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Annual Report – CUNY University Faculty Senate

Membership in a student club offers a place to meet new people as well as an As a member of T.E.A.M. Baruch, you will be a part of a network of students who strive and community relationships at key legislative conferences, public hearings, intricate relationship between government, media, and the corporate sector. useful and ever-present part of your life at the Law School. student must meet with the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs who will determine which required JD/MIA with City College's Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. Initial faculty meeting with students (in a group) to discuss. File an application, meet with an admissions counselor, receive a response, have your

That document will be reviewed for legal sufficiency before the inquiring individual is permitted access. Faculty and staff should not respond to questions regarding immigration status of students.

Meetings – CUNY University Faculty Senate

The questioner should be referred to the Office of Legal Counsel. Individuals requesting information for background checks and other reference purposes regarding current or former students must present identification and business cards as well as a release with a student signature before such access will be granted.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge that these are challenging times for our undocumented students and members of our extended family who are immigrants. We also recognize that our University has been a leader, historically and today, in protecting and supporting immigrant communities. We stand in that tradition. Office of Legal Counsel: Part-time students now account for The increase provided a small but critical benefit to low-income students attending either CUNY or SUNY, but that increase failed to provide any significant increase to our students who could attend only part-time.

At CUNY community colleges, the number of part-time students who also received TAP was significantly smaller — just 91 out of nearly 40, part-time students, or two-hundredths of one percent, received TAP funds that year. It requires that students be enrolled full-time for two consecutive semesters before they can enroll part-time and still qualify for TAP.

And once they meet these requirements, community college students are eligible only for a total of six semesters of TAP. The per-credit costs at CUNY community colleges have been ameliorated by additional funding.

During that time, APTS awards have remained substantially the same, even decreasing nominally in value compared to earlier years when allowing for inflation. As CUNY tuition continues to increase while part-time awards do not, the less financially prepared part-time students must now confront a disproportionately greater personal tuition burden compared to their full-time peers.

Change The Student Affairs Committee supports this needed change for our part-time students.

Annual Report 2016-17

The first actions must come from the University Faculty Senate, and its local campus counterparts. As you read this, you are holding a potential summons to change. As a member of T. Baruch, you will be a part of a network of students who strive to make Baruch a better place by providing essential and ongoing support to your fellow students through a variety of dynamic peer leadership initiatives, which include: As a peer leader you will gain valuable leadership experience and interpersonal skills that will compliment your abilities to relate well to others, foster meaningful connections with your fellow peers, and enhance the overall college experience for Baruch students.

2017-18 Meetings

Student Governance Participation in student government through democratic elections is a concrete way to share in the policy setting and governance of the College. Graduate students at Baruch have a mature sense of responsibility and understand that they hold a unique place of privilege in the academic community with rights and responsibilities that are distinctively different from those of undergraduate students.

With GSA, graduate students can discuss and advise on changes to Graduate School policy proposed by the administration, identify and discuss concerns of graduate students, explore possible solutions and bring them to the attention of the Deans and administrators.

Alumni Relations Initiatives The College strives to nurture its relationship with all its constituents—current students, future students, and graduates alike.

Its alumni relations program promotes fellowship and offers activities that encourage alumni to return, rediscover, and recommit to their alma mater.

The mission of the Baruch College Alumni Relations Program is to foster and maintain a cordial and mutually beneficial relationship between the College and its graduates, students, faculty, and staff. The Alumni Relations Program offers an array of educational, cultural, social, and career enhancement opportunities to its more thanmembers.

Publications and the Website keep alumni in touch with the College and each other. To learn how you can get involved in the Alumni Relations Program, even before you graduate, contact the Baruch College Office of Alumni Relations at www.

Annually the BCF, through both institutional and individual donations, provides critical financial support to the College for such things as scholarships, student services and technology. The Fund is governed by an independent board of trustees whose members are highly distinguished alumni and civic leaders.

To learn how you can give back, call the Office of College Advancement for more information, or visit www. Some activities for which you could serve as a student ambassador include: The knowledge, skills, and abilities you will gain will strengthen your capacity to compete in the marketplace. Through personal experience, you will understand the intricate relationship between government, media, and the corporate sector. At the same time, you will be an active participant in helping ensure that our public higher education system receives the necessary resources for our students' success.

Students with Disabilities Volunteers Baruch College is committed to making individuals with disabilities full participants in its programs, services and activities through compliance with Section of the Rehabilitation Act of and the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA of