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Directions to Seats2Meet (Utrecht) with public transportation How long does it take to get to Seats2Meet from Van der Valk Hotel Vianen by public transit?. Utrecht – City of knowledge and culture. . hotels, from large to intimate, five-star to . meeting, or informal programme, the Utrecht Utrecht, Moreelsepark 65, EP, Utrecht, +31 (0)30 38 38, Moxy partners with Seats2meet Recharge changes the way how Hotels charge for their accommodations S2M Festival: Climate Planet Utrecht. November 7.

Just to the right of the reception desk was a huge flat screen display at eye-level showing everyone who was in the space at that moment and their expertise.

Ronald explained that anyone could cowork for free in Seats2Meet spaces as long as they agreed to do one thing — help other coworkers. And that anyone can see who is in this and 70 other Seats2Meets locations in real time, go to where the needed expert is working at the moment, and get help.

Seats2Meet in Utrecht; free coworking in foreground, private meeting spaces for a fee in background. Neal Gorenflo I stood there just staring at the screen. I let this sink in.

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I actually found it hard to believe. Just free workspace, coffee, wifi, and also, famously, free lunch every day. Neal Gorenflo The way Seats2Meets thrives on free coworking is two-fold. First, their platform offers coworkers the chance to book a variety of private meeting rooms adjacent to the free coworking spaces for a fee.

Second, their 70, users contribute valuable services to Seats2meet at no cost. For instance, Seats2Meet does no advertising.

They rely on user social media exclusively. And they find willing volunteers to meet other Seats2Meet business needs. This formula gives Seats2Meet significant top- and bottom-line advantages. And later I realized that this is how Ronald was able to set up a four-city speaking tour with all the trimmings — food, beverage, video, and press — without seeming to break a sweat.

When I finally understood how Seats2Meet operates, one thought seized my imagination: This is the future I want to live in. We had a great conversation. Nils could be my Dutch doppelganger — similar first name, same mid-career change to sharing, and an active sharing evangelist — though he seems to have taken things a step or two further, which inspired me.

His leadership in sharing began with his experiences making beautiful tables from donated scraps of wood collected door-to-door, and then building a whole house on the same gift principle. He also helped start a long-running community space this way, and the space incubated scores of similar gift-powered community projects.

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On my last day of the tour, Ronald and I had two speaking gigs, one in the Amersfoort and the last talk in Eindhoven, both in Seats2Meet locations. While talks are always exciting, the highlight for me was the two-hour drive south with Ronald from Amersfoort to Eindhoven.

We got some uninterrupted time to get to know each other. I learned that Ronald is a hospitality industry veteran who graduated from a top European hotel school, and that the hospitality ethos, which is all about creating great experiences for guests, pervades everything he does. I also began to understand how important this was to the success of Seats2meet, for nowhere do freelancers get treated so well, and how important this ethos could be in a peer-to-peer society where everyone is a host.

I had long had a hunch about this, but here was someone who had lived it professionally for decades and had put the hospitality ethos in the very DNA of a 70,person value network.

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The innovative Seats2Meet meeting concept also offers workplaces and several meeting lounges in the Creative Factory in Hengelo. The separate entrance at water level allows for arrivals and departures by boat. Igluu - Eindhoven Igluu was inspired by the Seats2Meet concept.

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Sharing knowledge, inspiring one another and pooling of resources is the core idea of this successful concept. Meetings at Igluu are different from other meetings, as you feel the creativity and inspiration of the people who work, gather, share ideas and meet at Igluu.

The Playing Circle - Amsterdam Sometimes you need to get out of your routine circle. Sometimes you need some space to play. The Playing Circle provides not one but several very inspiring meeting spaces in Amsterdam for your trainings, meetings and workshops.

Here you can focus on the essence of your gathering.

HOLLAND - Holland's finest 10 creative Meeting Venues - ADC Group

Stepping out of your comfort zone has never been this comfortable. The Playing Circle offers homely yet stylish interiors, where people feel right at home and this breaks down barriers. Experience the unusual setting of the Old Rubber Factory, the charm of the Cristofori Concert Hall or the Vaudeville Theatre, close to the colourful flower market.

Ruim - Utrecht Located in Utrecht's former inner harbour that serviced the fruit and vegetable auction, these three former sand and gravel hoppers were completely refurbished. An inspirational and creative setting for small meetings. Materia Inspiration Centre - Amsterdam Materia is an international network of tens of thousands of architects and material developers. The Materia Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam is their worldwide meeting space, a place where more than 1, innovative materials can be felt, compared and experienced.

The Materia Inspiration Centre is a perfect location when you are looking for a unique and inspiring setting for your meeting or brainstorm session. These glimpses into the future will inspire your attendees and help them to really think out of the box. Swingbo Eventlab - Utrecht Swingbo is all about encouraging team play.

The organization has developed various team play tools specifically for meetings. In addition, its own creative development environment - the Eventlab - is also for rent for your creative session, meeting or training. A unique, contemporary venue in the middle of the city!