Swap meet orange county calif

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swap meet orange county calif

Reviews on Swap Meet in Orange County, CA - Orange Coast College OCC Swap Meet, Orange County Market Place, Golden West College Swap Meet, Bristol. OC Night Market is produced by Night Market, the original and largest Asia- inspired night market in the United States with events in Los Angeles and. The Orange County Market Place, aka the Orange County Swap Meet the biggest weekly events in Southern California, with approximately two million visitors.

See our website Arts and Crafts Page There is usually an opportunity to sell non agricultural goods especially if you have hand crafted the goods yourself.

Farmers Market Page We have some information below about buying inventory for your swap meet business. And we have added a page buying wholesale.

Buying Wholesale Page Content goes here This is a great weekend business.

swap meet orange county calif

If you are not sure you can handle the hagglers and morning hours, try selling the junk in your garage. Most swap meets require that you stay into the afternoon, so after getting up early and setting up it can seem like a long day. Count on being at it for at least seven hours. There are two factors that will determine your success what you sell and where you sell. You will also need a re-sale permit from the State Franchise Board so you can pay sales tax.

See the compliance section on this site to find out how to obtain a permit. But these factors are connected. What you sell will determine where you can sell. You might be better off selling a lower margin product if you can get into a better meet. You will find products that have a higher price-point than at other meets, you can think of it as the Fassion Island of Swapmeets.

It has a lot of new inventory. Since the same family has run this meet now under the name Tel Phil Enterprises Inc.

Southern California Flea Markets

It is held on the fairground parking lot which is owned by the county. If you are just selling garage sale stuff, this might be too much of a hassel to get in; but if you have good products and want to reach as many customers as possible you should apply to become an OC MarketPlace vendor.

Most of what you need to know is on their new website. You need to be pre-approved and have a reservation. After your third day of rental, see their office at the fairgrounds for information about bidding to become a monthly vendor.

Except in the slow months after Christmas, when customers are broke there will not be enough spaces to go around.

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It might be a good idea to rent during the slow period for a few days just to be able to apply to become a monthly vendor. You need to talk to your insurance agent about a business liability policy. Your home-owners or renters policy will not work. Orange County Market Place P. January and February are discounted because everyone has spent their money in December. From what we understand, they have two types of venders—general merchandise and arts and crafts.

The reason this meet works so well is that they have done a good job attracting and selecting the vendors. The people selling sunglasses and t-shirts have been there a long time. You need to have something unique. At the same location they have the OC Fair. But they seem to have settled their disagreement, and the MarketPlace Swap Meet will not have to move.

But vending at the fair is basically the same work. It takes a bit of capital to get in, so if your might be better off starting at one of the other meets listed. July—August — 1 month in duration http: Then go to General Information to see the vendor page. This is the biggest one of them all.

And you get tons of customers with cash in hand. They have made a special trip to the fair to see their favorite band, take the kids on the ride, eat the latest thing that has been fried, or see what a real cow looks like. When you add every thing up, many families will spend more at the fair than they would at Disneyland, but they may not realize that when they arrive.

There is a variety of criteria used to select vendors. The salient point is that products must be unique as in not sold by someone else at the fair or something you can find at Wall Mart and the committee has to feel you offer value to the customer. The quality of your booth is also a factor.

swap meet orange county calif

This happens for on weekend a year. Their website says that no new items are sold at the event. You need a CA resale permit if you you sell more than twice in one calendar year. Looks like the Meet has been sued by some unhappy customers. Check out their TV commercial. This saves you a lot of time hauling your display equipment and inventory around.

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They also have the lowest rents. They also do TV advertising to bring customers in, and have live music, have car shows, and special guests like Santa. TV Commercial on YouTube. Swap Meet website in the OC http: One anonymous internet reviewer pretty much summed up the vibe This is a great place for both buying and entertainment.

You can get drunk listen to music and shop at the same time. That said there are a lot of other people who enjoy going to this meet to see the pitch men and large variety of new products but shopper reviews were mixed. Promotions try to bring in both English Speaking shoppers and Spanish Speaking residents. Their fees are the most reasonable for vendors and it looks like they have the least hassle over licenses, insurance, ….

Let us know if you have had a good experience selling at this location. It is focused on Computers, computer equipment, and electronics. The crowds might not be huge, this meet is attended by those in the know because they can save a lot of money on equipment that works great but is not the newest.

Orange County Market Place

Recent immigrants are used to dealing directly with the store owner and not paying the asking price. If they pay the regular price, they feel they are getting ripped off. This is the way it works in most of the world that does not have shopping malls or access to Amazon. Swap Malls also attract customers that need to feel they got a bargain. Swap Malls are near a bit more affluent areas, such as the one in Stanton, and focus more on urban bargain hunters.

So if you are a vendor, prepare to haggle. Disadvantages are that there may be few customers during weekdays, some lock you into monthly rental agreements and may not allow people to just try it out for a couple of weekends.

Anaheim MarketPlace Swap Meet anaheimindoormarketplace. You can also rent kiosk carts and sell food.

swap meet orange county calif

The venue is promoted on-line and on paid TV. The theme of their advertising is that customers can get a big bargain. They even have a shuttle van from Disneyland. They have 45 spaces they rent. Both cities have are predominantly Hispanic. They also have bands to attract shoppers. Rental costs were not available on their website.

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As such, we pride ourselves in providing unique businesses and services for our customers in an atmosphere where they can feel at home. That said, many vendors have been successful there for a long time. An additional benefit is that you will not have to go through the occupancy permitting process with the city.

They have been helping people get a started with their own businesses for more than 20 years. For more information contact David Anderson dlevi yahoo.

Sharing is caring, but you can snack on smaller portions or go whole hog on an item you really, really want for yourself! Order from different vendors and then reconvene to share and maximize the variety of foods you can EAT! See the vendor lineup here. Drink Sip a fancy schmancy lemonade from a mason jar with flavored jellies, milk tea in a unicorn pool floatie, or icy fruit smoothies in a lightbulb.

Swap Meet at the Orange County Fairgrounds

Whatever suits your pinky-lifting ways, we got the wildest drink containers imaginable. Shop Mosey on to our crafts vendors when you first enter the event through the Promenade.

You'll get to try on handmade jewelry, find the perfect Deadpool crochet doll as a gift or adopt a cute plant terrarium. Even more merch vendors await you outside so you can SHOP till you drop! Listen Take a seat and hear some awesome performances from local artists on our Entertainment Stage! Teams of dancers compete for a cash prize in our annual Horizon Dance Competition.