Spirited away chihiro meet haku

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spirited away chihiro meet haku

Spirited Away Chihiro and Haku Meet. Chihiro and Haku first meet on the bridge that leads to the legendary Bathhouse. However, because the. And I think only then would she be able to see Haku again. Shortly after the events of Spirited Away the ancient weapons from Nausica went. The ending of Spirited Away left me hanging ang longing for an answer, and 30 their own versions of the sequel or how Chihiro and haku would meet agin.

Though it may just be that she loses the memories after crossing the threshold into the human world.

5 Reasons Why Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away Will Meet Again

One thing that Miyazaki tells us is that Chihiro does in fact lose her memories of the events in the Spirit world as she leaves it. But does she truly forget? Though magic is used to wipe her recently made memories, is it forever? At the beginning of the movie, Chihiro was quite sceptical of moving to a new place, worried and lacked confidence.

However, at the end of the movie she has a different outlook on her new life.

spirited away chihiro meet haku

Even after her changes in development throughout the film, we find it hard to believe that she could change her mind that suddenly without having a reference to base her change in decision on.

Considering the fact that no time has passed in her memories. The promise Before Chihiro departs, she makes a promise with Haku that they will meet again. Chihiro will most likely try to find a way back to meet Haku, when she eventually remembers.

spirited away chihiro meet haku

After discovering something that has changed her way of life so drastically, one would be certain that Chihiro will no-doubt try to rediscover the spirit world, especially because of the promise to meet Haku again.

One important theme from the film that Miyazaki encompasses is the use of Shinto motifs as a basis for the film, where they say that every living thing has a spirit. It was Haku that saved her by carrying her to the bank.

The Japanese version, however, explains that the river still flows underground. This is why Haku was working for Yubaba, as he was lost and had no way to get home.


Haku is no longer bound to Yubaba because he was released from her contract after recovering his real name, which means that he is able to go where he pleases, even possibly to cross between worlds, in order to fulfil the promise. It's made from the threads your friends wove together.

spirited away chihiro meet haku

This item proves that her time in the spirit world was not just a dream. But what is the significance of this hair tie? We believe it is her connection to the spirit world. Zeneba explains that the hair tie will protect her, meaning that it contains magic.

Chihiro and Haku (Spirited Away) Will Meet Again

The glittering at the end when Chihiro returns to the human world further reinforces the fact that the hair tie contains some kind of magic.

Also there is the possibility of Haku entering the human world, as he has done once before. How the portal opened in the first place is a mystery, but the movie gives us a suggestion that there is in fact more than one portal. Looking back to the beginning of the movie when they first enter the spirit world, Chihiro and her family enter through a tunnel beside two other tunnels.

This could mean that there are in fact, other ways into the spirit world. However, because the Spirit World is unsafe for Chihiro, Haku tells her to leave immediately.

Chihiro wondered why Haku acted cold and harsh to her. Their first meeting wasn't your normal meet-and-greet, but these two soon meet again when Chihiro wanders around in panic.

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Re-do of their First Meeting Chihiro begins to disappear and goes to hide. Haku finds her and feeds her a small pill that helps her become whole again. Haku shows a kinder, softer side of himself in this meeting, which is his true nature. He even protects her from Yubaba, who is the witch and owner of the Bathhouse. This meeting was like a second chance, and Haku shows his real self to Chihiro. The next time Haku and Chihiro see each other again is when Yubaba summons Haku and asks him to help Chihiro.

However, he acts cold toward her, which causes Chihiro to become confused and wonder if there's another Haku. Haku's sudden coldness can be due to the curse Yubaba put on him to control Haku. Another reason could be that Haku didn't want anyone to know that he was connected to Chihiro in order to help her without any interference.

His coldness can be seen as kindness in a way, but it's not Haku's true character as we later find out. Parents in the Pig Pen Early in the morning, Haku takes Chihiro to the pig pen so she can see her parents, who were turned into pigs.