Shadowlands anthony hopkins quotes in meet

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shadowlands anthony hopkins quotes in meet

Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger in Shadowlands () Anthony Hopkins Quotes. Jack: Why love, if losing hurts so much? I have no answers anymore. Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Debra Winger, Joseph Mazzello, Edward Hardwicke, John Wood, Michael fully dissects Lewis, his bountiful and yet tragic meeting with Joy; with love and with death. .. She used to quote, "Alone into the Alone. Anthony Hopkins, from the movie Shadowlands, where he plays C.S. Lewis”. ― C.S. Lewis To see what your friends thought of this quote, please sign up!.

This film provides examples of: Losing the person you love to a slow painful death by cancer. Just to twist the knife more, Lewis's own mother had died the same way when he was a boy, so he is all too aware of the effect it must be having on his stepson. Based on a True Story: The real-life romance of C.

Lewis and Joy Davidman. For bonus points, several direct quotations from Lewis's books notably A Grief Observed, describing his experience of bereavement are prominently featured. Jack agrees to marry Joy in a civil ceremony so she can stay in England, as a personal favor.

In real life Joy had two sons, Douglas and David; in the film she has just Douglas. Jack starts out as this, before meeting Joy. Jack questions his faith after Joy's death, but does not abandon it. Another letter form Mrs. Jewish Communist Christian American. I like her letters she can be quite sharp sometimes. Listen to this, Warnie.

shadowlands anthony hopkins quotes in meet

She writes as if she knows me somehow. Oh she is coming to England. She wants to meet us. No of course not, but she does suggest tea in a hotel. A hotel is safe. Though she might be mad. She does write poems. An hour or so with polite conversation and then we go home and everything goes on just as it always has.

Well, if it does, sue him. Well here's your friends thinking we're unmarried and up to all sorts of wickedness, when all along we're married and up to nothing at all.

God, you can be so hard work sometimes. So what do you do here? What do they do? Sit at your feet and gaze up at you in awe? No, not at all. I bet they do. We have some fine old battles in here, I can tell you that.

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Must be quite a boost for you, being older and wiser than all of them. Not to mention your readers. Your readers and that gang of friends of yours. All very well trained not to play out of bounds. What are you talking about?

Not much competition there. And what about Christopher Riley. Except doubt and fear and pain and terror. Where did all that come from? It isn't what it looks like. What's this woman doing, chasing all over England without her husband?

It's always a mistake, isn't it?

shadowlands anthony hopkins quotes in meet

I mean, you have to face things in the end. I left home because Bill fell in love with another woman. He takes the romantic view If you love someone, you marry them. He wants me to give him a divorce so he can marry number three.

And he's sometimes violent, and I guess I haven't loved him for years. It's just that he's worn me out. That's the truth of it. Joy, look, if there's anything I can do You can be my friend. I hope I'm that already. In you get, young man. We shall miss you. So they sail back tomorrow? I'm not sure that God particularly wants us to be happy. I think He wants us to be able to love Wants us to grow up. We think our childish toys But something must drive us out of the nursery You miss her, don't you?

Well, things are quieter now, aren't they? I'm not much of a talker. One of your many virtues, Warnie. I've always found this a trying time of the year. To do what, Jack? The leaves not yet out, mud everywhere you go. Sunny mornings not yet come. Give me blizzards and frozen pipes, but not this nothing time. Not this waiting room of the world. Tell me something, Christopher. How shall I put this?

Would you say you were content? The world is as it is. My contentment or otherwise has very little to do with it. Don't you ever feel a sense of waste? I hope you don't mind. May I come in? I happened to be in Blackwell's the other day Most of these books are stolen. They're written to be read. At least I read them So you read differently to the rest of us, do you? I read at night. It's the only thing breaks me concentration. When I start a new book my hands are shaking.

My eyes are jumping ahead Does he feel the way I felt? Does he see what I've seen? You know, my father used to say He was a teacher like you. Well, not like you. He was only the village schoolmaster. What was it your father used to say? Yes, I expect it would, if I wanted to be helped. Lewis, what can I say? Lewis, I didn't want to bother you. Lewis, I'm from Ohio.

I'll go on ahead. You'll join us, won't you? Well, Douglas and I live here now. We're divorced, but it's going to work out better for all of us. Why didn't you write? Why should I mind? So it's all all right then? I really am very, very surprised to see you here, you know. Well, I wasn't dead. I was just in America. Yes, but, um, you see, l I've been thinking about you. I'm just talking to my friend. I was thinking about you, and suddenly there you were.

No, here I am. I'll be with you in a moment. Do let me know where you are. I do hope I did the right thing. We're just in here. So, she's settled here for good, has she? For the foreseeable future. Will you be seeing much of her? Not much, I shouldn't think. I may look in again when I'm next in London. It's very sweet of you to come and see me again, Jack. I look forward to my outings to London. You must come and visit us in Oxford. Maybe as soon as Douglas's school term ends.

I would like to see Warnie again. You can just move Douglas's puzzle out of the way. Tell him I promise I won't turn into a nuisance. Why should you turn into a nuisance?

Well, Jack, I don't have to explain. As if I'm lying to you. I mean what I say. It's just that you don't say it all, do you? Well, one can't say it all. It would take too long. Just a little bit longer. I want a kiss. I'm gonna check the supper. What sort of things do you want me to say? Well, Jack, I want to remain friends with you We might as well know where we are. Never can really tell what's going on between people, can you?

People jump to conclusions. Sometimes it makes me quite angry, the way people Like us, you mean. I don't mean to say that friendship is a small thing. As a matter of fact, I rate it as one of life's most precious gifts. But it shouldn't be turned into a watered-down version Well, to give you one example, romantic love. That's not to say that friendship isn't, in its way A kind of love. I knew you'd understand.

You're a bachelor and I'm a divorced woman. Some people would imagine that you have romantic intentions towards me. You have no such intentions, and you want that out in the open Have I understood you correctly? I just said it. Wasn't so hard, was it? I'm just not used to this Naming names, that's all. Now you don't have to be afraid of me anymore, do you? I was never afraid of you. Why are you looking I really am very thankful for everything you've done for me. I'm sure there are more substantial ways I could be of help I don't want to exhaust your good will.

There's no fear of that. There is something which would help me enormously. This is very hard for me. If it's too much for you, you would just say no, wouldn't you? I mean, no guilt, evasion, no running away. Yes, I think I could just about manage that. Something I ought to tell you, Warnie. I've agreed to marry Joy. Seemed the right thing to do. There's nothing to worry about. See, what I've agreed to do is extend my British citizenship to her You're marrying Joy technically?

Well, a true marriage Joy will keep her own name, and we'll all go on living exactly as before. Before you are joined in matrimony I have to remind you of the solemn and binding character Lewis, you'll repeat after me.

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I simply have to catch the: I'll be most grateful for that drink, Joy. That's awfully kind of you, Warnie. I think I saw a pub just down the road. Shall we risk it? Well, that was quite an unusual experience. You must forgive Jack. Oh, I'm getting to know him a little by now.

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I think I understand him better. Anyway, I'm very grateful to him. Nobody's to know, he tells me. Well, actually, what he said was, it will be as if it never happened.

A great mistake, Jack. You'll live to regret it. Staying in this godforsaken place all summer. When Laura was alive, we once took the grandchildren camping. Sleep outside the tent and smoke a cigar. No, she's in London. She wants to see the pageant of learning. I feel distinctly under dressed.

This is just a sort of uniform, really. Why did I have a feeling you were going to say that? You haven't seen my rooms yet. Perhaps you should change those shoes. I won't talk about that. I'm not going to stay long either. For all I know, I'm not even allowed to be here. Female guests are permitted between: Jack, don't you sometimes just bust to share the joke? You really can be hard work sometimes. So, what do you do here? What do they do, sit at your feet and gaze up at you in awe?

No, not at all. I bet they do. We have some fine old battles in here, I can tell you that. Must be quite a boost for you, being older Not to mention your readers.

That gang of friends of yours Not much competition there. What about Christopher Riley? He never lets me get away with anything. How you've arranged a life for yourself where no one can touch you. Everyone that's close to you is either younger than you Why are you getting at me? I thought we were friends. I don't know that we are friends.

Not the way you have friends, anyway. Oh, I think you do. You just don't like it. One more year and you'd have your degree. I wonder what it is everyone wants from me. You asked the first question I've ever heard you ask that sounds like Is that what you want?

I just don't think I see my way ahead quite as clearly as you do. It's one of my stories. We live in the shadowlands.

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Sun is always shining somewhere else A London number, please. Yesterday, a friend of mine, a very brave One minute she was fit and well She's now in hospital, and this morning I was told she's See, if you love someone, you don't want them to suffer.

You can't bear it. You want to take their suffering onto yourself.

shadowlands anthony hopkins quotes in meet

If even I feel like that I'm so sorry, Jack. I just want her to be well again, you see. Of course you do. What a dangerous world we live in.

You've been up all night. Why don't you get some sleep? It's all too soon, you see. I just haven't had time, that's all. It doesn't take long. No, I suppose not. Whatever it is, I should just say it. You must be right, Warnie. But it is difficult, you see.

Yes, I do see that. Craig, this is my brother Warnie. We've made her as comfortable as we can. Otherwise, there's nothing further to report. How much has she been told? She's been told that the cancer has eaten away her left femur. The thigh bone snapped like a frozen twig. That's putting it more starkly than I would choose, Mr. But it's true, isn't it? The cancer is very advanced. Don't talk if it hurts.

I'll bring him over to see you when Do you have any water? Were you here to visit me before? A couple of times. I didn't mean to cause you all this bother. You're the one that's having the bother. What I mean is, you don't have to take care of me. Well, who do you expect to take care of you? You know what I'm trying to say. But who else should take care of you but me?

And I shall look after you technically. Jack, I have to know how bad it is. They won't tell me. That's because they're not sure themselves. Before Douglas gets here, I need to know. They say you're going to die. I'm a Jew, I'm divorced, I'm broke and I'm dying of cancer. Do you think I get a discount? Do you know something? You look at me properly now. I don't want to lose you.

I don't want to be lost. Is this pain really necessary? We'll make another one tomorrow. I promised Douglas you'd say "good night. Apparently he goes up there every day. It's all come too soon, you see? Her affairs aren't in order, and I suppose, his father?

She wouldn't want that. I mean, it's not as if It's not as if what, Harry? Well, she's your friend, of course, but, well She's not my wife? How could Joy have been my wife? I'd have to love her, wouldn't I?

I'd have to care more for her than I'd have to be suffering the torments of the damned. The prospect of losing her Nor did I, Harry. It's growing in right here. I got a new tooth. How 'bout that one on the bottom? Better take him home. I'll stay a little longer, catch the: May we come in? Ever had toasted tea cakes, Douglas? The secret's in the butter. You've gotta have so much it runs down your fingers. Should we go and find some? Put that tooth under your pillow.

You've gotta have lots. I want to marry you, Joy. I want to marry you before God and the world. It's me who hasn't been honest. Look what it takes to make me see sense. You think I've overdone it? Please don't leave me. You know, back where I come from Well, when a guy makes up his mind to marry a girl, he asks her. It's called a proposal. It's the same here. Did I miss it? Will you marry this foolish, frightened old man We don't seem to have had much time to talk.