Tiger meet 2013 participants for big

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tiger meet 2013 participants for big

The annual Tiger Meet is a large-scale aerial exercise with the objective of unit to ensure participants derive the maximum training benefit from the NTM. , and Squadrons took over the Tiger heritage from the. The Tiger Meet was promising to be a large one, with hardly any Two Japanese, a Hungarian and three other Dutch participants had arrived here on. AF th Tactical Squadron is preparing itself for NATO Tiger Meet and is On Monday October 4th the NATO Tiger Meet participants arrived at Taktická letka has opted to decorate the 2 large canards from the Jet fighter.

Es war wohl etwas zu gut gemeint mit dem Nebel. Nach nur 24 Stunden hatten bereits Jetzt bin ich schon ganz aufgeregt.


Ich hoffe und freue mich darauf ganz viele Fans und Freunde zu sehen. Kommt vorbei und besucht mich. I am the th Eurofighter of the German Air Force and so far I have around flight hours with gray paint. But now to my story, how I became the "Ghost Tiger": Anyone who had a good idea could participate. The closing date of the competition was the beginning of November. Proposals were submitted from all over Germany. There were also suggestions from England, France and Belgium.

A team of the Bavarian Tigers, which consisted of technicians and pilots, had the difficult decision of selecting a suitable design from the many submissions. A week later, Alexander was invited to our squadron to discuss detailed arrangements and some changes. He now had to implement them promptly in order to submit the permit for the foiling. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it is with a car.

Certain conditions must be met. For example, it's not allowed to foile some areas such as the tactical license plate or the Iron Cross sovereign license of the German Air Force. Many other small details had to be considered as well. Of course, the financing had to be clarified in advance.

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Offers for the foiling had to be obtained from several companies. Time passed and everything was still on schedule for the Tiger Meet that will take place in May in Poland. Everything went very quickly.

tiger meet 2013 participants for big

And there we need eye-catcher, like me! The squadron was already far along with the plans for a specially painted plane but my design is really a highlight, so the Air Force has made the decision to use the "Ghost Tiger" of the Bavarian Tigers from Neuburg. We were all very proud that this design was selected.

Now everything had to go very fast.

tiger meet 2013 participants for big

My first flight was no longer required in May, now it needed to be one month earlier for the ILA. The approval and funding were no longer problems. The Air Force can be quite fast.

This meant that, apart from the spotters day and the air show there was time to visit the base during a regular operational day. Two Japanese, a Hungarian and three other Dutch participants had arrived here on separate flights.

We arrived at our hotel in the evening and were able to experience the phenomena that the sun would not set. From the fence we could clearly see that the base was packed with aircraft from all sorts and that was a very promising sight. Unfortunately there was a cloudy area around the base which would be around for the major part of the day.

After the last take-off we left our spot alongside the runway and positioned ourselves in the approach area. Around 1 PM the first wave had returned and the spectacle was rerun around 3 PM.

We could therefore not leave the base until 5. FA F's are painted with a special paint that makes the aircraft less radar-reflective, therefore repainting an F is a very expensive thing. However, the Tigers of Three-One would like to keep-up with tradition, by painting a tigerstriped aircraft for the Tigermeet. Finally an answer to solve this dilemma was brought to them by W.

Lippens who is the paint manufacture for the Belgian Air Force. The solution consisted of painting a special plastic coating over the grey-paint. One's the colours should be removed they just had to peel off the plastic layer, instead of completely repainting the aircraft.

But then came flight-safety This would take away the full spirit of the aircraft, and the project was almost cancelled, but then a compromise was made mainly because the FA was already prepared to be painted, standing in the paint shop with everything masked.

The compromise was that nothing was to be painted in front of the air-intake On friday the 21th the painters started to apply some 8 coats of the plastic primer. After the weekend, on monday 24th, the yellow base was sprayed. After this was completely dry, the tigerstripes could be painted. This was done by 'Guy' Truyens, J. Van Regenmortel and Danny Coremans.

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There it was placed in a locked shelter, waiting to be used for the upcoming Tigermeet next week. It served well with the Belgian Air Force for a great many years. Taken of charge by the Air Force on 21st Maythe FX was withdrawn from use in June and has a total flying time of hours 9 minutes.

tiger meet 2013 participants for big