Saraswati chandra 10 sep 13 meet

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saraswati chandra 10 sep 13 meet

, MLI, Sri Navin Kumar Jain, Nov , MLI- , MLI- , Gopal Chandra Paul, Sep , MLI, Ajay Kumar Sanghi, Feb , MLI, Meet S Thekdi, Feb , MLI, Lal Kumud Kishore Nath Sahadeo, Nov Saraswatichandra 10th September Written Episode Update Kumud says first our hearts should meet and Pramad does not want to. Saraswatichandra 13th September Written Episode, Written Update on Saras tells Khushi don't know Kumud met him or not. She says if.

Kumud and Saras have a talk.

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Saras says I m breaking my promise too. Kumud says even I patience broke, but there is still hope. Saras says marriage does not work like this if he is trying to break it. Kumud says I married him without seeing him and it was my decision, no one forced me, and I got this fate, its ok, the question is to have courage. Saras says my mum also had courage, and when it broke, you know what happened. He says my mum dies infront of my eyes.


Kumud says what do you want, I fail. Kumud says Kalika has shown Pramad that everyone hates him. Kalika comes there with water. Kalika sees Kumud and Saras and leaves. Kalika goes out and tries to hear them. She thinks what are they cooking. She asks her why is she looking tensed. Kusum says I know. Kusum says I can do anything for her. She praises Kumud and leaves. Scene shifts to Danny: Danny is cooking in his tent.

He gets his shirt burnt. Badimaa and Guniyal see him and thinks why did he not go till now, why did he come here. Guniyal says shall I give him food, maybe he is hungry.

Kumari sees him too. Guniyal asks Kumari to give him food. Scene shifts to Kumud: She says you complaint me and I did not listen, sorry if you felt bad.

saraswati chandra 10 sep 13 meet

Kumud says you told me that I should tell you everything, so I did. She asks Kumud to wear that saree on Teej. She asks Kumud to keep the fast and maybe it will bring you and Pramad closer. Kumud says do you really think it can bring us together. Kumud says first our hearts should meet and Pramad does not want to accept me by his heart. She says why does he behave like this with me, I m ready to keep many fasts. Khushi asks them not to get involved in this, as its very risky. He says they faced a lot.

She says my love did not have strength, else he would have come to meet me. Kumud asks does he know you are pregnant. Saras says maybe someone caught him. Kumud says you know him well, will he leave you. Saraas says we will find him. She asks how, he is not taking the call. He says he will go his home and talk. Kumud says no, only I will go, as his dad saw you.

She says nothing will happen to me, if anything happens I will call you, let me go please. Kumud comes and says she has to meet Vijay. Vikrant asks how do you know him. Vikrant says I have seen the world, everyone who comes at the door is not a guest.

I did not see you before, how do you know him. Kumud thinks he is doubting on me. His mum says fine, sit, you meet him.

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Vikrant says why are you letting her meet him, if Rudra knows it. She says you both love each other a lot. Very few people get love for love, you are lucky. Saras says we met you, it has a reason, I m sure you will get your love. She says maybe, I lost all hopes and today you are helping me. She says I will always remember you both. Saras says we too.

saraswati chandra 10 sep 13 meet

Saras thinks Kumud should have called by now. Vijay is tied to his bed by the ropes. His mum frees his hands. Vikrant says this is not right. She tells Vijay to meet his college friend. She asks Kumud to come inside the room.

saraswati chandra 10 sep 13 meet

Vijay does not identify her and is puzzled. She acts like being his friend and smiles. His mum says you both talk, lets go Vikrant.

Kumud says its a good house. Vijay asks what work she has. Khushi tells Saras that there is something wrong. He says I will go and see. Kumud asks Vijay to help her.