Stafford apex open meet 2013 oscar

Stafford Apex Autumn Open Meet

stafford apex open meet 2013 oscar

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We are so jealous of her abs! Next time you see Crazy Daisy be sure to compliment her muscles and congratulate her for being our December Camper of the Month!

His mom adopted him in his later years and, boy, did she strike gold with Rufus! Rufus is the epitome of the perfect dog. When he starts his mornings, he comes barreling through the door ready to get started for the day. Throughout the day he takes power naps to get him rejuvenated for some more play yard action!

Her Camp Counselors love when she comes into Camp with her wiggle butt, ready to play! After socializing with all of her friends and ready for an afternoon nap, Bella lays down with her legs sprawled out — kind of looking like a frog! Thank you for being our October Camper of the Month, Bella! He soon became a Member after trying out Camp a few times and has been woo-ing the ladies ever since! Blue puts on the moves for his girlfriends, Emma and Kahlua, whenever he is in the Play Yard.

He is also very affectionate with his Camp Counselors — he wants to be right by your feet at all times! Blue is also true to his breed and is a talker!

He tells us all about his day whenever he is at Camp. Thank you for being our September Camper of the Month Blue! Kettie became a Day Camp Member after only trying out visiting three times and she has been a great addition to our Pack! Kettie is true to her breed and loves to hang out by the pool. She even gets her pals to join in on the fun to make it a pool paw-ty!

Thank you for being the life of our party, Kettie and congratulations on being our August Camper of the Month! We can't think of a better way to celebrate, especially since his birthday was July 3rd! Crosby has been coming to Camp since when we has just four-months old.

He started in our small yard play area where he ran the show! Eventually he graduated to our back yards where he has flourished! Crosby has a special talent in the winter months that include playing keep away with his hunk of snow.

You can usually spot him trying to woo his lady friends, or taking a snooze on the play equipment with the guys. When it's time to go home Crosby has to give all of his Camp Counselors a love nibble, and then he's on his merry way.

His Counselors have also given him the loving nick name of "Crosberry", because he is just too sweet! We look forward to many more love nibbles from Crosby, and want to congratulate him on being July Camper of the Month! Border Collie Mix Personality Missy was just a five-month old pup when she had her first day of Camp, and has been coming regularly ever since! Missy is so goofy whenever she is ready to start Circuit Training — sometimes we think she can tell time! As soon as the clock strikes She never fails to impress her assistant trainers with her improvement and development.

stafford apex open meet 2013 oscar

Missy has never met a stranger and is sure to make everyone feel welcomed when she is at Camp. Beagle Mix Personality Tucker spends his time with all of his friends in the small yard. He is known as a social butterfly and makes friends with everyone he meets!

Thank you for being an outstanding member of our Pack, Tucker! The very next day, she became a Membership client and has been wooing us ever since! She enjoys hanging out with Campers Allie and Crosby, who both have similar personalities! Roxy certainly is a queen in our books!

We love having Roxie as a member of our Pack! We consider Dakota a local celebrity because he has so many fans here at Camp between the Campers and the Camp Counselors!

He has a big personality but steals our hearts with his wonderful singing voice. He is always starting the chorus with all of the Campers in the play yards. Once he starts, they all start singing! Dakota is also a very smart pup! Whenever he is in Circuit Training he always shows off of his best moves. Dakota is moving soon and we are all going to miss him dearly!

We hope he has enjoyed being at Camp the past few years as much as we have enjoyed having him here! We will miss you, Dakota! Australian Shepherd Personality Millie has been a paw-some addition to our Pack for the past six years.

Millie has many friends at Camp because she gets along with everyone tremendously well! We enjoy her loving personality and so do all of our puppies who come in for their first day. She takes on the role of the Mamma dog and shows them the ropes at Camp! Millie was rescued by her parents and they were a perfect fit. It is very clear that they lover her dearly. We appreciate Millie being such a great leader at Camp.

She is a great role model for other pups to look up to and her belly rubs are endless! Golden Retriever Personality Louis has been coming to Camp for three years now - and boy, do we enjoy his jolly personality! He always lets himself in the door and runs straight to the play yard, eager to see all of his friends! He is, indeed, a Camper favorite!

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Louis loves all of the butt scratches and belly rubs he can get from his Camp Counselors! Louis does in-home training sessions so we would like to brag that he is a very smart boy and listens to us very well.

Golden Retriever Personality Emma is a very laid back and well mannered pup. She never jumps on her Camp Counselors and makes friends very easily. We look forward to many more years of enjoying her company! He is always alert and ready for class every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He really enjoys showing off all of the tricks he learns each week and doesn't mind the treats that come along with it! Reagan loves to nap and curls up in a tiny ball to dream away - he would probably sleep all day if we would let him!

Reagan also loves playing with his kind, you will never find him too far from another Vizsla. Sunbathing is one of Reagan's favorite things to do at Camp. He is a very laid-back, relaxed guy so the Camp Counselors enjoy spending their time scratching his belly as he gets a suntan.

Reagan is very smart and enjoys meeting new friends. We are all pleased to share our time with him at Camp! Rain or shine, Apex is always playful and enjoys the outdoor yards. When coming to Camp, he enjoys playing with his two best friends, Jax and Odin, or getting attention from his Camp Counselors.

Apex also likes to play games with his friends in the yard by running up to them, barking, and then running away. He is always making the Camp Counselors in the yard laugh!

Apex also truly enjoys getting his hydro baths at Camp. He enjoys relaxing while the Camp Counselors brush his fur out, and he is always singing to whomever has the pleasure of bathing him. Whether we're watching him play or listening to him serenade the Counselors, we always enjoy having Apex at Camp!

She is very well-mannered and always wants to be the center of attention! Bailey loves to greet our Camp Counselors and get LOTS of butt scratches and love first thing in the morning, and with such a sweet face who can say no to that? Bailey can be a little shy at first while getting to know you, but once she does she will give you as many hugs and kisses as you could want.

Here at Camp we cannot get over how cute her friendship is with her best friend, Trini! When Bailey is not sunbathing with her best bud, she enjoys pacing the play yards and following the Camp Counselor around stealing as many cuddles as she can. He is a definite heartthrob but is super picky with his kisses! Pluto loves to enter the yard and greet our Camp Counselors immediately! He also loves to circle the yard a few times and say hi to all of his friends. Pluto is famous for unexpectedly walking from behind and poking out his head from beneath his Counselors.

He is such a silly and playful boy. We absolutely love having Pluto at Camp, he brings all of us joy and laughter! Kimber has been all tail wags since day 1 and happily runs around barking making new friends in the pack and welcoming all the other new Campers.

She spends her days romping with her friends, and is especially fond of her new love interest, Champ a lab mix and our Camp Counselor Haley H. Kimber loves affection from both humans and canines and loves to play outside and get butt scratches from our Certified Camp Counselors. Freckles enjoys Camp, but you'd never know by watching her Oscar-nominated performance at drop off. She's worked hard at training us in her process and we're willing PAW-ticipants in her daily charade, which involves her sitting and air-catching a cookie from the jar, and enjoying each and every crumb, having her leash hung up, then promptly rolling over for belly rubs.

If you've ever seen a dog, laying belly up in the lobby area Then, and only then,will she spontaneously recover from her death and walk to the play yard.

stafford apex open meet 2013 oscar

Once she's reached the play yard, she claims her place on the play equipment, lays her head on the bridge and promptly falls asleep.

In the afternoon, her want-to-be boyfriend Kona the black lab barks in her ear all afternoon, trying to convince her to get up and play. It doesn't work, but he tries anyway, on a daily basis.

stafford apex open meet 2013 oscar

But he later agreed that he should showcase his own material. There were several line up changes during this period but a stable five piece unit was eventually formed with Douglas Vipond on drums, James Prime on keyboards, Graeme Kelling on guitar and Ewen Vernal returning to Ricky''s side on bass.

They experimented with backing vocals during their live sets and soon felt that a female vocal added a new perspective to the overall sound of the band.

Carol Moore was replaced by Lorraine McIntosh who's amazing vocal talents and frenetic stage presence lit up their entire set.

After rejection from every other record label they finally had interest from Gordon Charlton of CBS records.

He was in Glasgow to see another band, and during his time there he heard a demo tape which the band had made. He was immediately impressed, particularly by the song "Dignity". Jon Kelly was recruited to produce the record. March Their debut single "Dignity" is released amid constant UK touring. May Saw the release of their debut album "Raintown".

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The album deservedly meets with favourable reviews. The album is released with a "No Risk! A few discs were returned but on the whole, response was good. The band play a further 11 dates, part of a plan to build a committed live audience. By the end of Deacon Blue will have played 90 shows.

June "Loaded" the bands second single is released, And again fails to chart. Constant live work establishes a base audience and the single makes the lower reaches of the UK chart. September The band begin their first European tour with dates in Germany and Holland. On arrival back home the band immediately embark on another British tour.

November "Dignity" is re-recorded with American producer Bob Clearmountain. They resume their live work with further dates in Scotland. At the end of the month the band return to Europe for shows in Italy and Spain. February "Raintown" is re-released this time packaged as a double album featuring "Riches" an 11 track compilation of B-sides and live tracks.

Something of a smack in the face for the fans who had already bought the album last may, but nevertheless the album limited to 20, copies sells out immediately. Thus placing the album at number 14 in the UK chart. The band then embark on yet another UK tour.

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They also begin work on their second album. July "Chocolate Girl" is chosen to be released and reaches number August The band play festival dates in Inverness, Lorient and Reading. The latter being one of their worst gigs as hostility from the Reading crowd results in the band leaving the stage after just one song. October "Real Gone Kid" is released as a prelude to the new album.

The single is a huge radio hit peaking at number 8 in the UK chart. The band also embark on 15 date UK theatre tour. November The band return to the Studio to complete work on their new album. The band play an anti poll tax show at the Usher Hall Edinburgh on April 1st and two benefit gigs for the Lockerbie aircrash disaster fund at Dam Park Hall in Ayr on the 27th and 28th.

The band also start a major UK tour, the 22 date tour completely sells out. Both shows are recorded for release as a long form video the following autumn. They also play a show at the Birmingham N. The first gig was a charity gig for the Glasgow "Cash for kids" campaign.

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Ticket sales are phenomenal the S. The show is televised to a worldwide audience as the band perform "A Hard Days Night" Ricky and Lorraine get married on May 12th at a register office near Glasgow before a luxury reception at the Loch Lomond Castle Hotel which overlooks the famous loch. The show is filmed for broadcast on Channel 4. The show was to celebrate Glasgow being awarded the title of "City Of Culture ". During the show a highly charged Ricky Ross made a angry attack at the British government, as he dedicated "Orphans" to the unemployed miners.

stafford apex open meet 2013 oscar

The band play the Glastonbury festival on the 24th,and the Roskilde festival In Denmark. The band decided to do this just for fun, and even though they never promoted the single it rocketed to number 2 in the UK charts. Their biggest hit single was kept off the number one spot by a children's TV presenter Timmy Mallet with his group "Bomballarena" and their cover of "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny" September "Ooh Las Vegas" is released, the 23 track double album of b-sides and sessions keeps fans happy as the album reaches number 3 in the UK.

However the press saw this as a blatant attempt to cash in on the bands rising popularity. In a later interview Ricky said that he felt the release of the album was the bands biggest mistake. He wanted the album to just be released quietly, "but with a major record company like CBS behind you it's not that simple". The bands first long form video is released,"The Big Picture" a 90 minute video of their two gigs from the Glasgow S.

October The band play the final dates of the year with shows in Holland, Germany and Spain. November The band return to Glasgow after a tour that they had began to loathe. The intimacy of their set was being lost in the large arena's. Marzaroli was a Scottish Italian photographer whose work formed a personal record of post war Scotland. His work was used by the band and he also shot the band. Ricky Ross is a trustee of the organisation created to preserve Oscars work. The band reunite with producer Jon Kelly to record their third studio album "Fellow Hoodlums".

The sessions are at the Guillaume Tell studios in Paris. The play focuses on the life of a young Glasgow boy who dreams of being a rock star and perfoming with Deacon Blue. The band perform four songs written by McIlvanney and Ross. The album is released with a party in Glasgow on May 30th,the band play an impromptu set featuring songs from" Fellow Hoodlums" June "Fellow Hoodlums" is released on the 3rd, the following week it enters the chart at number 2.

September "Closing Time" is released as a single it reaches number 42 in the UK chart November The band prepare for their sell-out UK tour which see's the band return to more intimate theatres. After a gig in Dublin the tour opens in Belfast before returning to the mainland for two night at the Edinburgh Playhouse. For the Fellow Hoodlums tour the band enlisted the help of violinist Anne Wood who played with them throughout the tour.

It reaches number 31 in the UK chart. The fourth and final night on new years eve is broadcast on BBC Radio 1.

March Recording begins at Air studios in central London. The concert is the brainchild of Ricky Ross, its objective is to raise funds to build and equip a recording and rehearsal studio in Glasgow's Drumchapel, an area of high youth unemployment with few community facilities. Both Ricky and Lorraine had solo sets in the show while adding backing vocals for the other artists. May Recording continues at the Manor Studios in Oxfordshire. In Glasgow meanwhile, the prestigious Kelvingrove art gallery mounts an exhibition called "Fellow Travellers" from the visual elements of the "Fellow Hoodlums" campaign.

June The final album tracks are recorded at the Outside studios in Berkshire. August Osbourne and Oakenfold begin mixing tracks at Eden studios in London.

October The 12" dance mix of "Your Town" the perfecto mix is distributed to club DJ's and specialist retail outlets. It immediately enters the dance chart. November "Your Town" is released, it enters the chart at number The highest new entry in the bands career.

The new single "Only Tender Love" is released on the 13th. May The tour continues with the band playing their first dates in Japan. July "Hang Your Head" the fourth and final single from the album is released, it reaches number September The band start writing and demoing new songs in Glasgow for inclusion on their forthcoming greatest hits album.

October The first of three new songs is recorded in London with producer Steve Osbourne. The band make the shock announcement that they will disband at the end of their current tour. The tour ends in Dundee on the 18th but the band play two emotional nights at the Glasgow Barrowlands to end their career in front of their home crowd.

October Recording is completed and the record is ready for mixing. The play told the story of the long running and bitter dispute at the Timex factory in Dundee. Ricky Ross wrote the songs and music from the play and later released a version of the title track on his second solo album "New Recording". It charts in the U. Ricky's second single "Good Evening Philadelphia" is released on the 29th peaking at number Dates are announced for his forthcoming UK tour due to commence on October 3rd.

October Fans are left disappointed when Ricky's 12 date UK tour is cancelled due to poor ticket sales. February Ricky parts company with Sony after ten years on fairly amicable terms. A new Deacon Blue compilation is released shortly after. The band had no input for the project and the album was generally seen as a money spinner for Sony by fans and critics alike.

May Ricky has began work on his latest solo project and showcased some of his new material at two solo acoustic gigs at the Glasgow Tramway 19th and 20th. June Another solo gig this time at Stirling Castle on the 5th. The album is of a quiet introspective nature with all the songs being acoustic guitar or piano based with sampled effects for accompaniment.

The album is greeted with mixed reviews with Mojo magazine claiming that "New Recording showcases his most engaging portfolio of songs since Raintown" A seven date tour commences to promote the release of "New Recording". The tour includes shows in London, Manchester, Belfast and Dublin. August Ricky plays 3 shows at the Calders Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh on the 11th,18th and 25th the shows are part of the Edinburgh festival.

He also plays the Greenbelt festival on the 29th. As well as a show a show in Dublin on the 13th. Rumours are rife that a Deacon Blue reunion is on the way, the rumours proves to be untrue but not totally unfounded as Jim, Dougie, Lorraine and Ricky were indeed playing together again. The band play one show on the 19th with guest musicians filling in for absentee's Ewen Vernal and Graeme Kelling. The film later went on to win an award at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Lorraine also appears in an episode of the long running Scottish Police drama "Taggart" and later appeared in two new TV shows, 'Psycho's' and 'Life Support'. Ricky plays his first European dates since the demise of Deacon Blue with two Spanish shows in Valencia 6th and Madrid 7th. Ricky is joined by Lorraine and guitarist Mick Slaven for both shows. December Ricky goes to Brazil with Christian Aid to help raise awareness of the plight of the landless.

The news that everybody wanted to hear finally came out, Deacon Blue were to reunite for their first gig in 5 years. Tickets sales were phenomenal with the event selling out in less than 90 minutes. April Wednesday 14th, the band are together in the same room for the first time in nearly five years to begin rehearsals for the forthcoming reunion gigs. Ricky's solo tour commences at the South Shields Custom House 23rd.

May Ricky plays his last solo show of the tour at the Bar Cuba Macclesfield 11th. Lorraine plays her first ever gig with her new band "Cub" at King Tuts in Glasgow on the 14th. The band reunite for their first reunion gig at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on the 27th. The gig is a charity event with several acts including a solo set by Ricky Ross before the main event.

The event was organised to raise money for the Kosova crisis and featured many stars such as Simple Minds and Midge Ure. The event was also broadcast on BBC Radio.

stafford apex open meet 2013 oscar

Mick Slaven joins Deacon Blue for all three of the reunion gigs. Ticket sales are very good and within a couple of weeks the 12 date tour is extended to 17 dates. The new album "Walking Back Home" is released 11th peaking at number The gig was later broadcast on December 18th on Radio 2.

November also saw the band play in Ricky's home town of Dundee as well as the bands first return to Ireland with a date at the Ulster Hall in Belfast details are also announced for a new single. December The new Deacon Blue single is cancelled after 'Walking Back Home' slips out of the charts after just three weeks. The band play their final dates of with shows in Stirling 18th and Aberdeen 19th. And introduced 'Pearlfishers' drummer James Gash to the fold.

The atmospheric instrumental music for the series was provided by Ricky Ross. June Ricky Ross signs a new recording contract with Papillon Records, a division of Chrysalis records. It's also officially announced that Deacon Blue will return to the studio before the year is out to record a new album on the Papillon label.