way round the lane. You may be in a lane with swimmers from other clubs.

Make sure you keep swimming. Always begin with front crawl unless your coach tells you otherwise. If you are swimming in one of these lanes you need to move out as quickly as possible. The people in this lane will be swimming one length of any stroke as fast as possible. You may now dive. Your coach may tell you which lanes to use and assist you by starting and possible timing you.

There are lots of things to do at an open meet so the coach may not be able to do this. In this case you can still use the sprint lane to practice. The other lanes will continue with normal warm up. You can swim in any of these lanes if you prefer unless your coach tells you differently. If you are young and swimming in the first event your coach may tell you to get out early.

portsmouth north sea easter meet results track

Swimmers should not waste valuable Warm Up time by queuing to do a couple of sprints unless told to do so by the coach. More information about Why and How to Warm Up is on the club website. In the marshalling area it is usually chaotic! Somebody will be reading out the names of the swimmers in your event. Listen carefully and speak up when your name is read out. Stay there until told to move.

You will gradually move towards the front. When it is your turn you will be told to go to your lane, there is not a club lane like at a gala. When you get out make sure you dry yourself well before putting on your club Top. You will get very cold sitting in a soaking wet top. What happens between sessions? Your parents will need to make arrangements for you between sessions.

If your parents are not there they will need to make arrangements for you to be with someone else. Hopefully this has covered most things and you will be able to arrive at Open Meets well prepared. Swim well and enjoy it!