Swap meet louis vuitton tote


swap meet louis vuitton tote

Reviews on Fake Bags in San Diego, CA - Kobey's Swap Meet, Authentic Luxury Goods, Gucci at Fashion Valley Mall, California Accessories, Louis Vuitton San. OTN Swap Meet. Home · Hand Bags & Purses · Louis Vuitton> · Prices · Gucci> LV Purses & Hand bags. Powered by Create your own unique website with. Louis Vuitton sues Swap Shop flea market over designer knockoffs eye to traders who sold fake Louis Vuitton purses, wallets and luggage.

Just google the topic and you will find numerous websites offering high end designer and other licensed goods. We find it appalling that overseas countries offer fake designer goods on the premise that they are quality and legal.

Read their descriptions; they actually seem to be bragging about replica and fake products. Always keep in mind that if a bulk deal on any type of licensed, trademarked, designer, etc.

swap meet louis vuitton tote

Chances are, the website has not yet been caught and shut down. We have seen questionable merchandise that has come from such stores in the city. At this point we do not offer a list of acceptable stores.

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Each monthly issue is packed with sources of wholesale merchandise as well as articles bringing you the inside scoop on how to prosper in the fascinating world of flea markets and swap meets. Private individuals and both for profit and non-for profit shops have not been targeted by officials, probably because of the small number of used items that trickle in.

Official investigations seem to focus on new items, sellers, wholesalers and the manufacturers. However, keep in mind, that although you may think you are getting a great deal on a used designer bag, chances are that it is fake.

Even if it is used, or if you have only one item, it is not allowed to be sold at the market.

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Is is ok to sell a fake item if the seller tells the buyer that it is fake? It is illegal to sell counterfeit products. Is it ok to sell my own real purse? There is no way to determine authenticity of many types of items unless a representative of that particular company is present to do so.

swap meet louis vuitton tote

In some instances, we may accept a receipt that matches the item sbut some brands are never allowed at the market because we just can't tell for sure that they are real. For us, it is sometimes easier to tell if an item is fake, but not tell if it is real. Some brands that are never allowed: Why can't I sell a purse whose logo is similar to the real thing, but is slightly different? This is called "Trademark Dilution" and essentially tricks a buyer into thinking they may be buying a designer item.

Owners of the trademark believe that dilution diminishes the value of their brand with inferior representation.

Countering Hawaii's illegal counterfeit trade

The same concept applies to other trademarked brands. I include the logo for educational purposes only and understand that it is owned and copyrighted by Louis Vuitton. This price exceeds the budget of most of us regular folk. What is wrong with someone wanting to have the "designer look" but not pay the designer price?

swap meet louis vuitton tote

First of all besides the legal ramifications, the fake bag is of poor quality and will likely begin to quickly degrade-seams will tear, zippers will break. Why not buy a nice no-name leather bag that will look better and last longer? And what about the naive buyer who actually thinks they are getting a good deal and have been tricked? Back then Monique operated from in front of another merchant's counter inside the swap meet.

But her stash, counterfeit Louis Vuitton purses was kept on a set of shelves.

swap meet louis vuitton tote

Now if that seemed brazen, it was and it wasn't. Because when a lookout gave the word that police were in the area, a metal rolldown door would quickly be pulled down to cover the merchandise. And it wasn't just Monique hiding her stuff. You could hear the metal doors coming down on the exterior shops on the street, all in unison creating a concert of sorts. A few months after we returned to Los Angeles I happened to read an article about the crackdown on Canal St.

Purses were no longer being sold out of the stores, but rather by women carrying black plastic bags full of purses, on Canal St.

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When the police was spotted they would run off and hide on the side streets. A couple of months later we travelled to Canal St. But it wasn't that the merchandise wasn't there. Rather an entire new distribution system had popped up. Initial contact would be made by a runner standing on the street whispering words like "Louie" or "LV", or perhaps a discreet inquiry to a shop owner. Soon you would be following a runner a block or two away from Canal St.

Or the showroom might be on Canal St. One secret showroom was accessed through a false panel in the swap meet which revealed a ladder to a second floor showroom. This turned out to be the halcyon days for the merchandising of fake purses.