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17 Similarity (pg 12). quadrate with. meet. agree. variance. become one. ratchet, detent, larigo[obs3], pawl; terret[obs3], treenail, screw, button, buckle; clasp, hasp, [people who calculate] arithmetician. cast up. unfathomable. computation. wheel chair. family car. bobsleigh[obs3]. barrow. tonjon[obs3]. blood horse. When people listen to me I want them to feel cool as hell. If you've been liking me since my SoundCloud mixtape, Rich Ratchet, then you've really seen me grow into this Tina Snow EP. . The releases have not been edited by Blood- Horse. . Meet Frederik The Great, A Stunning Friesian Stallion From The United States. Zizrar (voiced by Scott McNeil): King of the Mole People who often attempts to take . voice actor, known for portraying Ratchet in the Ratchet & Clank franchise ; the . After they meet in the assigned locale, the partners must find and/or produce .. Lukas Previn (Thursday, United Nations), Adam Wentworth ( Bloodhorse, All.

Nikolai turned his head in question slightly, but his pupils did not grow any wider, nor did any muscles on his face or neck twitch; nor did any sudden sweat beads begin to emerge from his forehead—he gave absolutely no outward sign that he had the least idea of what she was speaking of.

Now what, pray tell, did Commanding General Jaime Wolf—our enemy, need I not remind you—tell you that I supposedly said to Melissa Steiner-Davion—or were you referring to another Melissa, perchance?

This is a chance to end this war, and end it with the best of all possible results—a united Inner Sphere, under one government that is not bound by our traditions and castes and rules of conduct! And rather than see my Crusader brethren make a hash of it, I have pulled the strings as best I could to steer events to this point—where the Davions and the Steiners and the Kuritas and the Mariks and the Liaos have united to preserve their own cultures and societies.

I had suggested that Jaime Wolf be named First Lord, but I cannot have my way in everything it seems. You must have known that Takashi Kurita would never allow it. Will you stay here in the staid boring Clans or will you return to the Terran Hegemony in the company of Scorpions? Your Scorpions will be absorbed into the Inner Sphere and pass away into history. I have not left a single Warrior, a single sibkin, a single ship in the Homeworlds for our trothkin to slake their vengeance on—they will arrive at Rondane soon, where we will load up my other civilians to join the ones from the Homeworlds, and my factories, and they will meet us on Asta.

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And all fractious, unrepentant Mandrills—you are better off without them. Peter will be pissed, of course, but when I return the six Potemkins I shanghaied, he might not feel quite so bad—especially since the Ravens were only running the Yard-Ship for the ilKhan; technically it is not their ship at all. When I play, I play to win—and speaking of winning, if you fear that your Warriors will not follow you with their genetic legacies in the hands of Scientists back in the Homeworlds, well.

Not physical samples, but enough for any competent Scientist to ensure that the Blood-Names of your Clan—and mine—are preserved. The Star League must stand again—and the Scorpions must return home to serve it, before our infighting in the Homeworlds tears us asunder.

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For nearly two decades first Mikhail and then I have been working for this end—this goal—that we finally achieved just before we landed on Tukayyid. And for that purpose, I pledged my life, my treasure, and my sacred honor as a sacrifice if needed. I am purging all navigational data from every ship's computer as it arrives in the Inner Sphere.

Who knows what else is in store for the other 38 days? They may seem like a life sentence. New York horse racing is involved in a declining industry trend and nationwide economic malaise that has led to a reduction in the horse population.

Except for the rich weekend stakes, the 40 days that Saratoga will be holding this summer will seem only a little bit different than the 59 days that NYRA races at Belmont in spring. Hayward, in fact, has predicted fields of below-typical quality. Forgetting, for a minute, the pre-PJ Campo days of five and six horse fields, he scoffed at the condition book, criticizing the racing department for diluting the product in favor of creating more bettable attractions.

Michael Veitch, the horse racing columnist of The Saratogian, expressed similar regrets. Sure, there may have been hard times following the closure of the gambling houses. But throughout the s and early part of this century, the separation in quality between Saratoga and all other tracks in terms of the racing has been noteworthy At least in this regard, the voice of three veteran observers is unanimous.

Protect the former; avoid the latter. Things will ultimately get better.

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After a fashion, the only people showing lack of panic are those involved in the heart of the matter. It seems not a day passes without some outrageous development that sets New York racing back. In the face of continuous upheaval, the maintenance of equilibrium is a necessary trait.