Summer awards swim meet order

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summer awards swim meet order

VSI REGIONAL SUMMER AWARDS . Swimmer surcharge: $ per person (entered in the meet in any capacity) . Order of Events. The UC Sharks Summer Swim Program is a three month season designed for kids The PSA schedule consists of five Wednesday evening dual meets and one. Every year the Ladner Stingrays present awards to deserving swimmers at the points allocated the same regardless of meet, so 9 points for first place, 7 for.

Summer Swim Team

What factors influence what to give? There are many, including the following. Governing Body Rules Does the governing body have any rules about awards? Find out and follow them.

summer awards swim meet order

Also, be aware that the cost, or value, of any prize may affect high school or college eligibility. Expense What is the meet budget for awards? They can be expensive. Let the budget govern what is given. Swimmer Development Some long-time coaches recommend to start small.

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To help kids learn to value the intrinsic rewards that come from swimming — not just external awards and accolades. There are many groups to whom awards could go. No one meet can or should do all these types of awards. If so, it would be unwise to dramatically change it without permission from the meet host.

If not, consider the following and pick what works best to advance your goals for the meet. All Participants Participation gifts, or awards, are given to each participant in the swim meet Examples: Swim cap, water bottle, ribbon Typical Distribution Each team is given all participation awards for those from their team entered in the meet.

Coaches distribute them to team members. Each swimmer picks up participation award at a table. Heat Winners Heat Winner awards are given to the fastest swimmer in each heat Examples: Piece of candy, coupon, ribbon Typical Distribution: Unlabeled award handed to swimmer immediately following each heat Note: The Meet Referee is NOT involved in the deck change process at all, other than to see that the RSTA Policy is correctly applied and that the heat is correctly seeded if there is confusion at the blocks.

Why are deck changes needed?

summer awards swim meet order

Meets are not reseeded after the league computer coordinator submits the meet data to the teams on Friday of that week of the meet. A swimmer was not available to swim in the meet or the event when coaches were required to submit their list of swimmers to the league computer coordinator by Wednesday of the week of the meet and the swimmer becomes available to swim.

A swimmer injures a part of their body needed to swim a particular stroke and is switched to compete in another stroke that will not cause additional injury to that part of the body.

What happens if a deck change is submitted for a stroke after the beginning of the first heat of the boys 8 and under for that stroke? The deck change will not be honored! What happens if a swimmer accidentally swims four individual events because the clerk of course did not realize the swimmer is scheduled for three individual events?

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This meeting ensures that all officials participating in these roles are knowledgeable of the current rules. This meeting allows veteran officials to provide insight to those who are joining their ranks.

It allows officials to ask questions and clarify any questions they may have prior to the season.


Why must a stroke and turn official serve as an observer for three meets before they can serve on their own for a meet if they have not officiated in that capacity for RSTA in the past? RSTA wants to ensure that all officiating is consistent throughout the league and that all officials are confident in their role.

summer awards swim meet order

The league owes it to its swimmers that all officials are experienced and qualified to officiate in that position. If it is raining outdoors, who will make a decision where meets will be held? Reston Association RA makes a decision whether or not the pools will be opened.

Why do all swimmers need to check in with the clerk of course? By checking in with the clerk of course we can keep the meet moving instead of delays waiting for swimmers. Why is it necessary to disqualify six and seven year-old swimmers during the first meet in both the butterfly and breast stroke? RSTA is a developmental league and therefore it is necessary for officials to ensure the swimmer is swimming the stroke properly.

If the officials did not correct the swimmers, many swimmers would not learn to swim the stroke properly. The Awards Committee sent out a poll to the team managers and the results came back that most teams agreed.

summer awards swim meet order

Some teams have elected to continue giving trophies to all swimmers while others have elected to give trophies to 12 and under only. Yes, the ribbon may vary in style from year-to-year, but RSTA distributes participant ribbons to all participants in these events if they did not place or were disqualified.

RSTA dual meets may include multiple heats for a given stroke and age group. All swimmers in a particular category compete against each other. For example, your child swam in heat 2 against other Category B swimmers, and placed first in that heat. Your child should then receive a heat winner ribbon.

The Volunteer Coordinator will contact those parents who have not signed up if we find that we are in need of volunteers for an upcoming meet. Actively recruit and coordinate volunteers and parent work responsibilities to fill positions, ensuring that swim meets run smoothly. Meet Director 1 person needed per shift: This person oversees and coordinates the on-deck functioning of the meet. The Meet Director must be available to observe and settle any disputes that may occur throughout the course of a meet.

This judge determines whether a swimmer touches the end of the pool during a turn and whether the technical aspects of the swimming stroke are legal. This position requires knowledge of the US Swimming Stroke Regulations, and willingness to fairly disqualify swimmers if necessary. This is the most technically demanding job. This is a leadership position that requires experience and a take-charge personality. It is up to the Starter to keep the meet moving. Announcer 1 person needed per shift: This is a great job for someone with a strong voice and an ability to correctly pronounce names.

Computer 2 people needed per shift: One computer entry person enters swim times into the computer, periodically prints results and scores to give to the announcer, and periodically prints award labels.