Slgc meet 2013 calendar

slgc meet 2013 calendar

SLGC Course Outline MA Law, Politics & Society MS' SUS Academic Calendar WS . AUD's 1 Alumni Meet is scheduled on 18 February .. Meet - Salute. Meet - Awards. Meet - Boys Group 2. Meet - Group. Meet Info Meet Me in St. Louis Presented by St. Louis Call SLGC at REGISTRATION NOW (c) Meet Me In - Web Design by LinkRep. City Council may wish to schedule a Special Meeting for Agenda items that City Council determines to be in the public interest, to expire June 30, , with an option to Golf, LLC which will perform some or all of the services at SLGC .. At the end of each calendar month, after paying the operating.

A firm would be able to access only its own NMFCQ; the information would be password-protected to prevent any public access. The information then would be interfaced to the internal NASD Regulation systems requiring this set of data. Further, the By-Law also would require each member to maintain an Internet e-mail address on behalf of its executive representative.

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This e-mail address would be used proactively to send messages reminding the firm to review and update its contact information. There are other reasons the staff is interested in member Internet access and e-mail.

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Once established, it opens up many options for timely communications with our members and associated cost savings. It also can assist members with timely internal distribution of NASD information, notices, and publications. Other potential initiatives include eliminating or reducing printed publications, sending more timely announcements and notices, and providing value-added services to members. The NASD is proposing a one-year transition period to accommodate small firms that may not currently have Internet access or electronic mail accounts.

The membership approved these changes on November 13,and the SEC approved them on November 14, The terms "Industry" and "Non-Industry" were transposed. The Section should provide that the number of Non-Industry committee members should equal or exceed the number of Industry committee members.

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A member may change its executive representative upon giving notice thereof via electronic process or such other process the NASD may prescribe to the Secretary, or may, when necessary, appoint, by notice via electronic process to the Secretary, a substitute for its executive representative.

An executive representative of a member or a substitute shall be a member of senior management and registered principal of the member.

slgc meet 2013 calendar

This proprietary information is protected by contractual agreements as well as through patents and patents pending, to the extent appropriate. The patents are protected by federal law. To protect its proprietary information, the Company also enters into non-disclosure agreements with its employees, vendors and customers.

Where appropriate, the Company will take and has taken all steps necessary to defend its intellectual property. The Company and the subject industries are also subject to other federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations, including those that require the Company to remediate or mitigate the effects of the disposal or release of certain chemical substances at various sites, mostly at sites where the Company has ceased operations.

It is impossible to predict precisely what effect these laws and regulations will have on the Company in the future. Loss contingencies include potential obligations to investigate and eliminate or mitigate the effects on the environment of the disposal or release of certain chemical substances at various sites, such as Superfund sites and other facilities, whether or not they are currently in operation.

The Company is currently participating in environmental assessments and cleanups at a number of sites and in the future may be involved in additional environmental assessments and cleanups.

slgc meet 2013 calendar

However, it is the nature of environmental contingencies that other circumstances might arise, the costs of which are indeterminable at this time due to such factors as changing government regulations and stricter standards, the unknown magnitude of cleanup costs, and the unknown timing and extent of the remedial actions that may be required. These other circumstances could result in additional expenses or judgments, or offsets thereto.

slgc meet 2013 calendar

The adverse resolution of any one or more of these other circumstances could have a material adverse effect on the business, operating results, financial condition or cash flows of the Company. Table of Contents There are three sites on which the Company may incur material environmental costs in the future as a result of past activities of its former subsidiary, SurfTech.

There are two Company owned sites related to its former subsidiary, SurfTech. With respect to the Camden Site, the Company has reported soil contamination and a groundwater contamination plume emanating from the site. Based on an assessment of post-injection data, our consultants believe the pilot study can be implemented as a full scale soil remedy to treat unsaturated contaminated soil. The RAWP will select the injection remedy as the site wide remedy for unsaturated soils, along with demolition and proper disposal of the former concrete building slab and targeted excavation and disposal of impacted soil immediately underlying the slab.

slgc meet 2013 calendar

Additionally, the RAWP will address a small area of impacted soil off the property. The RAWP for treatment of unsaturated soils is scheduled to be implemented in the third quarter of Consistent decreases in target contaminants concentrations in groundwater were observed.

In Decembera report was submitted to the NJDEP stating sufficient information was obtained from the pilot study to complete the full scale groundwater remedy design. As previously reported, the Company is currently participating in environmental assessments and cleanups at a number of sites. One of these sites is a commercial facility, located in Wayne, New Jersey. A soil remedial action plan has been developed to remove the new soil source contamination that continues to impact groundwater.

The remedial action consisted of additional in-situ injections of food grade product into on-site groundwater and post-performance groundwater monitoring.

The in-situ injections are completed, and remedial action performance monitoring for groundwater is scheduled to occur through Enhancements to the existing vapor intrusion system were completed in the fourth quarter Costs related to this site are recorded as part of discontinued operations, net of tax.