Tag 25 friends you meet

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tag 25 friends you meet

There are so many elements that make up a best friend, that it's hard to 25 points (or however many points you want to play to)! The friend who has the So , are you ready to challenge your bff to a game of Best Friend Tag?. In the best friend tag, you and your best friend answer questions about each 25 . What does your best friend always carry around wherever they go If your friend met a genie and were granted a wish, what would it be? Tag someone you predict will make this happen this weekend (rg . For the friend you can't imagine growing old without. View this post on.

What was the shittiest job your friend ever had? What was a weird dream your best friend had? Does your friend focus on the future or the past?

Declutter your friends: 'Trying to keep old friendships alive ties you to the past'

You want to make a sandwich for your friend. What do you put on it? Who handles their money better?

tag 25 friends you meet

Who always gets their way? Why is your friend a great friend? How many questions do I need to pick? Most YouTubers pick between 10 and 15 questions. Simpler ones can be answered quickly while more complex ones might require more time often, these can be quite entertaining. Can I do this tag with more than one friend? And the longer your shared history goes back, the more stories about each other your have at your disposal. Have you got more interesting questions that you would like me to add to this list?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments! Did you enjoy this list? She has worked as a composer, actress, director, writer and online marketer. When she's not working on a new creative project, she's probably stuffing herself with vegan burgers. She's German but spends most of her time in Barcelona because they have better beaches. He suggests we maintain a series of social networks. Most relationships in this group have a natural life cycle.

The next group of people — 50 — is the number of people you would know as friends. You see them often, but not so much that you consider them to be true intimates.

These are your best friends and may include family members. People move in and out of these different friendship groups and sometimes fall out of them altogether. Too often, though, we accumulate and hold onto friendships that no longer serve a purpose or have any pleasure in them.

So why do we hold on? Do you, for example, tough it out with a friend who is struggling with addiction?

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Can you stay friends with someone when you realise that you have major differences of opinion about a world situation — it dawns on you that their political values, for example, are fundamentally different from yours? The first person to tag the other gets to start! The first player asks his or her best friend a question about themselves, for example: If they get it right, they get a point!

If not, they lose a point! Now, it's the other person's turn to answer the same question! See if they know the answer for their best friend!

tag 25 friends you meet

If so, they get a point too! Alternate who gets to ask the first question each round. Continue until someone reaches 25 points or however many points you want to play to!

Declutter your friends: 'Trying to keep old friendships alive ties you to the past'

The friend who has the most points at the end of the game is the "Best Friend! Questions will be necessary, so here are over best friend questions to ask your BFF!

tag 25 friends you meet

What state was I born in? What is my birthday? What is my astrological sign? What is my favorite color? Did I ever have the chicken pox? What was one of my most embarrassing moments? What is the name of my favorite childhood pet?

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When and where did we meet? Did I ever get written up in school? What was my first job? Do I have any scars?

tag 25 friends you meet

What is my favorite restaurant? What food do I hate? What was the last mall I went to? What is my favorite soda? Do we have any inside jokes? What is my strongest subject in school? What is my weakest subject in school? Do I want kids, if so, how many? What kind of wedding do I want someday? What is my Netflix binge show? What is my greatest fear? Who was my first kiss? What was my first car? If I could drive any color car, what would it be? What is my dream job? What is my nationality?

What size shoe do I wear? What is my favorite clothing brand? What is my favorite store to shop at?