Starlite swap meet tacoma hours movie

Star Lite Swap Meet Lakewood

starlite swap meet tacoma hours movie

Here you'll find movie showtimes, photos, history and much more information about Star-Lite Drive-In located in Tacoma, WA Accessories: Sound: AM, speakers. Projection: Converted to Digital: Movie Features: Offering: swap meet. Star-Lite Park-In Theatre was built in by E. Chester and Sue Nilsson It closed as a drive-in theatre in and operates as a swap meet site for now. Lakewood-JBLM, WA - Parking is a nightmare, but you could leave with a new tattoo! Growing up in South Tacoma, the Star Lite Swap Meet held mythical Maybe I've seen too many movies, but you get the point.

A large red building with an equally large white star towers over the parking lot of what used to be a drive-in movie theater. Inside is all sorts of fun finds. You name it, Star Lite probably has it at a discounted price. Snatches of Mexican music drift in and out as one makes their way from vendor-to-vendor. Rather, they stay toward the back of the booth, letting the buyer-to-be approach with any questions.

Swapping, bartering and buying are all encouraged. Clothing Looking to add a little something extra to your wardrobe? Short, short club dresses and sheer tops stand out on snow white mannequins, and are definite attention grabbers. Pair the latter with a heavily embellished pair of jeans if wanting to go all out. Tees screen printed with the Seahawk and CenturyLink stadium are also widely available, and largely emphasize neon green, making for one of a kind, homebrewed gear.

starlite swap meet tacoma hours movie

Cactus is one of the more unique items for sale. Electronics In the mix is a good number of electronics vendors, from colorful cell phone case hawkers to a wall-to-wall DVD shop. Outside, one tent houses nothing but speakers of all sizes, which boom out a medley of tunes to the passersby.

Perhaps getting the most visits are those who entice with old school games and consoles. The posts with their wires and speakers are gone and the gravel has been replaced with asphalt. The property is surrounded by parking lots owned by Star Lite and on busy days they even have valet parking.

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Our visit was not on a busy day. Only nice shiny day weekends in the spring and summer are busy days. On a foggy January Sunday we parked near the entrance. Alongside the old movie grounds there is a huge building where you enter and pay a dollar. Outside the building we were serenaded by guitar and harmonica. The entertainer was playing for tips, meaning it was going to be an awful lean day for the excellent musician.

We were there right around noon.

starlite swap meet tacoma hours movie

The parking lot we used was perhaps a third full. There were no crowds, anywhere. The market is not being overwhelmed with seamstresses, but we found one inside. Peg had purchased two cotton Hawaiian shirts for me a year and a half ago, while we were in Hawaii.

We're going back for a couple of weeks and buttons needed to be replaced. Also, one of the seams were coming apart. Our seamstress repaired both shirts for a total of ten dollars.

She did a nice job. Peg chatted with her talking about sewing, while I wandered around.

Flea Market Vendor Info - Starlight Drive In

I think the building is about the size of a football field. It's divided in half. During the week the back half is kept under lock and key behind chain link fencing. The booths inside the fence are for weekend sellers only. The other half are for sellers who are open Tuesday through Sunday.

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Hank Bardon, the owner of Star Lite plans on building an elevator to the second floor, which currently is not in use. This will double the space and give more people an opportunity to sell products and more opportunity for people to purchase super deals.

There is a vast difference between the sellers who take part in the Street Fair and those who have booths inside.

Star-Lite Drive-In, Tacoma, WA - Facts & Highlights

The booths inside are set up to have steady customers. The hours for the indoor sellers may run from 8: Inside sellers have to be open by noon. The inside sellers offer gold buying, jewelry, leather boots, tattoos, alterations, saddles, ethnic foods, and more. Many of the outside Street Fair people look like they are scrambling to get by.

Sometimes they are selling items from the back for their cars, sometimes on folding tables, and sometimes just spread out on blankets or rugs like traders of old. Outside sellers give you a feel that it's a large garage sale. There are good deals to be had both indoors and outdoors Street Fair or inside the old drive-in grounds.

starlite swap meet tacoma hours movie

As I wandered around the Street Fair, which seems like the weekend markets we visited in Italy and Spain a few years ago, I bought a hunting knife. I like to have a knife at my desk for opening boxes, letters and to protect me from any obstreperous wild animal that might come along.

Star Lite Swap Meet: A Local Flea Market in Lakewood

Rather than keep the knife in its leather sheath, which would require a few seconds to extricate, I merely slide the knife into my stack of files, which are within an easy reach. My first knife was given to me by my mom's little brother. It was a sparkly gold pen knife. I've had many knives since.

starlite swap meet tacoma hours movie

As a boy I would practice throwing the knife at the ground in friendly games of "mumbly peg" or at tree stumps. The game of mumbly peg involves throwing a knife as close as possible to your foot. You can win the game by sticking the knife in your foot, but this is not recommended. I would be horrified if I saw my grandchildren playing this game, but we live in a much kinder and gentler world today. My new hunting knife has a six inch blade.

It's made in Pakistan with stainless steel and a pakka wood handle. It was still in the box with an asking price of ten dollars. It has a tough leather sheath.