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Please call UMMD () to request an onsite visit from one of our physician liaisons or email them directly at your convenience. There will be someone to welcome your guests at Schiphol with our exclusive Meet & Assist service. One of our friendly and professional hosts will receive your . Welcome to carefree travel, with Al Maha Services. Designed with your time and comfort in mind, our personalised meet-and-greet service aims to ensure a.

In addition to the people you will meet during your visit or stay, many others are working behind the scenes to contribute to the quality of your care.

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Doctors The doctors at Tufts Medical Center provide outpatient care for a range of specialties and subspecialties. Yearly check-ups, consultations, first time appointments and follow-up appointments are among the types of doctor's visits that you might have Tufts MC.

During your appointment, your doctor and other healthcare professionals will typically talk with you about your current health status and the next steps for care. Always make sure to ask any questions you may have; our doctors are happy to help and provide any guidance you may need.

services meet your

Because Tufts Medical Center is a teaching hospital, your attending physician is assisted by members of the house staff—residents and interns—who are physicians that are receiving specialized training.

Your medical care is always directed by a senior physician—your attending physician.

services meet your

Physician consultants, who specialize in treating certain conditions, may also visit you at the request of your attending physician. A physician member of your team is available around the clock to ensure that you receive expert medical care from someone familiar with your medical needs. Nurses Every patient admitted to Tufts Medical Center will be cared for by a registered professional nurse in collaboration with other nurses and clinical care technicians.

Your nurse will work with you to plan your care and will also work closely with other members of the health care team physicians, social workers, therapists, etc.

Technological Expectations Technological customer expectations focus on the evolving state of the product category. For example, mobile phones are continually evolving, leading to higher expectations of new features.

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The availability of low profile phones with email, camera, MP3, blue tooth technology, and increased storage will change technology expectations as well as the static and dynamic performance expectations of the product. These highly involving products are not just feature based, but raise expectations that enhance perceptions of status, ego, self-image, and can even evoke emotions of isolation and fear when the product is not available.

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Person to person relationships are increasingly important, especially where products require support for proper use and functioning. Support expectations include interpersonal sharing of technical knowledge, ability to solve a problem, ability to communicate, reduced time to problem resolution, courtesy, patience, enthusiasm, helpfulness, assurance that they understood my problem and my situation, communication skills, and customer perceptions regarding professionalism of conduct, often including image and appearance.

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Situational Expectations In building a customer satisfaction survey, it is also helpful to evaluate why pre-purchase expectations or post-purchase satisfaction may or may not be fulfilled or even measurable.

The following conditions may be considered: Expectations may not include unanticipated customer service attributes that are new to that consumer. Expectations may be based on vague images, thereby creating wide latitude of acceptable performance and expected satisfaction.

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Product performance expectations and evaluations may be sensory and not cognitive, as in expectations of taste, style or image. Such expectations are not only difficult to evaluate and understand, but may change over time and with consumption. The product use may attract so little attention as to produce no conscious affect or cognition evaluation.

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When measured, this results in meaningless satisfaction or dissatisfaction information. There may have been unanticipated benefits or consequences of purchasing or using the product such as a uses, usage situations, or features not anticipated with purchase.

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The original expectations may have been unrealistically high or low. The product purchaser, influencer and user may have each been a different type of individual, each having different expectations. Your research study may also benefit from considering expectations related to perceived quality and value.

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Customer Expectations Remember to keep these 7 customer expectations in mind before you set out to measure customer satisfaction.