Swap meet oahu parking lots

The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet - what you need to know

swap meet oahu parking lots

Families sell their gently used kids' items at the Keiki Swap Meet with the Hawai'i So, bring shade so you can set up closer to the parking lot. Although I was a tad confused about when and where to park, we got it figured . All reviews flea market cheap souvenirs souvenir shopping hawaiian shirts beach towels key chains vendors selling garage sale place to buy souvenirs unique. At least twice a year I try to clean out my apartment. Getting rid of clothes I haven't used in years or items that I don't need or haven'.

Only cars that have concert tickets will be allowed in the gates. Cars that are not able to provide concert tickets will be turned away. Tailgating is NOT allowed for concert events. Limited free parking available on a first come first serve basis.

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If you encounter a closed exit, please proceed to the next available exit, and if necessary, do a U-turn and make your way back to the stadium. Use the adjacent pedestrian bridge for easy access onto stadium property. This drop zone is also open for limos, party buses and charters. In addition to already existing measures, we have implemented new security features to enhance the safety and overall concert experience for everyone. All ticket holders will be screened prior to entry at the turnstile gates.

Screening will include a bag check and metal detection. Please give yourself ample time to get to your seats. In addition, each person will be allowed to hand-carry a blanket, poncho or jacket, along with a soft-sided seat cushion.

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Exceptions will only be made for medically necessary items, after proper inspection. Non-approved bags must be returned to vehicle or discarded. Strollers are allowed, however they must be collapsible and fit underneath the seat and stored safely without obstructing the aisle-ways for other guests.

swap meet oahu parking lots

All bags, jackets, guests and vehicles are subject to search upon entering the premises. Express lanes are available at each turnstile gate for persons without bags. Cannot be affixed to the stadium or obstruct the view of other guests.

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Violators are subject to removal. Smoking in any other areas could lead to arrest, and this would be considered a misdemeanor. Wristbands may be found on the mauka and makai pavilion entrance Sections F and FF on the ground level.

Use Stadium service road to access. Please arrive with enough time to enter the stadium with the anticipation of long lines and everyone arriving at the same time. Remember that every attendee wants to enjoy this event, not just you.

Similarly, stadium personnel strive to treat all guests in a consistent, professional and courteous manner. Whether you like these places yourself or not, you cannot deny these places are popular and tourists like and enjoy them.

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It makes it 10 times worse that someone writing so much negativity is a DE, because unlike me sharing my own opinions, people tend to take what a DE says on board much more than the general forum member.

Re the swap meet - Yes, it is hot. Junk and convenience is in the eye of the beholder.

swap meet oahu parking lots

Many of the food retailers have their perishables on ice. And re wasting their vacation, it is not like these people are flying in, going straight to the swap meet, and staying there for the duration of their vacation. They're going to be there hours, max.

swap meet oahu parking lots

If they get there and find it too hot or they don't like it, they can leave. But none of that is actually relevant to this thread - all the OP asked was how to get there. Nobody said everyone on this planet had to be exactly the same, or like the same things, or do the same things.

Aloha Stadium

Aussies want to go to Waikele. They don't want to hear all the reasons they should not go. They have a question about how to get there, not about whether or not they should go. They want to know about food options on site - not be told there are none when there actually are. If someone asks how to get to Dole, they are not looking to be told how much of a tourist trap it is.