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Shrek 2 crashes? Game not starting? Bugs in Shrek 2? Tips for issues solving.

The Shrek franchise from DreamWorks Animation, based on William Steig's picture book Shrek!, consists of four computer-animated films including: Shrek ( ), Shrek 2 (), Shrek the . As Shrek, Donkey and Puss set off to find Artie, Fiona reveals she is . In , Shrek 2 required over 10 million CPU render hours. Check the Shrek 2: Team Action system requirements. Can I Run it? System requirements Lab runs millions of PC requirements tests on over for the Windows swap file and 1 MB free for saved games); CD-ROM: 4X Speed CD/ DVD ROM. First of all, how did you get PC game when it isn't available yet? And . release a patch for older video cards or GASP! return the game! or. money to do a better port that could run on lesser system requirements with better PC download and 2)can actually run those games. no-doubt awe-inspiring "Shrek" to demand it.

When they arrive, Shrek and Fiona are not what they expected. However it does not work and Shrek and Fiona stay together. Shrek and Donkey get a new sidekick called Puss in Boots. They have a lengthy quest to search the Fairy Godmother's cottage to get a love potion.

Shrek and Donkey drink the potion and they become something quite unexpected. Shrek becomes human and Donkey becomes a horse. Since Shrek drank the potion, it also affected Fiona as she woke up to seeing her human form once again. At the end of the film, King Harold turns back into a frog after being struck with the Fairy Godmother's magic. Shrek the Third [ edit ] Main article: The King promises that if they can find Fiona's cousin Artiehe will make him the next in line, so both Shrek and Fiona would not have to run the country after his death.

Shrek is shocked as he believes he will not be a good father and will ruin his child's life. This is reinforced by his relationship with his own father, where "he tried to eat me. Meanwhile, Charming plots to overthrow Artie and become king, but this is foiled by Shrek. The film ends with Shrek and Fiona caring for their newborn ogre triplets.

Shrek Forever After [ edit ] Main article: First — turn off anti-aliasing and try to lower the setting, responsible for post-processing. Many of them consume a lot of resources and switching them off will greatly enhance the performance, and not greatly affect the quality of the picture.

Shrek 2 crashes to the desktop If Shrek 2 often crashes to the desktop, try to reduce quality of the graphics. It is possible that your PC just does not have enough performance and the game may not work correctly. Also, it is worth to check out for updates - most of today's games have the automatic patches installation system on startup if internet connection is available.

Check to see whether this option is turned off in the settings and switch it on if necessary. Black of black screen in the Shrek 2 The most common issue with black screen is a problem with your GPU.

Check to see if your video card meets the minimum requirements and install the latest drivers DriverScanner will help you with this. Sometimes a black screen is the result of a lack of CPU performance. Shrek 2 is not installed. Installation hangs First of all, check that you have enough space on the HDD for installation. Remember that to work properly installer requires the declared volume of space, plus GB of additional free space on the system drive.

Otherwise, the games and the other software may not work correctly or even refuse to start. MaxiDisk will help you with finding and removing any temporary files, not need for Windows or other programs to run. Magic Beans- Collecting twelve of these will earn you a snapshot. Half Health- This replenishes your party's health by exactly 50 percent. This temporarily makes your team invulnerable to all enemy attacks. This temporarily increases your party's attack damage.

This temporarily turns nearby enemies into 1-hit point frogs. Shrek Platform- a box that Shrek can pick up, and carry. Shrek Gear- a gear Shrek can carry, and place into machinery.

TNT Barrel- An explosive barrel that damages enemies, and objects. Teeter Totter- Use two characters to reach great heights. You control one of the four characters in single player games. The computer controls the other three characters. You can switch at any time to control a different character and use their abilities. Except during Hero Time As you play, if another character joins the party, a character will leave the group to keep the total to four.

Since some characters are better suited for better tasks, Hero Time allows each character to show off their talents and assist the party through the level. Each character is marked by a colored selection circle that surrounds the character. Player one's color is yellow, player two's color is red, player three's color is blue, and player four's color is green. When more than one, but fewer than four players are playing, you can switch between your character and the character s that's being controlled by the computer.

The game automatically detects installed controllers; so additional players can join a game in progress by inserting a controller, and pressing the Start Button. Or leave a game by removing a controller. If another player joins your game, the new player controls the selected character.

If a player leaves a game, the computer takes over the vacated character. Players can leave a game by pausing; selecting options, then selecting choose players. Below their pictures are red health meters. As a character takes damage, the line moves to the left. Some characters have an ammo slot on the top right to show how much ammo is left for that characters special ability.

Collectable Display- All the collectables in the level are displayed in the upper right corner when collected or when you are pressing the Back Button. Boss Meter- During Boss Battles, their health meter appears in the upper left corner of the screen. Access this sub-menu to gain valuable information on your character. Access this sub-menu to find information on up-grades and learn which ones are affecting your party. Look at the snapshots for the level.

To see the snapshots from other levels, go to the storybook and enter the scrapbook sub-menu. Change settings on vital game play components. Exit the current level, and return to the Storybook. Return to Game- Return back into the game. On the right page you will find information on the levels snapshots.

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Auto Save is triggered at every checkpoint and is also triggered at snapshots. Auto save keeps track of levels completed, and mini games completed in levels three and six. Once enough mini games are completed in those levels, auto save will open the next level automatically. This is my walkthrough section of my guide. In case you are wondering, this is my first time playing the game. Please excuse if I make an era in my walkthrough because of my fist time playing. During some situations, I may have a four-character combination that is completely absurd, and you might have a different one, but I just wanted you to know that this is from me playing when I describe what to do that is how I did it.

But I guarantee if you follow my way you will be o your way to victory.

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Then select the o. You will eventually be hit with three data's to save on: Game A Game B game C. Pick one, and begin your game. While they were packing, Shrek remembered he still needs some essentials before they left.

Shrek 2 - Walkthrough (Xbox)

Look, and move around collecting all of the items in the air. After collecting 18 eyeballs by killing snails, and slugs, earning you a snapshot go to where the gate with the grapevines on it. To the left of you, have Shrek go up to the pole, and press the B button.

The Pole will move back, as the gate opens for you and your three companions. As you walk through the gate, you will see a man in a cage. Free him if you want but he will ask you to save his other brothers. You will also see many gold coins, and snails. Kill all the snails and or slugs earning gold coins, and also snag all of the gold coins.

They will be useful later on. There is a platform near the ramp in the gate yard. Use Shrek's ogre lifting powers Y button and lift the platform. Walk up the ramp, and you will be ambushed by these weird woodsmen from the first movie. The lead woodsman will call the rest of his merry men, and fight you.

These guys are very tough for our first fight, and they seem to just keep on coming. These guys may take you more than once. It is, after all your first battle. Keep using Donkey's burro blast is how I got them on my second try. After beating all of the merry men, you have reached a checkpoint. You know what that means, another snapshot has been obtained. After you receive your snapshot, another gate with grapevines will open. Go through the gate, and down the ramp, and hitting the target with Gingerbread Man.

But first set free another man in a cage Doing this will open another gate with grapevines. As you walk in you will be greeted by an elf. He says that he will let you through if you get some fairies for him.

By a few he means a dozen. To get the fairies, you will need to pick up that hourglass on the left side of the screen. Use Princess Fiona, and her special ability for this task. Press the Y button after you have the hourglass, and control of Fiona. This is her special slow time. It slows down all of your enemies. Jump with her o loose fairies, pressing the A button.

After collecting twelve fairies talk to the elf. A good job will appear on your screen, you know what that means; you have just won a new snapshot. After you talk to the "Wee Elf" Yet another gate with grapevines on it will open. In this little cove, there are two turtles, and apple, and a target on the water. You can either stun the turtles, or have Shrek ogre lift, and hit the turtles against the target, or have gingerbread man hit the target with his candy cane either way will work.

After the target is hit, another gate with grapevines will open, and there you will find a cookie to use for Gingerbread man's special ability.

The mirror explains that this is Gingerbread man's special ability. A demonstration occurs, and all animals are attracted to Gingerbread Man's cookie. The magic mirror explains how to use the special, and then you move on. In this next cove, kill all the enemies collecting coins, and free another man.

You will see a teeter totter on the top of your screen. The Magic Mirror explains that you can have Shrek belly flop a character much higher and far in distance. Have Shrek bounce a character, to the other side, and then the gate with grapevines opens into another cove. Here, there is another Teeter-Totter. Bounce gingerbread man to get all of the coins above the Teeter Totter. Finally, have donkey, and Shrek come to the edge.

Shrek will yell because there are chickens all over his precious swamp. In this task, you must first stun the chickens using Shrek's A, B Button. The Shrek must pick up the chicken aim the target by holding the X button, and throw the chicken into lil' red's soup. Jeez could she be any more obsessed with her grandma? After doing this to eight chickens, you will earn a checkpoint, and a snapshot.

Now is your chance to explore, go around Shrek's swamp, hitting platforms, and opening gates collecting coins and just basically having a good time with your Shrek 2 Video Game. Now, go to a gate near the jump springs, where there is a picture of an alligator, and a picture of a strange person in a costume. Use gingerbread man to hit the target in the lake to open the gate.

In here the mirror explains that you should use Fiona's slow time at the right moment to get across the bridge safely Basically when the gators are off. Do this, and get to the other side. When you get to the other side, you will receive a checkpoint, but not a snapshot. Continue on the only way possible, until you come to a gate, and the magic mirror.

He will tell you, that only an animal kick could break the gate, you know what that means, donkey to the rescue. Use his burro blast, and open the gate. In this miniature cove, all you will see is a hill with coins, and a hill with a lever. Also you will see a potion and a Shrek platform. Move the platform to the south of your screen upon a hill where a lever is.

In this cove, you will find grandma's house when you walk in little red riding hood talks to her grandma about the chickens and how they got them. Then, she introduces her grandma to her four new friends. Now, grandma tells little red to round up some blackbirds. In comes magic mirror, and says Shrek is hungry, and wants pie but who will be willing to "Bring home the blackbird?

Fiona, it is your Hero Time! After she returns to grandma's house, it is time to say good by to a character. Gingerbread Man says that it has been fun, but I got to go. Little Red Riding Hood asks if there is room on the carriage, for she has a championship softball game to go to.

Another funny element in the game of Shrek 2. Save your game again for good measure, and then go to chapter select. Select the spooky forest, and the book tells a story of how an evil witch came on Shrek, and Fiona's carriage and turned the horses into three blind mice. Witches do after all need mice to do witchcraft.

The storybook tells of how she left a trail of cheese leading to her haunted house. Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Little Red Riding Hood get out in the middle of the forest, while Fiona complains that they have to find a potion to change them back into horses.

On the left side of the screen, there is a pole; on top of the pole is a bell. Use little red to get the bell, and hit it. Hence opening the gate to the forest. Go down the path, and two to three hunters will attack them. Take care of them easily, and talk to the tree. He refuses to move out of the way.

Shrek tells Donkey to use his burro blast. Have Donkey do this, and cross the tree. Now a bridge You will come into another area.

Have Red throw an apple at the bell to the left of the screen opening the gate north of the screen to another area. Keep walking strait, and the Magic Mirror will talk to you saying to take care of the mousetraps before someone gets hurt, or worse Have little Red throw an apple at both, and then continue on strait. On your way strait you will come across more forest hunters. Kill them easily with either Shrek, or Donkey. After killing the hunters, one of the blind mice will crawl through a hole in the gate.

After this occurs, the gate swings open allowing you to pass. In this next area go strait across the bridge with Donkey, go to the tree to the tree north of you, and use your burro blast creating a bridge that everyone can cross. In the next area, use Shrek to press the B button on the lever.

After this is done, the ramp will swing down creating a path. Cross it, and you will be ambushed yet again by hunters. Kill them all, and you will gain a snapshot. Continue on, and you will come to a pole with a bell on top of it. Use red to knock the bell, opening the gate.

Go through the gate, and pull the lever opening yet another gate. Go through this one, but hurry up and have red press the X button, to destroy the trap.

Continue on, and you will come across the tree standing in your way. Use Donkey's burro blast to knock it down creating a bridge to cross on. In the next little area, use Donkey's burro blast yet again and knock down the tree creating a bridge. Cross it, and you will end up on a little raised area of land. As you sep onto the raised area of land, a checkpoint is documented.

From this little area, you are going to want to take a right following the cheese. Here, you will here Fiona say "It' is Fiona time.

There is an hourglass there, so get it, and use it to kill all of the bats around the hourglass. Continue on after, and you will come to a house, you will hear a conversation going on that says, "You do not have to go back to your castle but you cannot stay here.

Shrek 2 crashes? Game not starting? Bugs in Shrek 2? Solution to most technical problems.

After you kill him, a horde of woodsmen will attack you kill all of them, but watch out. After defeating everything that comes to you, take a left to where you came in. Here will be a hole, big enough for one of the blind mice to climb through, ringing the three bells, and opening the gate, after this happens, a snapshot, and a checkpoint will be obtained.

Before going over that bridge, go down to the right side of it, and use Fiona's slow time to kill all of the bats down under the bridge. If you do not get them all, do not worry about it. A few bats will not kill. After you kill all or most of the bats go forward. Here are some bouncy springs that you can hop on to get coins, and an hourglass. Go up the next bridge. The sword swinger is here, and he is tough.

Try to kill him with donkey, but watch out don't get hit by the sword!