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This is not because of any queues, but because of bureaucracy; someone has to write down your name and the purpose of your visit in a book on the big reception desk. Then a phone number has to be found of a responsible person. After a while it turns out that he or she cannot be reached and the telephone search continues. When an assistant is available the pass should be made and filled with stamps.

After an hour you have a piece of paper no one really looks at anymore. You just have to wave it when you go past the guards. It is good to see Ilya and Emilia again. They are working hard to get the exhibition ready. It is the last day before the opening and a lot still needs to be done. Some fifteen people are working in different parts of the exhibition.

Someone who should help installing the video lies asleep on a bench. Others sit and talk. It is very hot. The temperature is clearly too high for our works on paper. And there is too much light shining on them. I discuss the amount of Lux with the chief curator. He measures with his instrument and I with ours.

The measurements roughly agree and are too high indeed. Something has to be done to get this TL light lower. The chief curator proposes to take out one of the lamps in each set. I think that should do the trick indeed. It has to be ready today. After these discussions Ilya and Emilia invite me for a delicious lunch. It houses a broad collection of material culture and art works from the region. Mu brings expositions about the hybrid visual culture of now and later.

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It aims to be 'an adventurous guide to all art lovers with a keen interest in the energetic mix of art, design, pop-culture and new media.

It often has lectures or other activities on Thursdays. Philips first factory lies right in the heart of the city.

Although the Philips factories have been relocated to other parts of the world, this little museum gives an insight in the original process of making a light bulb in the late 19th century. Only on Wednesdays, from 11 a. Take a look in this former studio and residence of Dutch cartoonist and artist Ton Smits, who drew hundreds of humour-sketches in well known American magazines including The New Yorker and The Saturday Evening Post. He lived and worked in Eindhoven from until his death in The highest building in Eindhoven, directly opposite the Witte Dame.

The meter tower is the sky-high middle point of a new shopping area called "Around the Admirant". The "Around the Admirant" area was designed to include not only the retail stores in the Admirant's down floors, but also those in the organically shaped Blob.

All the top floors are residential apartments. This mushroom-shaped building strongly resembles the popular idea of a UFO, making it a very futuristic design when it was built in It was built for the year anniversary of Philips, as a symbol for the company's technological achievements.

It served as a popular technology museum until diminishing incomes led to it's closure in the 80's. Nowadays, it's a conference center. On the top floors of this 7-edged, white tower building, Philips used to perform it's light bulb endurance tests. Later it also housed the headquarters of Philps' lightning department. Around it where some of the company's main production buildings.

After serious renovations, the building now holds private lofts and offices. On the down floor restaurant Usine offers a nicely decorated surrounding for a coffee break.

Next to the Light Tower is the Witte Dame. It was designed by Dirk Roosenburg and built in in the style of the New Objectivity.

It originally served as a radio factory and now houses Eindhoven's Design Academy and Public Library. The Vesteda tower is considered one of the main landmarks in Eindhoven's skyline.

With 90 meters this apartment building is the 5th highest building in the city. It was designed by Jo Coenen and is part of his broader design for the modern urban Smalle Haven area surrounding it. It is the first suspended bicycle roundabout in the world. The "Old Tower" is all that remains of a 14th or 15th century church in the style of the Brabantine Gothic. It's the only really old church building left in the city today. Both the monastery and the church are recognized as national heritage sites.

Open for visitors Tue-Fri 9. This Neo Gothic church was designed by Hendrik Jacobus van Tulder and build in the shape of a basilica. If you're willing to get informed, you'll find events are taking place at almost any given time. When you've had enough of the urban vibe, just head for one of the many natural areas around and see a whole different side of the Eindhoven region.

Dive into Eindhoven's industrial history. Walk by former industrial complexes in the center, such als the Lichttoren one of the cities main landmarksthe Admirant and the Witte Dame. Visit Philips' first Incandescent Lamp Factory ofnow a small museum. Just outside the center you'll find Strijp-S, with the famous Klokgebouw Clock building. The robust former factory buildings of this Philips area are now being transformed into the bustling creative heart of the city.

To get an idea of that other major industry that has shaped the city, visit the DAF-truck museum. Explore Eindhoven's historic heritage. Rent a bike at the train station and visit a selection of the Rijksmonumenten National Heritage Sites [84]also outside of the direct city center. If you're into design, try to visit the city during the Dutch Design Week [85].

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Check the website of the Design Academy for any upcoming events or their graduates exhibition around October. On Strijp-S you can visit the large shop, workshop and restaurant of world famous designer Piet Hein Eek. Recreation area The Genneper Parks provides ample opportunities to relax and enjoy nature, but also allow for an active day trip.

There's a biological farm and shop, a cartoonmuseum, a restaurant with midgetgolf options and several sports facilities. For example, take a dive in Zwemcentrum de Tongelreep, one of Europe's largest swimming centers.

You'll find the country's largest youth center, Dynamo, in the heart of Eindhoven. It offers a broad variety of activities, from workshops, community and popular art projects to dancings, sports and concerts.

All different youth cultures are welcome here, including the hiphop, dance, house rock and metal scene. It offers a stage for local talent but also receives major international artists. This large music center in the heart of the city offers a broad range of concerts, varying from jazz and classical to world music and acoustic rock. This large and modern theater on the edge of the Stadswandelpark offers over theater activities a year.

Plaza Futura offers theater shows and cinema, mostly classics and art house films. Cathrine's Church offers low budget but high standard concerts every Saturday at 3pm with introductory on carillon. This in- and outdoor ice skate track is closed during summer. The largest swimming pool complex in Europe, with a subtropical pool and some fun features like a wave machine. However, there is a need to book this several weeks before visiting, as the minimum group requirement also accumulated is 20 persons.

When there is no tour available, you are able to enter the stadium though restaurant "de Verlenging" which is on the South-East side of the stadium, having a small terrace inside the stadium.

As per Januari they introduced a combined tour; Combining the visit of the Philps stadium and the Bavaria Beer -Brewery in Lieshout. Even within the province of North-Brabant, it is the greenest of the top 5 cities there. The park and grass fields around Lake Karpendonck make a great place for a summer picknick.

If you're up for a stroll, try the City Walking Park Stadswandelparkat walking distance from the center and decorated with some 30 sculptures.

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Just south of the Stadswandelpark lie the larger Genneper Parks where nature and recreational activities come together see above under "Do". Within the Genneper Parks you'll find the Heempark Frater Simon Deltour, with example gardens showing original regional landscape types and natural habitat. The Philips van Lenneppark in the north of the city was named after Frits Philps' wife, whose maiden name was van Lennep. The family donated the park to the city for the 75 year anniversary of the Philips company.

It houses a playground, skate park and petting zoo. Events[ edit ] During the Glow festival, Eindhoven is a stage for artificial light shows and art. Many heritage sites take part in the event, including the Light Tower. Eindhoven is a large and bustling city, with a full agenda. Dozens of large and small events are organized each year, a number of which are unsurprisingly about artificial light and design. Some of the major ones are listed below, but check the agenda on the tourist information website to see what's planned during your visit.

During the Dutch Design Week in October Eindhoven is all about design, in all its disciplines and aspects. Some designers display their work and over different events and activities are organized throughout the city.

There are workshops, lectures, seminars, shows and exhibitions. Many activities require registration in advance and for some you'll have to pay. The city center becomes the stage for interventions, installations, performances and events - all celebrating the phenomena of artificial light.

Buildings are illuminated artistically, there are luminous works of art and more, making this week a great time for an evening walk through town. In it's held from Nov. One week in September. In order to commemorate the liberation of Eindhoven after the Second World War, volunteers and sponsors join forces each year to put a 22 km illuminated "Light route" trough Eindhoven in place.

seat to meet eindhoven weather

It features thousands of light bulbs, LED's and gas-discharge lamps, illuminating fairy tale designs and other subjects. This tradition was initiated right after the war, dropped for years but reinstalled in The lights are turned on every evening from 7.

You can take the route individually, on foot, by car or by bike. There's also one organized group bike tour and a bus tour: Eindhoven's large annual funfair brings over a big and small attractions to the Kennedylaan, which is closed down entirely to host the event.

You'll find thrill rides, children's rides, games, street theater, music and of course lots of food and drinks. It lasts a week and usually takes place around the beginning of August. There's no entry fee but you'll pay for the attractions. The illumination at night makes is one of Eindhovens new landmarks and a showcase of the city's love for industrial design. Eindhoven is hardly a touristic city and souvenirs are relatively hard to come by. The VVV tourist information office directly outside the train station has some Dutch and Eindhoven oriented gadgets.

Light bulb cartoons and similar images are a typical reference to Eindhoven's history in lightning.

seat to meet eindhoven weather

Also, museum shops will have some gift items relevant for their exhibitions. One of the more unique and off-beat stores in Eindhoven with the Dutch Design T-shirts and odd but amusing products. Great place to stop by even if it is just for the interior design with the Tetris-like fixtures and smart-glass fitting room. Friday is "buying-evening" in the city center, with shops open until 9 p. Although shops in principle close on Sundays, so-called "Shopping-Sundays" allow but do not oblige store owners to open on a number of Sundays a year.

These Shopping-Sundays differ per district and are canceled during July and August in some districts. In the city center, shops are open every first Sunday of the month.

For other districts, see the municipalities list [89]. City center[ edit ] With the covered shopping centre 'De Heuvel Galerie', large department stores including 'De Bijenkorf' and an extensive selection of boutiques an specialist shops, the center of Eindhoven is the most bustling shopping center in the South of the Netherlands. The following streets form the main, pedestrianised shopping area: De Heuvelgalerie [90]placed between the central station and the market square, is a covered shopping mall with a broad selection of stores.

You'll find anything from clothing and shoes till toys, a bike store and a Mac retail shop. If you're looking for somewhat more exclusive fashion, try the Hooghuisstraat. It has a bunch of good boutiques and fashion stores. Piazza Center [91] on the 18 Septemberplein is a modern, covered 3 story shopping area with a bunch of clothing and shoes stores and others.

Here you'll also find the Bijenkorf, one the largest and most exclusive department stores in the Netherlands and Zara, Ici paris XL a fairly large beauty store.