Swap meet california september earthquakes

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swap meet california september earthquakes

​Pet Task Force proposed resolutions, Halloween events, Plant Swap, ​Pet Task Force, Assessment Delinquencies Down, The Financial $ide of Earthquake, Horned Annual Meeting and Reports, Election Results, New Trees September . California Preservation Foundation Holds Workshop at Village Green;. Now, the stadium gets used for the Saugus Swap Meet which goes on every is the rebuilt portion of the pipe after being damaged in the earthquake. Why Chile's Quake Wasn't as Deadly as Others. Laura Bliss. Sep 17, Zealand, and the U.S. In California, NOAA forecasters predict “strong currents or waves dangerous Meet the Jane Jacobs of the Smart Cities Age We used Yelp and Google Trends data to see if people really swap the eggnog for chow fun.

Welcome to our Community! There are many things to uncover and discover in this beautiful mountain place, a bit of rural country in big LA County.

Of course, the Topanga Community Club is one of them! We want to welcome our new neighbors with open arms and and an earful of good news about what the Community Club and the Topanga community in general has to offer.

Headed by Stacy Sledge sincethe TTC has spearheaded numerous community initiatives, including the formation of our community website, OneTopanga. The Topanga Messenger has been the staff-owned, independent newspaper of record covering the news and arts of the Santa Monica Mountains for Topanga Canyon and adjacent communities since The current print edition of the Topanga Messenger newspaper is available for sale at various locations throughout Topanga Canyon.

Subscriptions are available online for print and online versions.

swap meet california september earthquakes

The Chamber encourages new Topanga businesses to become members and network through their monthly morning and evening mixers as well as ample opportunities to serve in the community. Topanga Association for a Scenic Community strives to maintain an orderly development of Topanga in keeping with its natural terrain and intrinsic beauty. TASC is an organization of residents and property owners in Topanga Canyon concerned about the future of our distinct rural community.

By providing new and like-new items, we help create an environment of comfort, warmth and dignity. Friends of the Library are people who care about libraries and are interested in increasing awareness of the library in their communities.

The County Library currently has 77 Friends of the Library groups with over 5, members.

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The Society maintains an archive center and presents local history programs. The census lists 75 residents, though the actual number may now be lower.

11/02/2018 -- West Coast California earthquake swarm -- New Pacific Deep activity -- Keep watch

Most prefer the solitude of this quiet town. Though the permanent residents are few, the visitor population of this community swells during annual events that attract outsiders from near and far.

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  • Hornitos California: A Hidden Gold Rush Town

Hornitos Patrons Club sponsors community functions to support local charities, scholarships, and the preservation of historical sites in the town. Hornitos Flea Market -- for the past 30 years or so the town has held a multi-vendor sale that attracts buyers and sellers from all over the state on the first Sunday in October.

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There are usually nearly booths with antiques, collectibles, crafts, and food lining the streets and vying for the attention of buyers. Annual Enchilada Dinner -- on the first Saturday in March includes music and craft vendors. The tiny town of Hornitos still has a few ongoing activities.

Gourd class cancelled because of flu.

swap meet california september earthquakes

Some Hornitos locals decorate their properties to resemble an old western town. Donkeys, chickens, pigs and goats might be seen in some of the yards and gardens. Human residents are a bit more scarce, but you might see a car or pickup truck traveling down one of the roads.

If the doors of the Gagliardo General store are open, one of the owners will likely tell you something about the local history. Critter Residents of Hornito Brick buildings with tin roofs and iron doors survived the ever-present danger of being destroyed by fire. They date back to the gold rush era. Signs and memorial plaques throughout the area provide visitors with the historical backstory of Hornitos.

swap meet california september earthquakes

Times Have Changed So what happened to the wild and dangerous reputation of Hornitos? With the passage of time and the growth of law enforcement, things settled down quite a bit.

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Gold began to be scarcer and harder to find. Many fortune seekers left to follow rumors of strikes in Alaska, Colorado or Australia. Cattle ranchers came into the area and established a more stable population. And what about the bandit Murrietta? He was captured and executed. In an act that seems horrific today, he was decapitated so his head could be preserved in a large jar of alcohol and taken on tour around the state to prove to the populace that his reign of terror was indeed over.

No one knows what happened to this artifact, but it may have been stored in a San Francisco building before the calamitous earthquake and fire of It was therefore probably destroyed. Some residents of the town will tell you that his vengeful ghost seeks refuge in his old hideout. So if you should glimpse a headless apparition, beware. Don't disturb the ghosts. If you are in the area, you may want to visit Hornitos to make some of your own discoveries.

Your route will wind through ranch lands where you might see modern-day cowboys with horses and dogs, moving their cattle to new pastures. Have you ever been to Hornitos? Yes No, but I might like to visit Comment below.