Shanghai major regional qualifiers meet

Shanghai Major Qualifiers America: Team Archon prevail Dota Blast

shanghai major regional qualifiers meet

The Spring Major, just before the International, will take place in Assumption has it that these four regions will continue to host the majors in the future, even if the The announcement comes hot on the heels of the Shanghai qualifiers, They'll meet up in a group stage on February 25th, followed by the. However, the main team has undergone multiple iterations and shuffles, with to the Shanghai Major, and instead had to play the qualifiers to get there. . the North American region, arguably the weakest region in competitive Dota. The loser of the winner's match will almost definitely meet the loser from. Hello guys, Shanghai Major Open Qualifiers have been opened today to everyone. As part of Official Major rules All teams will be able to register five . draft and next thing you know, you're facing Alliance in regional qualifiers while we're stomped in 20minutes game or I'll meet some chill dudes and.

Evil Geniuses built their lead through the static lane phase and superior pick-off heroes, Batrider and Sven, with lockdown in Dark Seer and Doom to take control of the early game. The biggest factor in a comeback for Team Secret was the black hole and magnetize from Earth Spirit, as it helped them to eventually overwhelm every fight and take the map back.

The biggest key in what would eventually be a Game 1 victory would be Evil Geniuses' ignorance of the Lone Druid, which allowed the key item -- radiance -- to control the game from then on. Game 2 was a pushing battle with Evil Geniuses going all-in, while Team Secret only mimicked to avoid a team fight.

Evil Geniuses snowballed with Lycan's mobility and superior structural damage to take map control, and a very quick victory to even the series.

shanghai major regional qualifiers meet

Then, Game 3 happened, and things reached an entirely different level. In the draft, Team Secret went for high mobility and split push while Evil Geniuses prioritized team fight and an overall ball of death. The downside to Evil Geniuses' draft? Sumail received zero support in lane, and their supports needed levels and items.

Team Secret, behind w33 and Pieliedie's strong starts and rotations, took controlled neutral objectives, map vision and control, and early towers.

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Puppey's Nightstalker built a minute Aghnamim's Scepter for the superior night vision but, because of multiple overextensions from EternalEnvy and a big Roshan pick-off of w33, Evil Geniuses brought back the game back to an even keel. Despite the stronger defenses of Evil Geniuses, the split-push of Team Secret made every fight and trade a costly one as a part of EternalEnvy and Misery's rat strategy.

Even with EternalEnvy's best efforts to throw the game, it was eventually bad positioning from Arteezy that cost Evil Geniuses the rest of their barracks and forced the team to go for an all-in push.

Arteezy led the charge but got zoned out and dropped both rapiers -- and eventually the game -- as Team Secret set a date with Team Liquid in the Upper Bracket finals. Lower bracket -- Round 3 Alliance vs.

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They allowed Alliance their comfort picks in the draft, played the split-push game and took a couple of games into the later stages -- where they outplayed the veteran squad, and ultimately beat them. Underdogs often make for the best stories, and compLexity Gaming continues to march on in its journey in Shanghai.

Game 1 was a timing battle between compLexity Gaming's early lineup and Alliance's radiance timing. Though compLexity Gaming's early ganks were answered by Alliance's Chen rotation and Zeus damage, two big fights allowed them to control the map. Nuke after nuke and lightning bolt after clutch lightning bolt was all compLexity Gaming saw, as Alliance used two big buybacks and an aegis to crush through the base defense to take the first game. Later, compLexity Gaming drafted an Earth Spirit to harass every lane for an early kill lead in Game 2, but the first team fight was all Alliance.

Alliance would group up often, and picked off core or support alike to swing the gold lead in their favor, but one sunstrike from Chessie led to another Roshan for compLexity Gaming and a stalemate into the midgame.

Alliance were forced into their split-push and kept the damage to a minimum. I have tried the PS3 and I absolutely loved it but it was very time consuming and unrewarding compared to PC gaming. I just kept on playing Dota, then Dota 2 as well as Counter-Strike 1.

How did you discover Dota, and do you remember when you first fell in love with it? I used to play a lot of Counter-Strike 1. After about a year of playing 1.

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You were the very first player to reach 8, MMR. How did you manage it? What would be your number one tip for someone aspiring to reach that level? I set my goal as reaching 8, MMR first, as I thought it would be a good way to get noticed by all of the professional teams and players to potentially go competitive.

I tried my very best to get it with always having a good attitude towards my team, and trying extremely hard every game. If you are really into Dota and you think you have a good chance of making it, then just go for it and never give up, even during the hardest of times. They have had only scrims with which to practice following the dearth of actual competition in the past three weeks, added to the ongoing festivities.

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However, LGD will definitely look forward to make their mark on homeground again, especially with rOtK and his ability to build morale through the crowd. LGD should be making it through to the winner's bracket, as long as they beat Newbee in their opening match. Newbee The mighty can fall, and they can indeed fall hard. The Champions of The International have fallen far from their past glory - after an abysmal the team has recruited ChuaN from Invictus Gaming, and has also reunited Hao with his close friend Mu in the roster.

However, the dream team remains broken - in their place NewBee has two young talents, with Xiao2lei in the offlane and Le in the support role.

shanghai major regional qualifiers meet

The team has struggled to adjust, with the support duo playing together for the first time - Le having been just promoted from the Newbee. Young squad together with ChuaN's entry to the team in early December. NewBee has done relatively well since December, claiming second place at the Shanghai Dota 2 Open - a domestic tournament that saw them eliminating Vici Gaming in the semifinals.

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As such, NewBee can be argued to have a fighting chance coming into the Shanghai Major - they are on home ground, and have revitalised the team with the new players in addition to the former champions in Hao and Mu. Hao, the current captain of the team, is also known as the most aggressive carry player in China, with his signature heroes like Lifestealer, Luna, and Spectre.

ChuaN is also a legendary support, being one of the few Chen and Enchantress players who could compete with players like Puppey and Akke in the past. NewBee definitely have the potential to do well, but the lack of competition is likely to affect them as much as it does the other Chinese teams. However, the main obstacle they will face lies in both OG and LGD Gaming - both of whom are stronger than them on paper. Of course, NewBee might still cause an upset yet; but that would most probably depend on their opening match against LGD Gaming.

OG OG's star has been on the rise ever since their creation as monkey Business, with the team's breakout performance at the Frankfurt Major, winning every single match through the lower bracket to take the top prize. OG's roster has been consistent since its formation - the team was a result of long time Fnatic teammates Fly and N0tail bringing together some of the teammates they had made during their period of playing on different teams.