Rambo 4 bomb scene meet

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rambo 4 bomb scene meet

Join us for 12 things you probably didn't know about Rambo. Here, Sam Trautman isn't the caring man that we meet in the movies (and later film Winger was working on a stunt explosion when it went horribly wrong, car chase scene went wrong, and the stuntman driving after Rambo was flipped and. Non-stop violence is too overpowering for kids. Read Common Sense Media's Rambo review, age rating, and parents guide. It was the night before rambo day maybe around 1am when we suddenly the first spark of an idea was always the first scene of Rambo: First Blood. .. way for Rambo to create a giant explosion and still stay oblivious to the I set up a meeting between him and Colin at my house on Saturday morning.

Add your rating See all 43 kid reviews. Sylvester Stallone 's John Rambo is an iconic character in action flick history. Unlike Rocky Balboahe's not a feel-good hero -- he's an out-for-blood conqueror.

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In this fourth and most likely final installment, Rambo, a traumatized Vietnam War vet who's a trained killing machine, is living peacefully in Thailand until a group of Christian aid workers on a medical mission asks to be taken up river to hostile Burma. After continued pleas from the only woman in the group Julie BenzRambo reluctantly agrees.

As anyone who's seen the trailer knows, the missionaries are taken hostage -- which is when the film turns into a gory revenge sequence as Rambo and some paid mercenaries try to rescue them. Continue reading Show less Is it any good?

rambo 4 bomb scene meet

The film's action scenes benefit from a gang of fresh characters who play the guns-for-hire assigned to rescue the humanitarians. The men are a diverse crew British actors Gavin McTavish as the bald and bold Lewis and Matthew Marsden as the likable sniper School Boy are especially memorable of special-ops types who don't know yet how valuable their guide Rambo is, and their banter is a bit reminiscent of The Dirty Dozen -- albeit with a lot more expletives.

It's good that Stallone added some help for the aging Rambo, though in several scenes, he doesn't seem to need anything but his expert hands to fell dozens of soldiers.

rambo 4 bomb scene meet

Surprisingly, even at 61, the muscular Stallone is still an imposing presence. When Rambo reaches the extraction point, the helicopter is ordered to abort by Murdock, who claims Rambo has violated his orders.

When Trautman confronts him, Murdock also reveals that he never intended to save any POWs if any should be found, but to leave them to save Congress the money it would take to buy their freedom and evade any possibility of further war. There, Rambo learns that Soviet troops are arming and training the Vietnamese. He is turned over to the local liaison, Lieutenant Colonel Podovsky, and his right-hand man, Sergeant Yushin, for interrogation.


Upon learning of Rambo's mission from intercepted missives, Podovsky demands that Rambo broadcast a message warning against further rescue missions for POWs under fatal cost.

Meanwhile, Co infiltrates the camp disguised as a prostitute and comes to the hut in which Rambo is held captive. Rambo at first refuses to cooperate, but relents when the prisoner he tried to save is threatened.

But instead of reading the scripted comments, Rambo directly threatens Murdock, then subdues the Russians with Co's help and escapes into the jungle.

rambo 4 bomb scene meet

They kiss, and Rambo agrees to take Co back to the United States. However, a small Vietnamese force attacks the pair, and Co is killed. An enraged Rambo kills the soldiers and buries Co's body in the mud.

rambo 4 bomb scene meet

With the use of his weapons and guerrilla training, Rambo systematically dispatches the numerous Soviet and Vietnamese soldiers sent after him. After barely surviving a barrel bomb dropped by Yushin's helicopter, Rambo climbs on board, throws Yushin out of the cabin in a brief but intense fight, and takes control.

He lays waste to the prison camp and kills all of the remaining enemy forces before extracting the POWs and heading towards friendly territory in Thailand. Podovsky, pursuing in a helicopter gunship seemingly shoots them down and moves in for the kill.

rambo 4 bomb scene meet

Having faked the crash, Rambo uses a rocket launcher to destroy the aircraft, killing the gunner, the co-pilot, and Podovsky.