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Zoo Taiping & Night Safari: My Experience in Taiping Zoo Night Safari - See traveller reviews, candid photos, and great deals for. Results 1 - 10 of 36 Book the Flemington Hotel - Situated in Taiping, this hotel is within a minute walk of Taiping Lake Garden and Zoo Taiping & Night Safari. Parking (limited spaces); Meeting rooms; Total number of rooms - ; Free self. 7 Reviews Day trip to Orangutan Island, Taiping Lake Gardens, Zoo Taiping, and Perak Museum from Penang We were met with a guide from the Island.

The three orangutans were equally fascinating. The other two moved further back for some sexy time. The larger, I assume male orangutan beckoned for the smaller one to follow it, stopping and looking back to wait for the latter to catch up. It was a gesture that was extremely human. They then frolicked and tumbled in the grass in a heap.

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It makes me sad that these so very human-like creatures are poached and mistreated. But then again, we human beings are capable of doing worse things to our own kind, let alone other species.

Another natural-looking enclosure, complete with small pond. A civet cat resting in the shade. Large crocodiles measuring at least 2 meters long Porcupines.

A lot of walking. What I think the zoo could benefit from would be more seats for people to rest on along the way. The lion enclosure, which had a moat surrounding it.

Too small for camera to make out but there were two lionesses and a lion within the cave-like structure. More deers resting in the shade. An aviary, filled with stork-like birds and huge fruit bats.

No fences here aside from the net surrounding the dome, but I doubt the animals would come very close to visitors.

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The African savannah area which housed two smallish giraffes and zebras. You can still see the slight spotted pattern in spite of its melanin-rich coating that gives the animal its black sheen. A rare Asian gold cat. Very beautiful, elegant creature, from its sleek coat to the feline way it moves. Sadly, the species, native to Southeast Asia, is threatened by rapid development and deforestation in many parts of the region.

Taiping Zoo & Night Safari, Perak – One Of the Best Zoos In Malaysia

It was a rare experience seeing such behavior in Malaysia. I have to say it is hard not to enjoy the day in such a setting with beautiful tall trees, lots of water bodies, lush foliage protecting from the sun while cooling off and the amazing sound of the rainforest everywhere you go. The way finding is good, so is the information displays at the exhibits. Now this is where Taiping Zoo surprised me; the animal exhibits are truly world class although the zoo is more than 55 years of age.

Thanks to a good maintenance and what looks like a real passion for wildlife Taiping Zoo delivers one of the best zoo experience with a much appreciated patina of age, which provides almost an Avatar kind of feeling!

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The highlights for me — and visibly for most of the visitors — were the very entertaining monkey exhibits where animals were visibly having fun, playing and singing. Taiping Zoo is a great family day-out activity with just the right amount of walking surrounded by nature and adjacent to the beautiful Taiping lake gardens, which are also worth going to Taiping for.

It is such a contrast with Bukit Gambang for which I wrote a very harsh review a while back. And this is the difference generosity makes.


It is clear that the owners and operators of the Taiping Zoo have been and continue being very generous with space, landscape, maintenance, not only for the visitors but also for the animals. And this extra mile they are going is resulting in a complete buy-in from the visitors who have been patronizing and respecting the zoo for many years.