Seats2 meet eindhoven holland

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seats2 meet eindhoven holland

Seats2Meet Eindhoven organizes Nutrition & Health event Friday 27 June. Seats2Meet Eindhoven The presentation is in Dutch. Seats2Meet. Seats2meet in Utrecht will feature his art in an exhibit during it's 10 year then came up with the idea of organizing an exhibition in Holland. Contact. 1. Between 2 Cultures > Locations > Seats2Meet Strijp S Eindhoven Torenallee 24 - Eindhoven Events BD Netherlands.

We stayed together there until September 20,after that 9 relatives moved through the relocation program to France, the rest followed six months later to Bordeaux.

seats2 meet eindhoven holland

My brother and his family and me with my wife moved 1 month ago to Forbach, closer to the rest of the family in France and Germany. Have you always been an artist? No, I was a student before, I started to paint a year ago when I was in a refugees camp in Greece. I never had a painting lesson.

Interview with Salam Noah – Finding talents in unexpected situations

I paint to express my feelings. To show the world how the life of a refugee is, how difficult it is to fight for a better and safer existence and that everyone knows about our situation.

But also to show that we are the same as you. Meanwhile, I have already made 70 paintings. What do you get inspired by to create your pieces? It is something I have to do to. How do you find the Netherlands? Because I had been in Lesbos, I came in contact with Jeanette Koenen who helped there a lot as a volunteer.

seats2 meet eindhoven holland

I asked her to help me to show and sell my paintings. I am living in France. We met again a few months ago in France. What is an advice you would give to people who just moved here? I can advise people who came across Europe to contact volunteers who help you on the move.

They often have a network or know the rules, laws and can help you further if you need help. I am very lucky to have met someone like Jeanette Koenen who is self-employed and working a lot with young people and she has a big heart for anyone who really needs help. And how did you hear about Seats2meet?

Jeanette knows the owner from Seats2meet and when she saw my paintings, she became excited and they started discussions. As a result, she and the owner from Seats2meet came up with the idea of holding the exhibition at the 10th year anniversary. Could you give a sneak peek of what you are going to exhibit in the S2M 10 Jaar Festival?

Further, how does someone in such bad a situation develop a talent that he did not know that he had it. The colossi that have ruled the world for almost 2 centuries will have to shrink, concerning the space they occupy and the people they employ, to adapt to a more project based workflow. That means that they will be in constant need of specialists outside of the company. Also there will be more inter-company collaborations.

Those two things are important to understand why Seats2meet. People working at S2M Utrecht Seats2meet. Perfect for freelancing professionals.

Seats2meet - Connecting and empowering you to excel

The locations also have some meeting rooms. So the monetary capital funds the features that make it easier for the social capital to exist. And maybe it should be yours too. During my stay in the Netherlands I have visited various Seats2meet.

seats2 meet eindhoven holland

I also worked in the biggest one, Utrecht CS. I saw how people work here and also how the open space is so vital for everything to work.

I also realized that this is a business running and no matter how great the idea behind it, there is so much work to maintain a smoothly running environment. But most of all it motivated me.

I saw how well organized the locations were. I saw how satisfied the people were and I also saw that there were enough people willing to pay for a meeting room every day. This gave me a blueprint of how I have to work so we can spread the movement in Greece.

seats2 meet eindhoven holland

I am already trying to find something fitting for the Greek standards, a business plan that can work. As you can tell, I like the idea. As for Stone Soup? That makes it a frontrunner in the greek ecosystem.