Star project how to meet torian

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star project how to meet torian

Apr 22, Projects are located in the Goldfields region of WA. Highly Prospective. Projects Tier One Miners: Northern Star, Evolution Mining and . conditions are not met or if insufficient funds are available to meet rent commitments. From what I know, Star Project is a hella old game that used to be a "manage/ date a character"-style otome game. It mysteriously vanished from the internet (as . Jun 1, (Non-BH) Trigger on meeting Torian Trigger: Torian talking about soldiers inside the firing zone .. the lack of manpower to develop more, which will be down to EA relying on Star Wars hype to make money for them. . (or alienating those that can't/won't be assimilated) and moving on to another project.

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Why would she join you when her people need a leader? Never goign to happen.

star project how to meet torian

Bremnzer I wish Akaavi would be there. I never cared about Torian. I know hes has fans. I also wonder if they will change her weapon too. Will she also be switched to a sniper rifle?

Not exactly a game breaking issue but I find it irritating nonetheless. Tech classes should be allowed to use guns and blades, while Force classes should be allowed to use sabers and Force powers. Andhros Some of these changes seemed more like lore corrections to me. Torian and Aric both had sniper rifles in their backstory, but then used a different weapon in what seemed to be an attempt to balance the legacy systems companion bonuses.

Darth-Robin actually scorpio used a blaster rifle when you meet her in the class story so to me it makes sense to make her having a ranged weapon Sarigar Everyone who uses Techstaff has had their weapon changed. I think Techstaff is getting phased out completely as a weapon option, since players cannot use them.

SWTOR Chapter 14 Story and Recruitment Guide

Ulthohiz They should just remove the stupid restrictions. Tech- and vibro staffs and blades should be two weapon categories. It was a stupid idea from the beginning, and BioWare is too stubburn to do the right thing. Rhia I like Torian and all, but geez, several classes are really getting a lot more love and attention than others. The smuggler has only just recently grabbed their first old companion back… meanwhile, the Trooper has at least encountered all but one of theirs.

But even before that, you have to decide on a username and an agency name in that order. The username has a maximum of 6 characters and must be unique there can be no duplicate usernames. The agency name is also maxed at 6 characters but it can be anything you want.

They will prompt you with an arrow to choose a schedule. By clicking this, you will see the pictures of all the available characters side by side. From this screen, you can choose which character's route you want to go on I chose Miyoo! I don't think you can go back after selecting one of them, so be careful.

Once you choose, you will go and meet the character. An action choice will appear to you. It just says "Talk to" so click it. Then, you two will talk about you "if you're going to debut, you need a stage name".

star project how to meet torian

They'll usually say something along the lines of "Oh, you're going to choose one for me? This can be any name you choose, but the character will be referred to as "[Name choice]" for the rest of the game I think. After this, there's just the tutorial and such. After the tutorial is over you will receive a pop-upyou will be able to go back to the character selection screen and "manage" all of the characters.

star project how to meet torian

You do not have to choose one character route; all characters are available to play after the tutorial. After you take a picture of the screen, you can highlight the phrases you don't know and they'll be translated! Of course, Google Translate is pretty iffy in terms of accuracy but this method is helpful if you have two devices one with a camera and if you can speak "Google Translate" Korean.

With the APK method, I don't think that the game will be automatically updated.

star project how to meet torian

But, just from intuition, I think it would be fine to delete the app and reinstall it if a newer APK version comes out. As long as you log in from the same Kakao account, your data should be saved. But don't take my word for it! I'm just as much a newbie as you are! Also, some things to keep in mind Please don't ask, I don't have an iPhone or any Apple mobile devices.

How to play Star Project on mobile (KOREAN)

I may translate the main page the dashboard.? This is just a method I found works for me. So please don't ask me anything regarding updates or glitches within the game.