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radvision click to meet

Posts about Radvision written by davidjhinson. Hangouts allow meeting participants to meet from where it is most convenient for them, rather than having to. RADVISION's Click to Meet brings advanced conferencing capability to IBM's next generation unified communications platform enhancing Lotus Sametime's. Release Notes for Avaya Scopia® Desktop Version. HF2, Feb. .. HKLM\Software\Click to Meet\Conference server\\. Add a new DWORD key.

Watching a Recording I then decided to watch a video that had been recorded and stored on the server. When I did this I was presented with a number of videos that I could watch note the use of a password on some. If you watched the video at the top of this Blog entry you saw a 10 participant stored video stream. Again the video and audio quality were very good. Radvision has set up public rooms where you can call and talk to a live person.

The virtual watercooler concept works really well for instant collaboration with anyone, anytime, and from anywhere at no cost to the users. I double clicked in it and my IE browser came up automatically. You can see the result of our meeting in the YouTube video. The quality of both the video and audio were very good. The call stayed up for as long as we were on and I did not experience any major glitches or problems.

Data Presentation One person can send a presentation to the others in the meeting. There is no capability to share the application that is, have others work on the document. I have been told that the presentation capability is sent in H.

They can connect to the meeting by calling an IP address or by being called from the meeting coordinator. Remember, my DSL connection and Toshiba laptop are not conducive to HD videoconferencing, but, I was able to participate in the meeting just fine.

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In fact it was very good…. Since I do not have either, I will have to trust that statement. Questions I will post these questions unanswered for now.

radvision click to meet

I will email them to Radvision, or search the web for answers, and fill in the answers at a later date. How many people can view the stream at the same time?

Videoconferencing for Lotus Conversation Window: Click to … | Flickr

Do all viewers need the Rad app, or can we also view it via: Or via an H. Is the desktop VC app H. If not, where is the translating completed to connect to an H. Can I hold meetings in two or three or four different virtual rooms? Can a gateway be included to receive telephone or cell phone calls into a meeting?

radvision click to meet

If I were an enterprise buying this, what do I get? What is essential and what is optional? I see you use IE to fully connect. Will you be supporting Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc in the future? How many people can meet in a live videoconference at one time? I want to gather usage statistics such as: What do I need?

Will that cost extra? Summary As you know, I am a desktop videoconferencing bigot. I would much rather see the world video-communicate easily from their desk, cell phone, iPod, heads up display in their car, etc. Next to each is a microphone icon and a camera icon.

radvision click to meet

If you are the instructor and you are the only one in the room you will see yourself in the full screen image on the right. If one other person is in the room you will see that person full screen on the right. If multiple people are in the room you will see them all up to a maximum of 16 in that window on the right. If you look to the lower right of that window you will also see yourself. Although we will show you later how to close your personal window, we recommend you leave it open to see how you look to others.

If people say you are too loud when you talk OR you notice that the volume bar at the top just next to the microphone icon above Participants is always pegging to the end, move the slider left.

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If people say you are too silent move it to the right. If someone is talking and they are too loud you can move the speaker slider left to lower the audio or right to raise the audio. You should also check the volume control on your headset AND the volume control on the task bar to see if either of those need adjusting. If you need to cut off your microphone temporarily you can click the microphone icon at the top.

It will put a line through it indicating you are muted. If you are the instructor you may click, instead, the microphone icon next to your name. That will also mute the microphone. If you need to shutoff your camera feed temporarily you can click the camera icon at the left above the video window.

radvision click to meet

If you are the instructor you may click, instead, the camera icon just to the left of your name. Both accomplish the same task. Unlike webconferencing programs, Scopia does not allow someone to remote control applications on your desktop but it does allow you to show your desktop to all of the participants. While this is typically an instructor function, anyone in the room can actually do it, though only one desktop may be showing at a time.

The desktop shown is appearing in real time. This means that if the user changes their desktop by moving a window, entering data in an application that is showing, or brings up a new application, all of the users will see it with a few seconds delay. You should also be aware that people will NOT see your mouse moves.

radvision click to meet

Your mouse is hidden from the users point of view. We will discuss a workaround for that shortly. Furthermore we have noticed that some wide screen resolutions present a warped image of the screen to the participants, making the screen look like the bottom was dragged right while the top was in its present location.

Also note that desktop showing is currently limited to Windows machines only. Macintosh users may view desktops but cannot show their desktops unless they are using the Windows version of Scopia in a Windows partition on their Macintosh. To share your desktop click the screen icon at the top.

If you are full screen there will be text next to the icon.

Radvision Scopia Starter Kit

You will then be asked if you want to show your desktop or specific applications. I always recommend showing your entire desktop. We have had fewer problems that way.

The first time you show a desktop you may be asked if you want to install a small software application. Agree to do so. Always move the application you want your participants to see in this case Excel to the top and adjacent to the smaller video window. You want to make the application window as large as possible but it is also possible to extend it beyond what your users are capable of seeing with right or bottom scrolling. Changing to x screen resolution helps prevent this.

Tell them to say that when the right edge of the window you are dragging is right at the right edge of their own computer screen. Do the same thing moving the bottom edge of the window down. IF you do not get all the way to the edges of your own screen, make a mental note as to where the right and bottom limits are and make sure you never go beyond them for any other application you are showing. The participants may have to be reminded to make their Scopia window full screen by clicking the square or double clicking the handlebar in order to see everything you want to show.

With webconferencing applications the participants can follow your mousemoves. This product, however, is not quite webconferencing so the participants cannot see your mouse moves. We work around the problem by entering drawing mode.