Swim meet officials clipart

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swim meet officials clipart

This page contains swimming links from USA and Indiana Swimming to fun swimming clip art sites. Informational Links. Indiana Swimming - Official link for. Are you wondering what all the different officials and positions at a swim meet do ? This page describes some of the various roles and jobs required to put on a. We present to you a selection of 40 interesting and top Swim Team Images collection. On our site with the button "search" you will find other great free clip arts.

swim meet officials clipart

We are all volunteers. We officiate so we can give back to the sport we love, not for any other reason. Even at the State Championships where everyone should be capable of swimming legally, we have to be there to ensure a level playing field for everyone and allow your times to count and be entered into the database. We hate it more than you do. When you are walking on deck and you see a swim official, never walk between the official and the pool.

Especially along the edge of a long course pool. This is a tool I use to push people out of the way without touching them. Our job is difficult enough, walking back and forth alongside a wet, slippery, crowded pool deck.

7 Things Every Swim Official wants Coaches, Swimmers & Parents to know

Please help us out by staying out of our way. There could be one official per lane or as few as 2 for an 8-lane pool. Host a dual or tri-meet with an official heavy team: Is there a neighboring team with a lot of officials?

swim meet officials clipart

Consider co-hosting a meet. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to get training for your own team parents who are willing to become officials. Waive meet fees for child ren of officials: Most officials have children in the sport.

Waiving meet fees for them is a great incentive for many.

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Other options are also available. What do officials in your area like or expect? Remember to carefully weigh the effect of the incentive. Will Work for Perks! Many teams have a volunteer policy to encourage parents to step up and help. Pay registration and other associated fees officials must pay to become certified: Officials are already giving of their time.

Remove another potential roadblock by covering the financial cost they will incur. Some teams opt to pay these fees up front. Others reimburse officials once they are certified.

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If meets are profitable, fees could be paid from meet proceeds. Regularly invite and encourage parents to become officials: Additionally, the demands on parents often change. For example, make asking parents to step up and train as officials a standard agenda item for the parent meeting held at the beginning of each season.

Descriptions of Meet Officials

Support Learn what it takes to become an official: It will be easier to pass the information to inquiring parents. Put information needed to become an official on the team website: The computer operator makes sure the webcast is broadcasting, they enter the titles and captions that appear on the webcast and the switch between the various camera angles that may be available to provide the best coverage of the race that is in the water.

A short 30 minute orientation and training session is required for the webcast positions.

swim meet officials clipart

The role of the Safety Marshal is to observe the safety of swimmers during the warm-up period and ensure established safety procedures are followed.

The person must be calm, discreet, patient and polite with the swimmers and the coaches while maintaining control and applying the rules.

Swim Meet Officials: Get Them for Your First Meet

Usually, the person acting as a Safety Marshal is also working another position during the meet. Low to Intermediate levels of experience are required for this position. Training can be provided at the meet if not received through a clinic.

swim meet officials clipart

Stroke and Turn Official Description: A short hour training course is required before you can be a stroke and turn official. Courses are offered frequently and are usually done near the time a swim meet is happening. Timing Booth Computer Ares Description: Sitting in air-conditioned comfort in the booth, the timing computer operators are responsible for setting up, conducting pre-race testing and running the timing electronics for the meet. The jobs are relatively straight forward and inexperienced operators are always paired up with experienced ones.

Training is usually provided on-the-job during a meet, simply because that is the time when all the equipment is set up and connected.

swim meet officials clipart

Timing Recorder Hytek Decsription: