Rafale tiger meet 2009 calendar

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rafale tiger meet 2009 calendar

The winner of the silver tiger trophy of NATO Tiger Meet is the Spanish Mirage F-1M back from mission, Hungarian Gripen in a shelter. Calendar · Recent Status Updates · Our Picks; More The Revell th Dassault Rafale M kit () first released in has been on the and now with the RoG new tooled Rafale B () in Tiger Meet markings it's now in the modelers stash. . Edited September 14, by Le Vander. The French Air Force Dassault Rafale Solo Display Team have released their full Meeting de l'air, Evreux, France; 23rdth – Meeting Aerotor Show, RED BULL AIR RACE: Home race for Muroya as Red Bull Air Race adds Japan to calendar Tigers Army Parachute Display Team video.

rafale tiger meet 2009 calendar

The French Ministry of Defence required an aircraft capable of air-to-air and air-to-ground, all-day and adverse weather operations. Unlike other contemporary European fighter projects that required some level of international collaboration and cost-sharing, France was the sole developer of the Rafale's airframeavionicspropulsion system and armamentand as such the aircraft was to replace a multitude of aircraft in the French Armed Forces.

The following year, the National Office for Aviation Studies and Research began studying the possible configurations of the new fighter under the codename Rapace meaning "Bird of Prey". By Marchthe number of configurations had been narrowed down to four, two of which had a combination of canardsdelta wings and a single vertical tail-fin. Inthe government decided to proceed with a combat variant of the ACX due to the conflicting technical criteria of the respective FEFA participant nations.

Rafale deployment history

After flights with four pilots, Rafale A was retired in January Subsequently, on 21 Aprilthe French government awarded Dassault a contract for four Rafale prototypes: The first out of an expected Rafales was scheduled to enter service in The budget cuts prolonged the Rafale's development considerably.

The French government did not proceed with a purchase of the twin-engine fighter.

rafale tiger meet 2009 calendar

The prototype of the C model designated C01 completed its first flight on 19 Maysignalling the start of a test programme which primarily aimed to test the M engines, man-machine interface and weapons, and expand the flight envelope.

Although superficially identical to the technology demonstrator, it was smaller and more stealthy due to the gold-coated canopy, a re-design of the fuselage-fin joint, and the addition of radar-absorbent materials RAM.

NATO Tiger Meet

This aircraft also saw extensive application of composite and other materials, which both reduced the radar cross-section RCS and weight. Moreover, Dassault opted to reject variable engine inlets and a dedicated air brakewhich lessens maintenance loads and saves weight.

The aircraft was used for weapon-systems testing.

rafale tiger meet 2009 calendar

Later it was tasked with validating weapon separation and, specifically, the carriage of heavy loads. While the Navy initially modernised the Crusaders, in the long term, the requirement was met with the navalised Rafale M.

rafale tiger meet 2009 calendar

The M01, the naval prototype, first flew on 12 Decemberfollowed by the second on 8 November The aircraft then carried out trials aboard the carrier Foch in April Therefore, in the Air Force switched its preferences towards the two-seater, announcing that the variant would constitute 60 percent of the Rafale fleet.

The Silver Tiger is now arguably the most valuable trophy owned by the Tiger Association and is awarded annually to the Tiger squadron that shows the highest degree of professionalism and Tiger spirit during the Tiger Meet. The winner is determined by a vote of the Detachment Commanders present at each Meet.

rafale tiger meet 2009 calendar

The Czech now Squadron helicopter unit was inducted in as an honorary member, then upon their joining NATO, became a full member in They went on to win the Silver Tiger in A second Czech unit was inducted in and a Hungarian squadron is in observer and potential new member status in A Polish and a Slovak Squadron are also now in our sights.

They too proved their professionalism and dedication by being awarded the Silver Tiger in Today the NTA is as strong as ever. The dedication of all the members is not in doubt as evidenced by a particular meets non-participants mostly citing operational conflicts as the reason for not attending.

Multinational peacekeeping missions, combat deployments, and world-wide training detachments, coupled with the ever-present pressure on military budgets and personnel, have not reduced the need for joint training. The annual Tiger Meet has proven itself, and is now firmly recognized, as an outstanding and cost-effective solution to fill this need.